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  1. gebby44

    FS: Toshiba XA2 HD-DVD player, 25 movies

    Selling off the last of my HD-DVD gear. I've gone completely bluray now, so I just don't need an extra player sitting around unused. It's in excellent shape with a few small nicks along the top of the faceplate edge on the far left side and a few swirl marks on the top of the player. Nothing...
  2. gebby44

    FS: Paradigm Studio CC-450

    Just cleaning out the closet and downsizing everything else. This is the last of my stuff to go. Link below goes to Agon page. I'll do $160 plus shipping for anybody here. Thanks. AudiogoN ForSale: Paradigm Studio CC-450
  3. gebby44

    FS: Pioneer DV-59avi DVD/SACD player

    I'm selling my DVD/SACD/DVD-A player as I'm not going in the same direction I once thought I was. This is a great player with great upscaling for those that aren't a fan of Faroudja DCDi. The audio section on this surprised me as I have heard it up against a Marantz 8260 and was pleasantly...
  4. gebby44

    Pioneer Elite VSX-82TXS 7.1 receiver, perfect shape

    One thing: I only want to do local pickup on this since packaging and shipping will be rather expensive the way that I would do it for this one. Philadelphia area. $400 Up for sale is a Pioneer Elite VSX-82TXS 7.1 receiver that is in perfect shape and has only seen a minimal amount of use...
  5. gebby44

    FS: Rosewood Polk LS50, 350CLS, FX300i - Local pick up

    Seeing as these are the #5 set of floorstanders sitting around my house, the whole system must go. I know I'm probably spinning my wheels here, but I'm just hoping someone local is craving some nice newer vintage pieces. I picked them up from a friend about a month ago and they sounded...
  6. gebby44

    Speakers from Estate Sale - Paradigm and B&W

    Hey everybody, I found out about an estate sale in the area and picked up all the speakers in the house. I'm offering them up to everybody in the Philly area for what I paid as I don't need them. I just didn't want them going to any of the South Philly hoodlums that seemed to populate this...
  7. gebby44

    FS: Pioneer Elite VSX-72TXV

    Selling a Pioneer Elite VSX-72TXV that was set up in parents' house as the anchor for their home theater. Unfortunately, the electronically disfunctional nature of my parents has resulting in them never using the setup. (Even after a Harmony they still couldn't get it). In great condition with...
  8. gebby44

    Please help me with my subwoofer dilemma

    Hey guys, I'm a newbie and this is my first post so please bear with me if I'm slightly HTF-challenged. I know most people despise craigslist.com for some reason or other, but I am living proof that some of the best deals come from craigslist. Last week I bought a pair of B&W DM-601 S2...