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  1. Felix Martinez

    ICT (Image Constraint Token) On New Titles?

    I just read this sobering article from Sound & Vision and got a chill down my spine... I wonder if any of the new, high profile Blu-ray software releases (i.e. Star Wars) will begin implementing the ICT "feature" which would limit component-video analog outputs to resolution no greater than...
  2. Felix Martinez

    Richard Rush's The Stunt Man on Blu-ray

    Wow...this completely slipped under my radar and did not see a post here on HTF about it, but in the second to last paragraph of this news item about the upcoming Santa Sangre Blu-ray appears to be confirmation that the fantabulous film, Richard Rush's The Stunt Man, is coming to Blu sometime in...
  3. Felix Martinez

    Color Films Photographed To Appear B&W

    Trying to find a list of films that were shot in color, but photographed in such a way that they evoke a B&W mood thru a limited color palette, i.e. the set-design, costuming are devoid of bright colors, the lighting is moodier, etc. Looking for this use in a non-period, more modern setting.
  4. Felix Martinez

    Disney Blu-ray Survey

    Just rec'd an email from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment with a link to a survey. Kinda strange. Mostly focused on the need for car Blu-ray players. Of interest.
  5. Felix Martinez

    Netflix Next-Gen Disc Labels Causing Playback Issues?

    I noticed that Netflix is now adding labels around the inner ring of Blu-ray discs (haven't seen them on HD-DVD discs yet) stating "property of Netflix" or something like that. Not all the discs I've rec'd have the labels, but it seems to be a growing practice. It then dawned on me that I've...
  6. Felix Martinez

    Nymphomercial On YouTube

    I just completed a short film on high-def video that's just been posted on YouTube. It turned out quite sexy and hilarious. It's called "Nymphomercial," adapted from a fantastic new book coming out November 1 by author Jay Nussbaum, called "A Monk Jumped Over A Wall." "Ever wondered what...
  7. Felix Martinez

    David Crosby - IICORMN (CD+DVD-Audio)

    Just rec'd my copy of IICORMN and can confirm DVD-A (hi-res surround @96/24, hi-res stereo @ 192/24), plus DD surround and stereo and DTS surround. If you look at the CD and DVD disc artwork, it may throw you - they both have the good 'ol Atlantic green-white-and-orange label with "STEREO" on...
  8. Felix Martinez

    The Doors - Perception CD+DVD-Audio Box

    Did a search and can't believe there isn't a dedicated thread on this one... Just rec'd the final product after spinning an advance copy for about a month. Gets my vote for release of the year. A phenomenal, if not perfect, set. I would have opened the surround mix a bit more for the first...
  9. Felix Martinez

    BT - "This Binary Universe" CD / DVD

    A few weeks ago, this hit the wire: DTS Entertainment Releases Groundbreaking Work By BT I rec'd "This Binary Universe" today. I listened to about 3/4 of it and liked it quite a bit. Here are some observations: 1) The music is mind-boggling. It is ambient electronica, with some...
  10. Felix Martinez

    The State of "New Format" Disc Packaging

    Hi Folks - I know many of us here have noticed the slowly dissipating SACD/DVD-A aisles in B&M stores, and there's been lots of speculation as to what that means - the end of hi-res, the DualDisc takeover, etc., etc. I just rec'd info from one of the labels that might shed some light on...
  11. Felix Martinez

    Entire REM Catalog On "Double Disc" March 1, 2005

    Yes folks, I have them in hand (the DVD-A discs). The entire REM catalog (on *Warner*). Release date is 3/1/05 in "Double Disc" packages: each release in a CD+DVD-A package. Again, I was sent only the DVD-As in blank jewel boxes, but I like that Warner plans to release them as separate...
  12. Felix Martinez

    Blue Man Group - The Complex DVD-A

    Hi Folks, FYI...
  13. Felix Martinez

    Telarc & PentaTone Part Ways

    This just in, FYI...
  14. Felix Martinez

    More Zappa on DVD-A - 9/14/04!

    Hi Folks - Great news for Z fans... My contact at DTS Entertainment has told me that another Zappa DVD-A disc is scheduled to be released on 9/14/04. The only other info I have is that it's going to be original quad versions of previously unreleased material. FRANKly, I can't wait...
  15. Felix Martinez

    Channel Classics Does It Again - Le Grand Tango

    Goodness! Yet another unbelievable release from Channel! Check it out... Audio quality is superb. Guitars are completely transparent, string quartet and double bass are immaculately reproduced. Phenomenal! Cheers,
  16. Felix Martinez

    Tubular Bells 2003 and T.Rex's Electric Warrior

    I was a happy camper last week when I peeked in my mailbox and saw the Tubular Bells 2003 and T.Rex DVD-As from Warner Strategic Marketing. I have to do full reviews of these titles, but my initial impression is that they're fantastic - heads up and post your comments here! I was particularly...
  17. Felix Martinez

    Blank DVD-Rs

    DVD ETC. reader Larry Bevil from Kingsport, TN points out in a letter to the editor in the March 2004 issue that many DVD-R (for General) media vary in quality. I agree 100% - be careful what you buy! My own personal experiences after authoring and burning hundreds of DVD-Rs is that Apple...
  18. Felix Martinez

    Steve Vai & Frank Zappa In Hi-Res Multi-Channel

    Hey Folks - My interview with guitarists Steve Vai and Dweezil Zappa in the March issue of DVD ETC should be hitting the stands any day now. Some interesting things revealed for hi-res multi-channel audio fans: Vai has already transferred all his recordings to 96/24 (multi-track masters)...
  19. Felix Martinez

    Jane Monheit DVD-As

    Just letting everyone know - I rec'd the new Jane Monheit DVD-As from Silverline, and they are fantastic. Gary Lux did the 5.1 mixes, and they are very, very good. The legendary Joel Dorn produced the original recordings. Jane's vox stylings recall a bit of Ella, Doris, a pinch of Linda, and...
  20. Felix Martinez

    Steve Vai - Live At The Astoria

    Folks - Just received this 2-disc set and its fantastic! A 2 1/2 hour concert! Some quick observations; please forgive the rough prose... Video quality is surprisingly good if a little low-key at times. Black level is deep, and there is little to no video noise, even when viewed on larger...
  21. Felix Martinez

    What's Your Favorite Holiday Hi-Res Release?

    I've just been floored by Channel Classics' SACD of Bach's Christmas Oratorio and AIX Records' DVD-A of "Surrounded By Christmas." Keep an eye out for these two releases, they're fantastic! Any other holiday faves? Cheers,
  22. Felix Martinez

    The State Of Multi-Channel Audio Column

    Hi Folks - The April 2003 issue marks the debut of my regular DVD, ETC. column, "The State of Multi-Channel Audio." I plan to keep my column informal, fun, and irreverent, while at the same time taking peeks and prods into this beautiful world of hi-res multi-channel audio. While I will try...
  23. Felix Martinez

    My Sanyo PLV-60 Home Theater

    Just updated my site with some new pics, including a screenshot. Hope you enjoy and are inspired to make your own theater! Cheers, Felix
  24. Felix Martinez

    Interview w/John Carpenter Producer Sandy King

    I just posted my recent interview w/director John Carpenter's producer, Sandy King, with some interesting info on new dvd commentary tracks recorded for They Live and Prince of Darkness. Also includes a link to my previous interview with assistant editor/music editor Gordon Stainforth...