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  1. Danny Knapp

    GBA again in Platinum

    I was shopping for a Gameboy Advance for myself on EBGames.com when I noticed that the GBA is once again being released in limited edition Platinum November 3rd: GBA Platinum System - $69.99 Originally released to celebrate the first anniversary of the Gameboy Advance, Nintendo is...
  2. Danny Knapp


    Hi, if you're reading this...then you're bored just like me!! :)
  3. Danny Knapp

    Columbia...why have you done this? The Three Stooges Three Smart Saps DVD!

    Not only is this DVD missing 20 seconds of footage from Three Little Beers, it's also missing a short! The usual DVD had 6, this one has 5. The cover shot is from Three Little Twirps which is NOT INCLUDED ON THE DVD!! This is totally unacceptable to any stooge fan. I implore all fans to...
  4. Danny Knapp

    Why are the DVD Bond Sets 1 + 2 Discontinued??

    Can anyone explain to me why MGM has chosen to screw it's Bond fans by making the DVD sets discontinued?? The Craptastic VHS versions are readily available but I wouldn't touch those with a 10 foot pole! I'm trying to find Set #2, but I can only find it available at a ridiculous price of...
  5. Danny Knapp

    Are there any Portable MP3/CD Players with AM/FM Tuner?

    Hey forum, I'm looking to get a portable MP3/CD Player with a built-in tuner for radio. Does one exist yet? Price is not important. Thanks for any information!!
  6. Danny Knapp

    Any Bean: The Movie fans?

    I am in love with this movie! Rowan Atkinson is one of the funniest British comedians I've ever seen! The only part which I could not understand was why the Langley family was so uptight over Bean BEFORE he actually did anything. (Except the airport incident) And does anyone know if Bean...
  7. Danny Knapp

    I need a Flat Screen TV! Help me out!

    I'm asking all the experts/videophiles/tv freaks out there...what TV should I buy? I have limited space in my room, so my target size is a flat screen 20''. I want one with: S-Video and Velocity Scan Modulation, 3-Line Digital Comb Filter, audio enhancements and VERY CRISP CLEAR picture...
  8. Danny Knapp

    Does your cable/satellite company get Boomerang?

    I read a post earlier that mentioned Boomerang and it got me thinking... Time Warner Cable in the Hudson Valley doesn't get it. I really enjoy the old cartoons like Johnny Quest and Superfriends, so it would be excellent for me. I wish it was available. The newest channel we're getting on...
  9. Danny Knapp

    Stargate SG-1 Season 6 on SCI-FI

    I don't know if anybody posted any information on this yet, but let me just say it again anyway. SCI-Fi Channel picked up Stargate SG-1 for 22 episodes! This is phenomenal news for me, I am a HUGE SG-1 fan. It has to be on the best science fiction programs on television today. Ever since the...