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  1. SteveCallas

    $100 Gift Card with Premium Xbox 360 at Toys R Us

    Get the premium $399 Xbox 360 at Toys R Us and get a free $100 gift card - that will just about get you a year of Xbox Live and a free game. Best deal I've seen to date, ends the 24th.
  2. SteveCallas

    Hollywood Video Previously Viewed $5

    I don't know how long this has been running, but I noticed it today - all previously viewed movies $9.99 or less are being sold for $5. It's not limited to horror movies, it's for all movies. I picked up Saw II and would have gotten Exorcism of Emily Rose if it weren't a bit cheaper on Amazon...
  3. SteveCallas

    Deals on VCRs?

    I'm trying to pick up a VCR for as cheap as possible, as it will get very little use. The cheapest I can find is around $50 though - I was expecting there to be something for more like $25. Anybody know of any deals?
  4. SteveCallas

    DIY Mains/Center Questions

    Since I had such great success with my DIY sonosub, largely in part because of all the great help I received on this forum, I am now interested in building some DIY mains and a center. I realize building a successful speaker will be tougher han a sonosub, but I am in no immediate hurry and will...
  5. SteveCallas

    Badass Sonosub

    ..700 liters ..6'9" tall ..28" diameter sonotube ..36" base plate ..Ascendant Audio Avalanche 18" driver ..8" diameter port ..14.75hz tuning +.600 available watts ----------------------------------- Super clean, highly detailed, room-pressurizing, earth-shattering bass that literally...
  6. SteveCallas

    QSC or Peavey

    Looking for an amp for my subwoofer - it will need about 400-500 watts at 4ohm. I've narrowed it down to the QSC RMX 1450 and the Peavey PV 1500. I know the reputation QSC has for quality and durability, but I don't know much about Peavey. Both are about the same weight, both are an AB class...
  7. SteveCallas

    WinISD Test Tone Generator

    Has anyone used the WinISD test tone generator to calibrate their subwoofer as opposed to Avia or other discs? Does the quality matter if it is output from your soundcard when it is only sine wavs? I would think this would be much easier to use because you have total control to to input any...
  8. SteveCallas

    More Sonosub Questions

    A while back I started a thread about a pretty large pair of sonosubs I will be building. I'm going to start by only building one. 28" diameter, 70" tall, the new 18" avalanche driver that ascendant audio will be coming out with (I'll have to redo my calculations), 450 watts, tuned to 14hz, with...
  9. SteveCallas

    Questions about Sonosub

    I have a few questions regarding what could theoretically be a spectacular pair of sonosubs. I would plan on using 2 Dayton 15" Titanic MKIII drivers - can they be mounted facing down? (the stats on these are better than the Adire Tempests) I would probably go with 2 24" sonotubes, 72"...
  10. SteveCallas

    TimeSplitters Future Perfect = Bad

    Man, I am a huge fan of TimeSplitters 2, but this new game is just plain awful. The gameplay, graphics, music, and sound effects have all REGRESSED from part 2. I am forced to believe that this drop in quality is due to EA having a role in its development. They tried to implement ideas from Halo...
  11. SteveCallas

    Movie Gallery Buy 2 Get 2 Free

    Great deal going on at Movie Gallery for a limited time - buy any 2 used dvds or games and get 2 of equal or lesser value for free. I picked up Collateral, AVP, I Robot, and Passion of the Christ for a grand total of $20. I'm not sure if this is a national chain of stores or not.
  12. SteveCallas

    Over the Top finally on dvd

    After waiting for an eternity for Over the Top to be released on dvd, it was finally announced to be released on May 31, 2005. It has pained me to see some of the titles that have been released on dvd (who needs Alf on dvd?) before this movie. Sure, it may not be the best movie ever made, but...
  13. SteveCallas

    SVS Planning Full Range Speakers

    Anyone else read about this on their news page? Thoughts? I am looking forward to this, but I hope it is not implemented in some strange way. For example, I don't really like the way the some full range speakers make you feed them speaker cables AND a seperate line level cable for the bass...
  14. SteveCallas

    Anyone own Rocket RS1000s?

    Anyone own these? How do they compare to the 750s and the RSC200? Do they overpower the center speaker or have a different sound considering they have the same midrange, but one is 3 way and the other is 2 way with different crossover points? Also, does anybody know where I can find any...
  15. SteveCallas

    Over the Top

    Anybody know anything about a possible R1 dvd release of this Stallone film? I know there is a non R1 version out, but the picture and sound quality are supposed to be horrible. With Alf out on dvd, I see no reason why this film still isn't out yet.
  16. SteveCallas


    Wow, I picked this dvd up during a 3 for $20 sale at Best Buy a while back and just got around to watching it tonight. The movie itself is a little strange, about an older sorceror and his apprentice battling a dragon similar in style to Willow or Lord of the Rings. But the visuals and...
  17. SteveCallas

    Surround speakers going below 80hz

    If the added cost is not too much of a concern, is it worth it to get speakers that are better suited to go below 80hz but not full range than standard dipole or bipole surround speakers? Using Paradigm Studios as an example, with 100's and a 570 up front, would using 40's for surrounds and...
  18. SteveCallas

    Question about DVI

    Is using DVI output similar to using an optical cable, as in the dvd player doesn't process the audio information, just reads it off the disc and sends it to the preamp or receiver for processing? By using DVI output, does the dvd player only get the video information off the disc and send it to...
  19. SteveCallas

    LFE and bass below 80hz

    When setting a crossover to 80hz, and then using the sub for the LFE channel, are you missing the bass that would be going to the speakers that is below 80hz, or does the LFE channel include this? If this bass is being missed, would it be logical to use two subs, maybe one in the front left...