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  1. Elbert Lee

    5805 HDMI/HDCP issue

    Hi, I've got a problem passing HDMI from a JVC D VHS through the Denon AVR 5805's HDMI video switching to my Sony XBR70". The HDCP notification comes up after teh Denon 5805 tries to engage the signal. The 5805 passes HDMI from the DENON HDMI equiped DVD player just fine. It's the DVHS that's...
  2. Elbert Lee

    Best place to buy D VHS movies?

    I live in SF, CA. Where are the best olaces to purchase/order D VHS? 'Thanks! Elbert
  3. Elbert Lee

    Denon avr 5803 with $800 in Monster Flagship cables

    I've got one that's been boxed for 3 months still awaiting for my ht room to be finished. I intend to get another 5803 or, if the new denon pre-amp comes out, I'll be getting it. This unit has already been registered for the practically free upgrade for DPL2x, HDCD decoding and Denon Link 3 for...
  4. Elbert Lee

    Denon 5803 preamp and Yamaha 2400 comparison

    This comparison may not interest a lot of people in their buying decision since one is priced over $4k and one at $1k, but, hopefully will serve as an informational tool for those who believe that the quality of a preamp rests soley on its DACs. I have been using a Denon AVR5803 as a pre amp...
  5. Elbert Lee

    kill bill r2,3

    I'm a bit confused. I understand that this dvd has been delayed till April. However, no mention of it was made for R2 or R3 and some foreign websites still show it as a Feb. release. Any confirmation of this release date would be appreciated!
  6. Elbert Lee

    Kill Bill R2?

    Does anyone know when the R2 version of Kill Bill is coming out? I heard that it will be "unrated". Thanks! Elbert
  7. Elbert Lee

    Yamaha 2400 7 ch. stereo vs. Denon 3803 7 channel stereo

    I've owned a few Yamaha receivers in the past and have converted to Denon. I liked the panning and transitions better on the Denon and, even though the Yamaha sounds "warmer", I like the "near transparency" of the Denon. When it comes to the $1k receivers, I tend to recommend Denon because of...
  8. Elbert Lee

    can't find a review of "THE ORDER" anywhere

    Subject says all. Anyone seen this?
  9. Elbert Lee

    Monster HTS3600 NEW - $350shipped

    Monster HTS3600 Power Line Conditioner: $350 shipped (Firm) to lower 48 states Please e-mail me: [email protected] if interested. Would trade for a good subwoofer: Sony WD200 M&K MX series HTS3600 features: Color-coded outlets for error free handling. 17 X 12 X 4 9lbs Monster...
  10. Elbert Lee

    100+watt receiver that can handle 4ohms?

    Was in the market for a Stereo or HT receiver that can support 4 speakers at 4 ohms + at least 100+ watts. OR... A stereo receiver that also has a set of pre-outs that can handle 4 ohms and provide at least 100 watts of power Any information would be helpful! Thanks! Elbert
  11. Elbert Lee

    FS: Master Of Disguise: Sealed

    I have a brand new copy of Dana Carvey's Master Of Disguise. Price $17.00 shipped to lower 48! Elbert [email protected]
  12. Elbert Lee

    A take on the Star Wars Episode 2 DVD

    I'm not going to post a full comprehensive review on this title, but would like to make a few observations about it. First of all, I'm very picky when it comes to movie soundtracks. I have to comment that the AOTC soundtrack was one of the finest examples of Dolby Digital surround sound on...
  13. Elbert Lee

    how will a voltage regulator improve my system?

    I've been toying around with the idea of adding a voltage stabilizer, like Monster's AVS2000 to my system. I have some decent power conditioners (Monster HTPS7000 with balanced ac) and dedicated ac lines (3 to be exact) My display and preamp are hooked up to an AP Power Wedge (display is...
  14. Elbert Lee

    FT: DTS Demo #3 for DTS Demo #5 or #6

    I have an extra copy of the DTS Demonstration Disc #3 (Titanic, Dragonheart, Apollo 13, Eagles, etc.) for either the DTS Demonstration #5 or #6. Elbert Lee [email protected]
  15. Elbert Lee

    new Monsters Inc, Panic Room & Ct. Monte Cristo FS $82 shipped

    I have all three, brand new, sealed and unopened. 1) Disney/Pixar's Monsters, Inc. 2) Count of Monte Cristo (2002) 3) Panic Room (Columbia) Jodie Foster All three are new and I can ship them out via USPS Priority mail to any address in the Continental US for $82 no tax. Retail: $90...
  16. Elbert Lee

    IMPOSTER Brief Review

    I've been planning to watch this new SCI FI thriller in the theaters when it opened, but didn't have a chance to get around to it. I was actually pretty excited to watch it on my HT system I enjoyed the film, but definitely felt as though the production and design was limited in scope and...
  17. Elbert Lee

    review and R3 and R1 comp "bThe Others"

    I finally had the chance to watch the R1 version of "The Others" last night with a Second audience. My first viewing of this film was 3 weeks ago on the R3 version that was released in January, 2002. First of all the R3 version is not anamorphically enhanced and contains absolutely no...
  18. Elbert Lee

    Denon 5803 pre/pro vs. 5800

    This is the excerpt from my post on another forum: DAY 1 It's late but I thought I'd write a brief comparison between the 2 units. I haven't done a real comprehensive demo of the 5803 yet so this comparison is only on "first" impressions. Equipment: ATI 2505 - 5 x 250w amp Denon 5803...
  19. Elbert Lee

    any cheap receivers that can handle 4ohms?

    I am looking for a cheap/used receiver that can run stabel at a 4ohm load. I'm using a Pioneer 606 to drive 2 CLARK bass shakers and it's fairly good. There's a switch on the back of the Pioneer that allows the user to switch betwen 6 and 8ohms, but I can't help but wonder how far I can push...
  20. Elbert Lee

    PRISTINE NHT Sub 2 + $200 in Monster Cables

    Purchased last October - perfect condition. Includes BOTH STOCK and $200 8ft AUDIOQUEST AC Power Cord. Separate Sub controller with variable cross over settings and phase control Included. Sub has carver 500watt built in amplification. All original packaging, inner bag and foam. Will also...
  21. Elbert Lee

    FS: Pristine Pioneer Elite CLD-99+free Top of line cables

    For those will huge LD Collections: This player is in PERFECT CONDITION and has been boxed up for almost 2 years. The unit was purchased NEW and I'm the first owner. - Owner's Manual, Remote, original packaging, original packing materials. The Pioneer Elite CLD-99 was the last stand-alone...
  22. Elbert Lee

    what's the benefit of balanced AC power

    Just curious as to what AC products offer this feature (Monster Cable's new HTPS7000) and what the benefits are? Elbert
  23. Elbert Lee

    where to purchase ORIGINAL XBO X AC Cable?

    I want to purchase the ORIGINAL XBOX AC Cable. I don't want the interact version. ANy ideas on where to get one would be appreciated. Elbert
  24. Elbert Lee

    Hardly used Monster HTS5000 $275 free shipping

    Just moved and have been sitting on a Monster HTS5000 power cente/conditioner for almost 5 months. Unit has been plugged into the wall for less than 1 day! New home has completely HORRIBLE power and I have to invest in a varic or voltage stabilizer. Seriously considering a huge investment in...
  25. Elbert Lee

    best deal on Mondial MAGIC BOX?

    After moving, I discovered that i'll need Mondial's MAGIC - cable tv coax ground isolator to remove humming from my system. It's $90-$100 at most places that I checked. Any ideas on who might have it for less? Elbert
  26. Elbert Lee

    ATTN AC/Ground loop experts!

    I just moved and waited almost 3 months for my new set, finishing up construction and installing 3 dedicated 20amp ac lines to my HT set up. Here is how I have them hooked up: 1 outlet - ATI 5 channel AMP 1 outlet - Monster HTS5000 surge/power conditioner 1 outlet - 2nd Monster HTS5000...
  27. Elbert Lee

    mounting bass shakers

    Just got a new couch and need to remount 2 of my Clark Transducers. The frame is underneath the couch and it is a 1.5" in width and 2" deep. It surrounds the entire edge of the couch with one "beam" down the middle. Otherwise, there is absolutely no wooden framing in the center of the couch...
  28. Elbert Lee

    speaker placement advise

    I had recently moved and am starting to put my system back together at my new home. The HT room is much wider than at my previous address. My surround speakers are at the side of the living area and I have two surround back speakers along the rear wall pointing downward. My fronts will...
  29. Elbert Lee

    Any word on "The Others"?

    It's about time that this movie was announced. Hope the delay is the result of a "spectacular, spectacular" disc. Elbert
  30. Elbert Lee

    How is the Sony 57" XBR?

    I was just wondering how well regarded the Sony 57" xbr was? I have been previously using a Toshiba 65x81. THanks! Elbert