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  1. Fritz Nilsen

    Request for the Edit function moratorium to be lifted.

    Having recently been made aware of the practise of removing the edit function after a set period of time, I hereby ask that you reconsider on the basis of the following: 1. It restricts my access to content I have published myself and that I consider myself to have ownership of, be it written...
  2. Fritz Nilsen

    Custom Cover Blu-Ray Custom Cover art thread

    I'm going out on a limb here and assuming there is no such thread already on this forum. At least I couldn't find it with the search function. Pretty self-explanatory, really, just post your custom BD covers here to share with others. Just remember, post your own work only.
  3. Fritz Nilsen

    Need help. 80's miniseries title?

    Hi guys. I need help identifying this miniseries I have vague memories of. Here's what I (think I) remember. Plot: A sunken ocean liner from the thirties (?) is discovered in the present (80's?) and it houses a small community of survivors who have lived there on the bottom ever since. In...
  4. Fritz Nilsen

    FS/Trade: Harry Potter HD DVD (sealed)