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    Receiver shopping for future Atmos

    Shopping for a new receiver but I'm a bit confused on something. I'd be looking at future state as a 5.1.2 setup, or 7.1.2 at most. My question being what should I be looking for in a 7 channel receiver, that will allow me the ability to add an amp for a 9 channel setup down the road? Also, is...
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    First home theater... Want to make sure I have my bases covered.

    First of all I need to put out the fact that I live in a mobile home currently and that this is my first home theater setup. I am purchasing a Sony 930E 65" or 55" depending on space and total cost. The plan is to go 5.0 or 5.1 using: Definitive Technology BP 9020 Towers, Definitive...
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    Help with dimensions for a new home theater setup

    I am trying to purchase my first projector. We have a dedicated room with no windows. I have been dreaming about the LG HU80KA. I just measured my wall for a 150" screen. Oh...my... That's so big. I don't think I realized. I'm wondering if there are resources for how far away to sit and how far...
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    What happened to South Park?

    My Tivo hasn't recorded a new episode of South Park in months. Is the show coming back? Meanwhile a co-worker mentioned there was some sort of episode or perhaps mini-video devoted to Avatar? There have not been any new shows since that movie premiered so I have no idea what that might be...