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  1. BrianJ>Y

    F/S Axiom M22 and VP150

    Hi all, I have a pair of M22's in black, great condition, just some minor scratches that can only be seen if light is shined on them. Less than 100 hours, barely played, never abused or even turned up to remotely loud levels, smoke free environment. They are about a year and a half old...
  2. BrianJ>Y

    Help with new enclosure?

    Is regular 3/4" plywood (5 layers) ok for a sub enclosure? I plan on bracing with either the same plywood or mdf... I have an all mdf box already built for my av12, it's 3.5 cu-ft. Problem is it vibrates and rattles once the volume reaches moderate levels. When you put your hands on the side...
  3. BrianJ>Y

    Effects of speaker placement?

    I'm trying to increase the response of my speakers between the frequencies of 100-800hz. How would I do this with placement? Moving the speakers closer to the side walls, rear wall, or both? Also, if the mid/bass driver's distance from the rear and side wall are equal, how would the sound...
  4. BrianJ>Y

    Is my new enclosure STURDY enough?

    Well I finally finished my ported 3.5cu-ft downfiring av12 sub + Rythmik amp...and it sounds AWESOME. Only thing is when I play it at around -5 to -10 from reference levels in my 3000cu-ft room the sides and mainly the top of the box feel like they're really getting pounded from the inside. I...
  5. BrianJ>Y

    How high should my sub legs be?

    Hey guys, I'm putting the finishing touches on my downfiring av12 sub, just wondering what the most typical height for legs is? I was thinking 4", does it really make a difference if it's 3" or 5"?
  6. BrianJ>Y

    Length/trimming of Precision Ports...

    Hi all, After following the instructions for determining the lenth, my Port length comes out to 14.6 inches. Does that mean I have to cut 2.4 inches (17-14.6) off of the center tube?? I don't see any other way, but I'd like to make sure. Thanks
  7. BrianJ>Y

    How to make flared PVC ports?

    Subject says it all...but I do have a couple more questions. Flared ports are necessary right? Also is a 5" over a 4" port a better choice or just overkill for a 3.5cu-ft av12? Lastly, precision ports (sold at partsexpress) advertise a "3db" gain, am I correct in assuming any properly designed...
  8. BrianJ>Y

    Best tweeter for under $30??

    I'm looking for the typical round shaped tweeter. My main preference is flat/neutral response. I'm completely new to this and i'm planning to replace the crappy tweeters in my Polk R10's. I'm guessing the crossover for the tweeter is around 2.5k. Are there any low budget favorites out there...
  9. BrianJ>Y

    Anything better than a Tempest for $150??

    Gonna build a sub soon for strictly HT and need to pick out the driver. I've decided to power it with either the PE 794 or the rythmik 350watt plate amp. Gonna be a 5ft^3 ported enclosure and I'd like to get a pretty flat response from around 80-23hz. Would there be something better than the...
  10. BrianJ>Y

    10" Titanic Vance Subwoofer Kit ???

    Is there anything under $400 that will outperform this sub?? Read Wes Phillip's review and he thought it was by far the best sub for $350. I wish I could go the DIY route, but I have no tools and no experience. Oh and which do you all think would be better...3 DLS subs(when they're back in...
  11. BrianJ>Y

    NEW audio format with HDDVD??

    I've gone through some HDDVD websites and can't really find anything about new audio formats, only better video quality. So does anybody have a good guess as to when a new significantly better audio format like Dobly Digital 2(not just more channels) will come out? I ask because I'd hate to...