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  1. Jeff Leeds

    Multiple TV's in a room

    Okay, so posting a few different ideas tonight. I am going to do a 70" LED over the fireplace in my new home theater room I am building. Well besides the fireplace I have two big wall areas. So tonight I was thinking, what if I put 2 55" or 60" plasmas on each side. Interesting idea, you could...
  2. Jeff Leeds

    Stop me if you think the Elite 70" isn't the best LED

    Hey, sorry I started up a thread about Projectors (thanks all for your information) and I had a buddy who knew a guy :) that was wise in the way projectors who came to my house and said, "you shouldn't do a projector in this room." So nuff said, no projector. I started to look at big TV's (70"...
  3. Jeff Leeds

    How dark do you really need for a projector

    I finally got my wife to concede our biggest main room for a home theater. While I cannot fit enough chairs I will be putting in a huge sofa and maybe 2 HT chairs. I have now looked at all the bigger LCD screens and frankly I was highly disappointed. The Sharp 70 and 80 just look like crap to...
  4. Jeff Leeds

    New Speakers

    Okay, so I bought a HK 7200 for 1200 bucks on a mis-marked price at Fry's over the weekend. It was suppose to be $1799 and when they were willing to sell it for 1200 bucks I did it. Okay, so without any Bose flames, I had a set of 910s (that I got 500 bucks, let's not make this a Bose...
  5. Jeff Leeds

    what to do with a totally screwed up DVD?

    I bought the movie FM sometime ago and finally got around to watching it the other day...err at least tried. The disk is discolored and will not work in any of my 3 DVD players, my laptop, or my desktop computers. I can buy another one, return the defective one in place, and than take another...
  6. Jeff Leeds

    Bad Disk

    I finally got around to watching "The Contender" this week and it tursn out that the disk is screwed up at the end. I bought it over a year ago and just never watched it. Am I just going to have to eat it. Obviously I cannot take it back the store (it was over a year ago from Fry's and I...
  7. Jeff Leeds

    Tosh 6200 Vs. 4700, worth switching

    I've noticed the price of the Tosh 4700 has plummeted. I've got a 6200 I'm pretty happy with and someone was telling me this was VASTLY better. The build quality actually looks poor to me on the 4700 versus the 6200, so I'm sceptical that my $240 bucks (with tax from BB) would be worthwhile...
  8. Jeff Leeds

    Jethro Tull DVD

    Anybody given this DVD a play yet? I just picked it up at Best Buy this weekend but have not yet had the chance to give it a spin....
  9. Jeff Leeds

    Costco Music DVD good deal

    I was in COSTCO this weekend and I went nuts when I found Journey 2001 and Roger Waters for 12.99. I'm going back for a couple of more, at that price you cannot go wrong.
  10. Jeff Leeds

    Gran Turismo III Players?

    Anybody else addicated to this game, it is the THE game to get for PS2. If you haven't tried it, it is the best driving game ever created, par none.
  11. Jeff Leeds

    The Kinks One for the Road

    I haven't seen anybody talk about this DVD. I love the Kinks and saw their 80 tour (god I'm getting old). Anyhow, I found this a few weeks ago FINALLY. The review, the sounds was pretty good for a 20 year old recording, extras are okay nothing great, Dave Davies interview was fun. They at...