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    Advise for a HT Club combo setup

    So we are finishing our basement and i want a decent HT setup. We do entertain a lot so wife wants a club like setup (dance party with around 30 guests who like loud music). Our basement is open and we want it to stay open as much as possible so want to avoid speakers on the floor and out budget...
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    Copy Files (not stream) from Andriod to Xbox 360 hard drive

    I have a hard drive connected to my xbox 360. I also have a galaxy phone. I can stream videos from the phone to the xbox using imediashare no problems. The problem is that the phone only has 16GB storage i want to download way more and store it for future use. I dont want to use a Laptop in...
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    Home Theater virgin

    Hello Folks, We just moved into a house that has a basement and always had the dream of setting up a home theater. Since this is a new home i am low on budget and have set aside 2-3K for my home I am being told that all in one sony/samsung systems etc are just average and a good setup needs...