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  1. Fred B

    500+ DVDs for trade......Large wantlist, including Anime and non-R1

    I am a master trader here at HTF and a gold trader at DVDTalk. I will give very good trades for Anime DVDs on my want list, especially Escaflowne. My wants REGULAR BIRTH OF A NATION (Image) DOUBLE SUICIDE (CRITERION) ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ GENERAL (1927)(Kino) GREY GARDENS (CRITERION) LONGEST...
  2. Fred B


    ------------------ DVD Tracker List Email: [email protected]
  3. Fred B

    For Sale: Playstation 2 (PS2) w/7 games, memory card, stand

    I have a Playstation 2 with low adult hours (less than 60) that I want to sell. It plays perfectly and is in beautifull condition. I just don't have the time to enjoy it. I have the box and all the documents. Here is what it comes with. Playstation 2 system 1 Controller 1 Memory Card 1...
  4. Fred B

    Many for trade

    For Trade Will Only trade the following Criterions for other Criterions I need (Out Of print Criterions will need a good trade for me to part with them) 1Grand Illusion$39.95 2Seven Samurai$39.95 3"Lady Vanishes, The"$39.95 4Amarcord $39.95 6Beauty And The Beast$39.95...
  5. Fred B

    PS2 games, DVDs for trade

    I am interested in Pete's Dragon and Sword and The Stone do you need any of these Meet The Parents (Sealed) **** Three Kings (Sealed) **** Matrix (Sealed) **** Shawshank Redemption (Sealed) **** Birds (Hitchcock) (Sealed) **** Arlington Road Barry Lyndon Being John Malkovich Bowfinger...