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  1. Jeff Leeds

    Multiple TV's in a room

    Ah, RF is only one at at time............I need to see how much that is going to run me to have a few receivers in the same room.
  2. Jeff Leeds

    Multiple TV's in a room

    Thanks, I didn't think of that, remotes would be a huge issue for sure....I think the wife may have talked me out of it. As for installation, no way would I try to that myself. I am great at connecting up a home theater but as for the mounting, I wouldn't even think of trying that myself. I...
  3. Jeff Leeds

    Stop me if you think the Elite 70" isn't the best LED

    Thanks I think that I am going to pull the trigger on it. The Samsung sure does look nice, but no way in hell I am spending 9k on a TV, as it is the $5400 on the Elite is the stretch of my budget. Going to Magolia Hi Fi today to look at the Elite more carefully now that it isn't a 7k TV.
  4. Jeff Leeds

    Multiple TV's in a room

    Okay, so posting a few different ideas tonight. I am going to do a 70" LED over the fireplace in my new home theater room I am building. Well besides the fireplace I have two big wall areas. So tonight I was thinking, what if I put 2 55" or 60" plasmas on each side. Interesting idea, you could...
  5. Jeff Leeds

    60" LED TV Suggestions

    Forget LED 60" and buy another bigger Plasma. The Samsung, Panasonic and LG plasmas will outperform and lower cost any LED and have a nicer picture.
  6. Jeff Leeds

    Stop me if you think the Elite 70" isn't the best LED

    Hey, sorry I started up a thread about Projectors (thanks all for your information) and I had a buddy who knew a guy :) that was wise in the way projectors who came to my house and said, "you shouldn't do a projector in this room." So nuff said, no projector. I started to look at big TV's (70"...
  7. Jeff Leeds

    How dark do you really need for a projector

    Thanks for the info, I have not decided yet whether or not I will do the install myself or try to use a local installer. I know how t do all the hook-ups and I have a good handyman that can put stuff into the walls, but I am not very sure about placement of projector and screens. Anybody in the...
  8. Jeff Leeds

    Comparing these specs on a receiver and speaker.

    Try B&H online, great service, no taxes, and no pimple faced kids.
  9. Jeff Leeds

    B&W surround speakers

    You stole them...they are probbaly a $500 item new.
  10. Jeff Leeds

    Comparing these specs on a receiver and speaker.

    And you should note that the pimple-faced kids at Best Buy know about as much about the produsts as my Golden Retriever.....they just echo whatever the 25 year old assistant manager told them in their "training"....these are people who were asking if you "wanted fries with that" or "leave room...
  11. Jeff Leeds

    BoseHomeTheatreSpeakers 5.1 Channel / Want to decide on Receiver

    I used to be very active on this forum and sorta dropped off a few years ago but now I am back. I have a set of 901's that I got from Bose in 1998 after my 1979 901's failed....I paid $1200 for the 1979 901's and used them for nearly 20 years. Actually they failed because one of them fell over...
  12. Jeff Leeds

    Help me choose my onwalls. I have a couple choices and can't come to a conclusion.

    Unless your a millionaire with cash to burn Martin Logans are really hella expensive for on-wall (more than double what the Definitives willl run you). I have already decided on the Definitive Technology for my new setup. I have one of their middle level subwoofers and MAN it is awesome, so...
  13. Jeff Leeds

    Is Plasma coming to an end?! Are you buying one?

    I had a hitachi circa 2004 CRT RP that sucked, it died, had 3 repairs, was replaced by Hitachi and the replacement lasted 6 months a died. They gave me a 50" Plasma 1080i around 2006 timeframe, it was nice but was replaced by 55" Toshiba Cinema Series Regaza LCD when the Plasma was moved to...
  14. Jeff Leeds

    How dark do you really need for a projector

    Thanks for all the graet information. Projectorcentral didn't show the Epson as a 3D which is where I got that information about it. But then I found another review on that does show 2d and 3D. Here is that review for some others that jumped on this thread...
  15. Jeff Leeds

    How dark do you really need for a projector

    I took at look at the Epson and it looks great, but I really want to add 3D and according to what I have read the Epson will not support that feature. What about the Panasonic PT-AE8000 Projector? Opinions on that one?
  16. Jeff Leeds

    How dark do you really need for a projector

    I have not looked at too many, but the Lcos one looked nice. I wil for sure look at the LCD ones, thanks for the information!!
  17. Jeff Leeds

    How dark do you really need for a projector

    Thanks for the reply, I totally agree on the 9 grand price point, but MAN it is a nice TV. So answers to those questions, it will be mounted on a shelf as the celing is very high and I have done reading on the forum about LcOs, DLP or LCD. From my reading I think LCOS but I need to go and see...
  18. Jeff Leeds

    How dark do you really need for a projector

    I finally got my wife to concede our biggest main room for a home theater. While I cannot fit enough chairs I will be putting in a huge sofa and maybe 2 HT chairs. I have now looked at all the bigger LCD screens and frankly I was highly disappointed. The Sharp 70 and 80 just look like crap to...
  19. Jeff Leeds


    Sure, we all have 25k to throw around on a TV :) As for 4k TV, you need to wait at least 3 years for the prices to come down to earth...say wait 5 years and in the meantime enjoy a nice Panasonic or Samsung Plasma, in 5 years trade it in for the 4k when those are affordable.
  20. Jeff Leeds

    HK 7200 and toshiba xa1

    So what was the answer, I have the same receiver.
  21. Jeff Leeds

    Panny RP91 broke. toss or fix?

    Toss it, not worth fixing hardly anything other than your car these days. I just trashed a Sherwood Newcastle 945 receiver that died after 6 years...not worth fixing anything anymore.
  22. Jeff Leeds

    first AVR-receiver, Denon 3805 or HK?

    You cannot go wrong with the HK, I have two, a 7200 and a 430 that I just bought. they are very nice and the sound quality is very very good. Denon is also a great piece of equipment, more features than the HK, but I think the HK does have the nod on shear ability to pump out sound.
  23. Jeff Leeds

    Anyone Running a 6.1 setup on a HK 7200?

    BTW, I bought one of these at Christmas and it is one awesome receiver. Not as fancy in the displays as some others, I'm not totally thrilled with the remote, but but man this thing is built like a rock and sounds awesome.
  24. Jeff Leeds

    New Speakers

    Damn, that was cheap!!! i though I stole this thing at 1200 bucks! I'll keep checking back to see if they lower the price in the next 30 days. Okay, so now you ruined my day after thinking I'd done so well on this receiver, for 899 you should have bought 2, they are selling for 1200 even on...
  25. Jeff Leeds

    My Polk R50 towers SOUND AMAZING

    You're thinking of Athena from Canada, they are pretty darn good for the money, I'm conidering them as well for new speaker replacements for my KG3 Klipsch speakers. See their web site it has lot of information. What kind of receiver do you have? That will be a consideration as well.
  26. Jeff Leeds

    New Speakers

    Bump, come on speaker hounds, I've got 1200 bucks burning a hole in my pocket. Those Swan's look really sweet, what do you think? Since I've not ever heard them and there isn't a local place that has them I'm going to have to order them blind, so any owners shout out.
  27. Jeff Leeds

    New Speakers

    Okay, so I bought a HK 7200 for 1200 bucks on a mis-marked price at Fry's over the weekend. It was suppose to be $1799 and when they were willing to sell it for 1200 bucks I did it. Okay, so without any Bose flames, I had a set of 910s (that I got 500 bucks, let's not make this a Bose...
  28. Jeff Leeds

    what to do with a totally screwed up DVD?

    Thanks, I think I'll try taking it to the Wherehouse which is where I think I bought it in the first place. Thanks for the suggestions and the peanut gallery too for the microwave and frizbee suggestions too!!!!!
  29. Jeff Leeds

    what to do with a totally screwed up DVD?

    I bought the movie FM sometime ago and finally got around to watching it the other day...err at least tried. The disk is discolored and will not work in any of my 3 DVD players, my laptop, or my desktop computers. I can buy another one, return the defective one in place, and than take another...
  30. Jeff Leeds

    I'm beginning to become a "DTS GUY".

    After getting stuck with DD 2.0 and 4.0 movies in the past, the best thing about DTS tracks is that you KNOW you're getting 5.1. I have to say for music I've yet to buy a DD DVD that blew me away, while many DTS ones have (Steely Dan, Peter Gabriel, Eagles, Don Henley, Ringo Starr, to name a...