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  1. Daron

    Paramount: A call for a separate TOS extras DVD

    Dear Mr. Blythe, and fellow TOS fans who bought all the DVDs: I have the perfect solution to make all those happy (like me) who purchased the entire TOS DVD collection, without extras... and also relieve Paramount some anxiety over not releasing the series in box sets. Paramount should issue...
  2. Daron

    Paramount: Star Trek: Revisited

    Mr. Blythe, I would be interested in your reaction to this idea. Since it's been announced there are no plans to release the original Star Trek series in boxed sets, how about releasing a single or two-DVD set with extras only? This would be very similar to the upcoming "Matrix: Revisited"...
  3. Daron

    Laptops to view DVDs with Dolby Headphone

    I am looking to purchase a new notebook computer, specifically to watch DVDs on with something like PowerDVD, and to use that software's Dolby Headphone feature. The goal is to give me a positive home theater experience, on a vivid LCD screen, and good 5.1-like sound that won't wake the family...
  4. Daron

    Paramount - Star Trek TV series DVDs

    Martin, Anything new yet on what to expect from the complete line of Star Trek TV series DVDs? Extras? Pricing? And will the original series ever be rereleased in boxed sets with extras? Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! --Daron
  5. Daron

    Sub advice/Anyone have Infiniti SL 50s?

    I own these main speakers, and now I'm looking for a sub to finish my home theater speaker system. Does anyone else own SL 50s? If so, what sub do you use, or which sub would you recommend? I've never shopped for a sub before. I would appreciate any help! The SL 50's frequency response is...