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  1. Matt Butler

    Grindhouse "Theatrical Experience" Aug 11 --RUMORED - Rumor: Grindhouse Theatrical Experience BD Even though I have the Japanese 6 disc set Im still all over this.
  2. Matt Butler

    Missing digital copy codes Taken and Bolt

    Just bought Taken and Bolt blus used for about $20 each but no digital copy codes. Can anyone help? Do I need to call the studios and show them reciepts? The recipts do say "used" on them. Am I screwed? Thanks for any help
  3. Matt Butler

    Digital Copy question

    I asked this in another thread and did a search but no avail. I have two titles that included digital copies (Rambo 4 and Dark Knight); in which I used the discs and loaded them onto itunes for my Ipod. My question is: Are the discs and codes good anymore? Are they one time use...
  4. Matt Butler

    Any word on Se7en on Blu?

    Would there be any new extras? Also would you port over all the extras from the great Platnum Ed you did? "Whats in the box!?"
  5. Matt Butler

    Universal U Control questions

    Do I have to have a profile 1.1 or 2.0 to use these features? I have a Sony BD 301 which is 1.0 methinks. There are a couple new Universal Blus that have the feature Im curious about Thanks
  6. Matt Butler

    AKIRA Coming to Blu in FEB 09 Taken from Bandai Visual Entertainment announced today that they will release on Blu-ray Disc the film that introduced the world of animé to the western audience, 'Akira.' Directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, Akira will be released...
  7. Matt Butler

    RAH-- "Few Words" Column

    Are we getting one for the Godfather?! (Couldnt Resist)
  8. Matt Butler

    Anyone up for the Haunting (1998?) in Blu?

    This movie was silly as hell but it has some of the best audio around. The DTS disc I had has some of the most sub blowing bass...ever! I can only imagine a lossless HD audio track.
  9. Matt Butler

    Planet Terror and Death Proof in Blu!! Coming 12/16

    digital bits reported toay. However no new extras or theatrical cut to speak of.
  10. Matt Butler

    Zodiac coming to Blu!!

    Digitalbits just reported that in the Transformers BR theres a flyer showing that Zodiac 2 disc Blu is coming soon!!
  11. Matt Butler

    Alien on Blu?

    Any ideas if the Alien Quad will make it to Blu? Thanks for your time here and I will also give my shout out to you for the incredible Blade Runner bd.
  12. Matt Butler

    I robot menu help PLEASSE!!!

    I have a very low pateience level and Im really frustrated and pissed that I cannot seem to play I robot on Blu. Once I get past the warnings and such; all Im getting is a "flying cube" with pictures and such. There is no menu or options for playing the movie or anything. ALL I WANT IS...
  13. Matt Butler

    Coldplay New album 6/17/08

    Anyone like the new singles? Picking up the new cd? Going to the show? (Im a fan; cant you tell?
  14. Matt Butler

    Lost season 3 Blu Ray questions

    I want to pick this up but I noticed that the sdvd is 7 disks while Blu is 6. Is there anything missing (Planet Earth anyone?) ? Also is the picture and sound quailty worth the price vs the Sdvd? (No I dont own S3 yet; only 1 and 2) Thanks
  15. Matt Butler

    What Paramount Universal and DreamWorks titles are you waiting for to go Blu?

    Bourne trilogy Zodiac Transformers Land of the Dead Dazed and Confused Top Gun Heroes S1
  16. Matt Butler

    Blu-Profile question re: Sony BDP 301

    How do I know what profile this is? I bought it early Dec and now im reading about compatibilty issues on certain machines with future releases that firmwares cant handle. Am I screwed? PS 1.1 or 2.0? Which one is older?
  17. Matt Butler

    Grindhouse in Blu hopefully?

    Any word yet or ideas? I thought I heard spring for a theatrical release. Maybe Im dreaming? =(
  18. Matt Butler

    Warner titles in Blu?

    Warner seems to have a few titles in Red but not Blu. Just wondering about Perfect Storm Batman Begins and Matrix trilogy
  19. Matt Butler

    Sony Firmware upgrades?

    Did a search but found nothing. I just bought a Sony S301 Blu Ray player. Dp I have to worry about firmware upgrades? I know the Samsung has had to do alot of them. Also If I do need them what website do I go to? I know you can just burn the data off the net and cdr it to the machie but I...
  20. Matt Butler

    My world is now Blu! I took the plunge

    I am now the proud owner of the Sony S301. I like it way much. Only flaw is that I can only run Component due to my TV being a five year old Panny that runs 1080i only and was born before HDMI. This still blows SD out of the water. I own 2 BD titles as of this posting: Order of the Phoenix...
  21. Matt Butler

    Any hope of Planes Trains & Automobiles SE?

    I know there are deleted scenes; and there were no features on the current release. Any hope of an SE?
  22. Matt Butler

    Florida teen travels to Iraq...alone!! I cant decide if hes brave or plain stupid! OK he's stupid.
  23. Matt Butler

    Michael Jackson could lose Beatles catalog rights!! YES!!!!! I want Mccartney to get the library!
  24. Matt Butler

    Cell phone contracts...How to get out of them?

    I want out of my Cingular contract and go with someone else. I heard there are ways out of my contract without paying for $150 fine. I think a local TV station ran a special about this recently that I missed. Any info or help is appreciated.
  25. Matt Butler

    Questions about Playboy issues

    I got some old Playboy issues from 1966 to 1973. Are they worth anything? I may want to keep them but I dont want to sell on Ebay. Help?
  26. Matt Butler

    My vote for worst packaging ever goes to Gallagher..Watermelon collection

    It has to be the worst piece of crap package ever. The shows are OK but the container is flimsy and cheap. Its made of paper and joke. Im probably going to buy a multidisc amray and take my "Sledge-O_Matic to it. Did anyone else pick this set up?
  27. Matt Butler

    Ohio kids found in cages WTF!!
  28. Matt Butler

    Iron Maiden: Death on the Road CD/DVD thread.

    Cd is out everywhere but the US who gets it Oct 4th. (I got mine from Canada) Its a great show that I got to see myself Jan 04 It is a very good CD alongside Live After Death and Rock in Rio. Pacendale live: Nuff said. DVD is out next month methinks.
  29. Matt Butler

    Jem Season 3 pt 2?

    My girlfriend has been waiting for this. Any word? Gord? David? Thanks friends.
  30. Matt Butler

    Iron Maiden egged at Ozzfest. Osbourne to blame

    Taken from Undoubtedly, Iron Maiden was the highlight of the entire event at Glen Helen Pavilion in Devore and one of the few - and I mean few - bands on the bill that has a singer. Bruce Dickinson, who along with Ronny James Dio, Rob Halford of Judas Priest and Ozzy...