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  1. Traveling Matt

    John Lewis pulls the plug on DVD players

    Read this news over at Film Score Monthly.
  2. Traveling Matt

    Universal Launches Music Restoration Program, New Soundtrack Imprint

    Universal has embarked on a long-range plan to preserve and restore its unreleased movie music and, starting next week, release some of these scores as limited-edition soundtrack albums. The imprint will be called Universal Pictures Film Music Heritage Collection, and its first release, to be...
  3. Traveling Matt

    Best Buy to stop selling CDs July 1st

    And Target is pressuring suppliers to move to what is essentially a consignment model for both music and video. Courtesy Film Score Monthly.
  4. Traveling Matt

    ClassicFlix customer service?

    Has anyone had trouble with their customer service? I returned an order within 30 days because I placed a larger order that included the same items, but two emails have gone unanswered and nothing has been refunded. Anyone else had an experience like this?
  5. Traveling Matt

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit: 3-CD set from Intrada!

    Didn't see this posted and wanted to make sure everyone knew as this is such a landmark film with a beloved score. Just released by Intrada last week. In 1988, Touchstone Pictures and Amblin Entertainment released Who Framed Roger Rabbit, a...
  6. Traveling Matt


    Guys, can anyone comment on the packaging style for this set? Are the discs held in place by thick tabs on the sides requiring one to depress the top disc downwards, vertically, to release it? The Columbia Bogart set was like this, and it sounds like the new Columbia Pre-Code set is as well...
  7. Traveling Matt

    Warner Archive MODs – what is "newly remastered?"

    Could anyone describe the standard by which the Warner Archive calls their products "newly remastered?" I don’t purchase DVD-Rs, but am hoping WHV will one day release pressed sets of some films (especially the lesser-known Bogarts) and would like to know how they're being handled at the MOD...
  8. Traveling Matt

    Future Warner Gangster Collections?

    With the recent release of Film Noir Volume 5, I'm wondering if there are enough gems left to also warrant a fifth volume of the Gangsters Collection. Does anyone have any news or insight? Thanks!
  9. Traveling Matt

    Back to the Future Part 3 - framing on 2009 DVD

    The individual DVDs for BTTF Parts 2 and 3, released back in February, supposedly correct the huge framing issues from the Trilogy boxset. Old examples of Part 2's misframing seem abundant, but I can find nothing for Part 3. Could someone please point out what scenes to look for, as I compare...
  10. Traveling Matt

    Fraggle Rock Season 4 coming in November (for real!) Henson and Lionsgate have teamed up and are releasing both the final season and a holiday single-disc in November. Awesome!
  11. Traveling Matt

    Warner Gangster Collection Volume 2 reviews?

    I have searched the web thoroughly for some kind of review or product commentary on the Warner Gangsters Collection Volume 2, including here at HTF, and have come up blank. It's like the set doesn't exist. Can anyone point me to a review for the set or provide your own thoughts? I'm somewhat...
  12. Traveling Matt

    Fraggle Rock Season 4 coming this fall

    Great news! The Muppet Newsflash got the scoop first: Final Fraggle Rock Season Coming to DVD! And here it is on TVShowsOnDVD: Plans Announced for Fraggle Rock - Season 4
  13. Traveling Matt

    Fraggle Rock Season 3 coming September 11th

    Check it out and mark your calendars. Only one more set to go after this one!
  14. Traveling Matt

    Fraggle Rock Season 2

    Hi everyone! I just want to let you all know that Fraggle Rock Season 2 is set to be released this Tuesday (September 5th). Muppet Central has an early review up on their site: In the review, they mention that they've been told by...