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  1. Joe Lugoff

    1955 & 1956 Peter Pan w/ Mary Martin

    The kinescopes of the original live performances of Mary Martin in PETER PAN are finally coming to home video next month, from VAI. The second performance from January of 1956 will be on both DVD and Blu-ray, and the original March, 1955 performance will be a bonus on the Blu-ray. Here's more...
  2. Joe Lugoff

    Which Show Has the MOST Episodes on dvd?

    I can add "Leave It to Beaver" with 234 episodes and "Father Knows Best" with 203.
  3. Joe Lugoff

    The Lucy Show - Season 5 - Dec. 6, 2011

    TVShowsonDVD is reporting that it has been leaked on CBS Home Entertainment's Facebook that "The Lucy Show - Season 5" will be released on Dec. 6, 2011. This is the season that is almost in its entirety in public domain. I believe 21 of its 22 episodes have been available, in prints of...
  4. Joe Lugoff

    DENNIS THE MENACE Season Two Already Announced!

    Shout! has already announced that DENNIS THE MENACE - Season 2 will be out on July 26. The second season has no fewer than 38 episodes, and the retail price will be the same as the Season 1, 32 episode set, $29.93. I got Season 1 at Sam's for $18.88, quite a bargain.
  5. Joe Lugoff

    Antenna TV

    My town won't get Antenna TV until early March. Has anyone here watched any of it yet? Are the TV shows time compressed?
  6. Joe Lugoff

    Father Knows Best - Season 6

    Fan-friendly Brian Ward over on the Shout! board has said that work has begun on "Father Knows Best - Season 6" and it will be a Shout! Factory Select title. Therefore, I thought I'd start a thread for it. It's wonderful (and a relief) that this series is going to see completion -- and...
  7. Joe Lugoff

    Father Knows Best -- Season 2!!!

    Hot off the press -- according to, the Second Season of FKB will be coming from Shout! on November 11. No news, of course, as to whether it will be all (or mostly) cut prints, but this season is more tempting to me than Season One, because a few years back TV Land only showed...
  8. Joe Lugoff

    Digital Satellite on Analog TV

    I'm getting my first digital TV (HDTV) next month, and I'm first learning about them, so of course I'm having a nervous breakdown. I have DirecTV and I have a few questions about my transition. I just called DirecTV and asked technical "help," and unbelievably, they didn't have the answers. I...
  9. Joe Lugoff

    Public Domain "Lucy Show" on Mill Creek

    I'm looking for information about Mill Creek's release of the 30 "Lucy Show" episodes that are in public domain. (It's officially entitled "Best of Lucy and Friends.") The set sounds good, because MC has put the episodes on the discs in chronological order (which makes it almost like an...
  10. Joe Lugoff

    The Danny Thomas Show - Season 6

    At last, some good news for lovers of classic (i.e., 1950s and 1960s) television. We remember the disappointing "Make Room for Daddy" (correctly, "The Danny Thomas Show," starting that season) Season 5 of a few years back, from Questar -- disappointing because they used the syndicated prints...
  11. Joe Lugoff

    The beginning of the end for classic shows?

    I'm in a very pessimistic mood today. Other than the so-called "I Love Lucy Seasons 7, 8 and 9," there haven't been any announcements for Season Sets of TV Shows from the 1950s or 1960s in quite a while. Having no word yet on "Leave It to Beaver Season 3" is also quite ominous. I've heard...
  12. Joe Lugoff

    I Love Lucy - Season Four - Missing Scenes

    A long time ago there was a discussion here about the missing scenes in several episodes of "I Love Lucy" Season Four. I hope it's ok to start this thread over again at this late date. I never got the replacement disc. I'd like to know something about the episode "The Fashion Show." Don Loper...
  13. Joe Lugoff

    Fair Exchange

    I read here that Smore Entertainment is going to come out with the complete single season of "I'm Dickens, He's Fenster." I used to watch that show back in the 1962-63 season on ABC, but right after I'd switch to CBS for what was, surprisingly, my favorite show on the air back then. It was...
  14. Joe Lugoff

    NY Times Article on DVDs

    The article is entitled "As DVD Sales Slow, Hollywood Hunts for a New Cash Cow": It claims that since the growth in DVD sales is down to only 2% this year, Hollywood needs something new to bring in more revenue. Having billions of...
  15. Joe Lugoff

    Shirley Booth in HAZEL on August 1?!?!?!?!?

    A participant in an e-mail list I subscribe to is reporting that Sony has announced Shirley Booth's HAZEL, Season One, will be released on August 1. He's a good source, but I can't find this verified anywhere else. I've been wanting the Screen Gems sitcoms from the 1950s and early 1960s...
  16. Joe Lugoff

    Don't Bring Me the Head of Herman Munster!

    I don't like gimmicky DVD packaging, such as the upcoming "Munsters" Season Two, packaged as the head of Herman Munster. First of all, at my age, it's embarrassing enough to be buying "The Munsters" without having to walk up to the cashier with what looks like a toy. I always have to say...
  17. Joe Lugoff

    I'm getting totally DISGUSTED with collecting TV series on DVD

    I'm coming within a few nanometers of not getting any more sets of TV series on DVD. I certainly am going to stop looking forward to any that are announced. The reason is that way too much has gone wrong lately. I'm only interested in series from the 1950s-1970s. I realize that means I'm...