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  1. Charles J P

    The Shallows

    Thanks... I'll move it up in my queue.
  2. Charles J P

    The Shallows

    Stupid question but is this more of a tension thriller or a jump scare movie? I'm not a huge fan of the latter. Despite the low budget, I thought Open Water was a fantastic movie. Not sure if anyone has seen that one.
  3. Charles J P

    50 Shades Darker

    I saw this Saturday night with my wife for date night. It wasn't the main feature... we did the wine and paint place and dinner first but kind of on a lark went to see this. The problem is the books are rated XXX and the movies are rated R. I think if they made these NC-17 women would have...
  4. Charles J P

    What's your Internet Speed and how much speed matters?

    I'm typically at 80-100 down and 10-15 up. I think it will matter a lot more as streaming kills off physical media for non-hobbyists. I'm hoping that the ISPs can make some fundamental improvements to the networks. I'd live to see something more mesh oriented or like bit torrent behind the...
  5. Charles J P

    Lego Batman (Review)

    I did end up seeing it yesterday with my middle and youngest daughters and my sister. It was pretty good. Not quite as good a The Lego Movie but still good. Both kids (6 and 10) really liked it.
  6. Charles J P


    This is a topic that came up on a forum I run regarding Android / Kodi boxes that are being sold and hook into all kinds of illegal streams of movies and even live content. The point was made that with some of this, a whole generation may grow up pirating content without even knowing what...
  7. Charles J P

    Underworld Blood Wars - quick thoughts

    I actually want to like this. I've liked the series so far but there's definitely been a downward trend.
  8. Charles J P


    That is the challenge with almost completely understated boards. They censor hard profanity and (some) hate speech but that's about it.
  9. Charles J P

    Lego Batman (Review)

    If I can find time I'll go with my middle daughter this weekend. She's very excited about it and I LOVED Lego movie.
  10. Charles J P

    New BATMAN film to be directed by Ben Affleck

    I hope they maintain SOME continuity of style regardless of who directs. I hate to see someone coming and and deciding s/he needs to make his/her mark and ruining any congruity.
  11. Charles J P

    Beauty and the Beast (2017)

    Yeah, I'm generally still excited about this and will take my kids regardless, but I'm more worried about not being able to get past Hermoine than anything else.
  12. Charles J P

    Another sign the end of physical media is near

    They do it because they want to listen to tons of stuff. I pay $15 for a family Apple Music plan. If I bought everything that we all listen to it would be $100-$200 a month. Hell we STILL sometimes have a triple digit iTunes bill in some months.
  13. Charles J P

    Another sign the end of physical media is near

    We will not decide the fate of physical disks. We are small minority. A perfect example of market forces is that fact that audiophiles did not bring the resurgence of vinyl, hipsters did. Extending that analogy, physical disks likely won't die, but they'll become a (possibly rare and...
  14. Charles J P

    The BFG (2016)

    Watched this one last night with my 10 year old. I really enjoyed it. The story, both in tone and pacing, may be a bit dated for today's children (or some adults apparently) but I'm glad someone is still making movies that don't feel like 2 hour Happy Meal advertisements. The movie does get a...
  15. Charles J P

    A Dog's Purpose (2017)/Dog's Journey (2019)/Dog's Way Home (2019)

    My family has been wanting to see this one since we saw that trailers. We all went Sunday, myself, wife, and three kids age 12, 10 and 6. The movie ultimately felt like a Hindu turn at God's Not Dead or Heaven is for Real but with dogs. More emotional manipulation (this was seen a mere 16 hours...
  16. Charles J P

    Are we regressing with remotes? Are universal remotes doomed?

    Maybe, but with all due respect this statement isn't very helpful. They do Bluetooth how? Like they control Bluetooth components? I mean, some of them do Wi-Fi technically too but that doesn't address the facts in the video because they use Wi-Fi to update the remote, not to control my Vizio...
  17. Charles J P

    Are we regressing with remotes? Are universal remotes doomed?

    The Xfinity X1 and Cox Contour 2 are the same thing (or at least use the exact same remote). I don't have an issue with channels per say but speaking a show name instead of "typing" it in with the remote is a killer app that I don't want to forgo.
  18. Charles J P

    SVS PC-2000 Cylinder Subwoofer Review

    Great thread Brian. I also recently added a sub to my GoldenEar Triton setup for similar reasons. Although I have Triton Ones and only the L/R pair. The rest of my system is the SuperCenter XXL and Aons for surrounds. I lived with just the Tritons, no other sub, for over a year. They...
  19. Charles J P

    Are we regressing with remotes? Are universal remotes doomed?

    The issue that I detailed more in the video is replacing remotes that aren't just IR. Apple uses Bluetooth on their new 4th gen remote. They also have a built in mic so you can use Siri voice commands to search for content etc. My Vizio M series TV has a basic remote that does 4 things and...
  20. Charles J P

    Are we regressing with remotes? Are universal remotes doomed?

    I created this video yesterday after being frustrated that I find myself frequently having to pull out another remote in addition to my Logitech Harmony One. I typically never programmed my universal remote with all the keys and functions needed to do things like setup and configuration...
  21. Charles J P

    New Generation Of Sonos

    A little thin on details but I like the Echo integration. My kids like to use the Echo to play music in the kitchen because of the voice control but I prefer the Sonos Play 3 because the sound is superior. Of course I also am fully Apple integrated which Sonos supports (e.g. iTunes and Apple...
  22. Charles J P

    GIK Bass Traps 244

    Thank you both.
  23. Charles J P

    GIK Bass Traps 244

    I probably wouldn't worry about it. If you are considering room acoustics and installing treatments, you're doing better than most. As you saw, I wasn't able to install my panels in the exact perfect position either but the definitely made a big difference and I'll be consulting with GIK about...
  24. Charles J P

    GIK Bass Traps 244

    Ideally the center of the panel should be near the ear height when seated and or near the tweeter height (which should be close to the same height ideally. Sometimes you have to compromise as I did in my room due to construction elements. See this video if you're curious.
  25. Charles J P

    Let's talk theater seating

    A bit of an old thread but I thought people might find this useful.
  26. Charles J P

    Whole HT for sale - Onkyo, Gallo, projector, etc.

    I haven’t posted here in quite a while but I’m a long time member and can provide references for sales I’ve made in the past. I haven't used my Home Theater in months. I still watch movies from time to time but its not in the HT room. In fact, there has been a photography backdrop in front...
  27. Charles J P

    FS: Atlantic Technology 7x120 amp. $550

    Price reduced to $500
  28. Charles J P

    FS: Atlantic Technology 7x120 amp. $550

    I just got back from a business offsite. I have responeded to your PM Jim. Matt, if that falls through, I'll let you know.