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    Yamaha RXA700 - Dolby Digital - DTS - 7.1 channels @ 90 Watts

    Yamaha RXA700 - Dolby Digital - DTS - 7.1 channels @ 90 Watts I live in the financial district in New York, NY - $185 or Best Offer + shipping if it needs to be shipped. Used but fully functional Home Theater receiver in good condition. Bought new. Has 90 Watts per channel at 8 Ohms; 7.1...
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    Upgrade Yamaha RXA700

    Hi Guys, Ive had a RXA700 for about 6 years and its been working just fine. It currently powers 2 energy rc70, a cb20 and cc10. I have a sub, but I keep it off because I live in apartment. For the most part it works fine, but the issue is that I have a 4k tv and cant use it for switching...
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    Want to replace Energy Connoisseurs CC10 and CB20

    The story is thus, I have had 2 Energy RC70's that I really like - my rears and center are connoisseur series and cant keep up. I've been looking for an energy rc-lrc, and rc-10(or rc-r's) with no success. Ive started toying with the idea on upgrading starting with the centers and rears? I...
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    Upgrading Yam Aventage RXA700

    I've had a Yam for about 5 years, its worked out pretty well. The only issues I have right now is that the AV switching is slow and doesnt handle 4k and I often receive audio signal drops and the yamaha is slowish in recovery of the signal. Currently the TV is handling video switching and I...
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    Wireless atmos options

    Has anyone toyed with using sonos play1 or play 3's as an Atmos height channel? I've been shying away from getting into atmos because I live in an Apt and I dont want to run the cables in wall and I dont want to see them. Is it possible to use a wireless option?
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    Upgrading my Energy cntr/rears

    Hello everyone. I am pondering a few upgrades to my system. I have a Yammy RX-A700, my fronts are energy RC-70's, center is an energy CC10, Rears are energy cb20's. I feel like the RC70's seem to outpace especially the center channel but also to a lesser extent the CB20's. The center to me...
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    Bi-Amping Energy RC70's with a Yamaha Aventage RX7xx

    Hello, I just landed a pretty sweet deal on a pair of Energy RC70's. I have them currently set up as the mains in my hometheater. I am wondering if there is any actual value to using the bi-amping feature on my receiver or if Im better off using my old energy takes1's as front presence...
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    Monitor Audio or Energy-Upgrading Speakers

    Hello All, I have been pondering upgrading my home theater lately and I wanted to put it out to the forum as to advice and recommendations on speakers. My thought is I want to upgrade my speakers first and then focus in on my electronics later. Im not someone that changes up their setup...