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  1. MarekM

    :( :( JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH: Orchestral Suites No.1,2&3 / Tripelkonzert

    I just received JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH: Orchestral Suites No.1,2&3 / Tripelkonzert - Acoustic Reality Experience [7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio Disc] [Blu-ray] And I can't believe that it is a burned (not pressed) dual layer DVD-R that is burned on a computer or low volume replicator. yes it is...
  2. MarekM

    Alexander Revisited: The Final Cut (HD) in September / on BD25 ???? are they kidding ?? BD25 and only DD5.1 ? Marek
  3. MarekM

    poll from Sony insider paidgeek - which audio coding method do you prefer ?
  4. MarekM

    first pics from remastered FIFTH ELEMENT :) 21.6 MPEG2 versus 35.1 GB AVC seems very nice done job with new master... Marek
  5. MarekM

    first titles from SONY with PCM and DolbyTrueHD Ghost Rider English PCM 5.1 Surround English Dolby True HD 5.1 Surround Stomp the Yard English PCM 5.1 Surround English Dolby True HD 5.1 M.
  6. MarekM

    The Patriot: Extended Edition and Wild Things comes to Blu-ray this July (US)

    The Patriot: Extended Edition Wild Things
  7. MarekM

    info about reissue of THE FIFTH ELEMENT (PCM16bit+DolbyTrueHD 20or24bit)

    original post here : well I can't wait for this one Marek
  8. MarekM

    LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA - 5/22/07 - Japanese 5.1 MLP

    originaly here on avs... seems like we are getting another lossless soundtrack from warner ? and its BD50 it's DolbyTrueHD right ? and from this site they are talkingn about...
  9. MarekM

    rumour report from insider:"over 100K units of CR have been sold in 1st week"

    now that's something nice hopefully we will get press release soon
  10. MarekM

    anybody have Brotherhood of the Wolf ? (UK/FR)version ?

    I like this movie, and I wonder what PQ/AQ is ? and any chance sombody owning "Stalingrad [HD DVD]" (Enemy of the states) ? I only found it on Marek P.S I am not sure who is distributor in Europe for Brotherghood, if there will be a blu-ray version, thanx for any info...
  11. MarekM

    50% off select Blu-ray titles on Amazon :)

    limited to SONY, FOX and Magnolia titles ! BHD is for $14.49 50% off add to this 10% discount you will get $13.04 KOH is for $19.97 50% off and with 10% it's 17.97 no luck for me FOX titles are region coded hmm marek list compiled by user Gruber on AVS
  12. MarekM

    first review of CASINO ROYALE from IGN - PQ 9/10 AQ 10/10

    from IGN AQ 10/10 can't wait Marek
  13. MarekM

    UK version of SUPERMAN RETURNS Blu-Ray with PCM track :) interesting, Marek P.S admin please ad to the title that it is Bluray version, thank you
  14. MarekM

    A slight edge to the PCM track over DolbyTrueHD on DEPARTED interesting info, first time comparing DolbyTrueHD and PCM on same movie...
  15. MarekM

    Europe: Casino Royale Blu-ray for PS3 early adopters
  16. MarekM

    POTC 1 and 2 are up for preorder on AMAZON :)

    Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest $25 each, no 10% discount yet.... CAN'T WAIT Marek
  17. MarekM

    Blu-ray Disc vs HD DVD on

    interesting table, similair to dvdwars ( table on japan amazon site... average ranking Blu-ray - 609.1 HD DVD - 3672.3 number of titles Blu-ray - 40 HD DVD - 53 Marek
  18. MarekM

    intersting news on LOTR status...

    original "Lord of the Rings HD DVD/Blu-ray details trickling out" ============================================ seems like double dipping from NewLine only theatrical versions now..
  19. MarekM

    CES 2007: 24, Prison Break Hit Blu-ray

    Fox to ship the first seasons of both hit TV shows on Blu-ray Disc in early 2007.
  20. MarekM

    list of receivers capable of accepting LPCM7.1 thru HDMI

    Hello Well my situation is now like this : - I don't want to wait for hdmi1.3 receivers..... - but I like to have LPCM7.1 thru HDMI so that receiver will at least last few years - seems like we can get more titles with 7.1 next year.... from what I searched, here are my picks ...
  21. MarekM

    Casino Royale on Blu-Ray in March :)

    originaly posted by user Likvid on avforum and then on avsforum seems like coordination for european PS3 lunch ? Marek
  22. MarekM

    Poseidon HD-DVD delayed...... ==================================== "'Poseidon' HD DVD Torpedoed?" Unfortunately, Warner has now delayed the release indefinitely with no new date set at press time. The studio has also removed the listing for 'Poseidon' off of its...
  23. MarekM

    price of FOXs blu-rays to high ? let's check :(

    I was browsing a little bit on and, when I decided that I will try to get Total Recall and Rambo2 (both HD DVD) and I was shocked at the end that price of two HD DVDs came to 80 EUR !!!!! increadible so that's very high.......... I think just of few movies I will be...
  24. MarekM

    anybody with more info about HP4 UK release?

    is it with DolbyTrueHD ? or it is DD+ with more other languages.... release date on is still on 20th november hmm as Cees posted link to US version, on the back cover there you can see DolbyTrueHD...
  25. MarekM

    european release of KOH - first one with TWO LOSSLESS TRACKS :) Königreich der Himmel: Kingdom of Heaven - Directors Cut Drama, Kriegsfilm, Liebesfilm | Marokko / USA 2005 DTS HD 5.1 in Deutsch DTS HD 5.1 in Englisch Marek P.S. well it is Deutsch RELEASE, I don't have a info about UK...
  26. MarekM

    HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc -- making "M:I 3" the biggest-selling next-gen title....

    'Mission: Impossible III' Sets Blu-ray, HD DVD Sales Record'"
  27. MarekM

    listing of region FREE blu-ray TITLES

    Here is the link from avs user Hli : he is listing titles ( with help of readers ) from US playable on non region A players and European releases playable on US players... here are titles which works..., he will be updating that list, so let's go check it...
  28. MarekM

    Incoming Blu-ray and HD-DVD titles (EUROPE)

    I picked up few interesting titles... Blu-ray - Gangs of New York 13th november - Bridge on River Kwai 4th december - Metropolis 4th december - Gandhi 12th february - The DaVinci Code 5th March - The Guns of Navarone 19th March...
  29. MarekM

    preorders from DVD Empire : AlienVs.Predator,Commando,CourageUnderFire,MenOfHo nor

    info from user dpags at avsforum.... DVD Empire just put up the following titles for preorder @ $28 each on 1/23: Alien Vs. Predator (unrated and theatrical version on disk) Commando Courage Under Fire Men Of Honor
  30. MarekM

    'LOST' season 1 on Blu-ray for $199.99

    info from user StooMonster (avforum) original story =================================== According to sources close to marketing at ABC, the network is very close to...