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  1. Tom M

    Mill Creek blu ray of Nightwing/Shadow Of The Hawk

    Neither movie is zoomed in. Both have an aspect ratio of 1.85:1 and are presented correctly. Both movies use the correct Columbia logo for the era. The words "Columbia Pictures" are not present in this version when the lady with the torch is on screen. Here's a version from 1977 in 1.85:1...
  2. Tom M

    TV shows and TV movies gone W I D E

    I recently discovered that itunes has the following miniseries converted to widescreen: Roots (1977) Roots: The Next Generations Roots: The Gift North And South North And South: Book II I don't have the itunes version of Roots, just the 4:3 Blu-Ray so I cannot say how cropped they are, but...
  3. Tom M

    oh why not....THE ABYSS

    James Cameron is on record that the HD transfers for The Abyss and True Lies are done and that it's up to FOX, not him to release them. At a con last year, Cameron even called out the head of FOX video (who was present) for just sitting on them. FOX is likely waiting for Avatar 2 to cross...
  4. Tom M

    Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: The Complete Series (Blu Ray) to be released down under.

    E-mail is in. Currently being forwarded to the correct department, according to the e-mail I got this morning. Yes, it has occurred to me that the extras might not be final yet but like Andy said, it won't hurt to ask. That said, my pre-order is in. :) BTW, only the second episode of Galactica...
  5. Tom M

    Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: The Complete Series (Blu Ray) to be released down under.

    The Madman listing does state the episodes are from new HD masters. However, there are some concerns: 1---The theatrical version of the pilot in SD only. This movie seems destined never to see it's 1.85:1 AR again, much less it's stereo soundtrack which was available on laserdisc and VHS...
  6. Tom M

    Could the original, unaltered STAR WARS be on its way to Blu-ray?

    Seems to early to be a Halloween prank. Besides, whenever has John Landis ever pulled a similar prank? Never, to my knowledge. While I actually prefer the SE's, I would also like to have the original theatrical cuts of the trilogy in HD. Like Fox Mulder, I want to believe. Time will tell.
  7. Tom M

    Transformers Age of Extinction Contest: Win a signed copy!

    Optimus Prime for the win!
  8. Tom M

    Predator 3D coming to Blu-ray in December

    I popped in my copy last night and can confirm the non jungle scenes are converted. Even the opening space shot has depth in the stars and the Predator's ship zooms slightly off the screen as it passes the camera. I won't get around to watching the whole thing untill after the holidays but I...
  9. Tom M

    Battlestar Galactica Original Series Blu-ray release Germany

    You're welcome! As I said, I won't get into the set in full untill after the holidays. From what I can tell though, all previous extras are here, probably all in SD as the few I checked are. New extras include Con panels with the original cast and the German Super 8mm digests. All extras have...
  10. Tom M

    Battlestar Galactica Original Series Blu-ray release Germany

    Just got this set in the mail today. I took a quick look and can confirm the following: It's region B locked These are indeed true HD transfers. From what I saw, they look excellent! Audio is DTS-MA 5.1, I cannot tell about the quality as I was using my TV speakers. Galactica 1980 is indeed...
  11. Tom M

    Battlestar Galactica Original Series Blu-ray release Germany

    It's being released by Koch Media who has a reputation for excellent Blu-Ray transfers.The set has also been confirmed to include all 10 episode of BG:80 also in HD.Also, Universal probably re-mastered the entire series when they did the theatrical cut of the pilot earlier this year. Yes, we are...
  12. Tom M

    Could the original, unaltered STAR WARS be on its way to Blu-ray?

    Gee, could that reliable source be George Lucas? Who has said, many times, that archival 35mm interpositives are in the Lucasfilm Vaults? Something confirmed by RIck McCallum, and Ron Howard, who actually asked to see them? GL has stated that the 35mm elements need "a lot of work". My guess is...
  13. Tom M

    Happy birthday Back to the Future; will its Blu-ray transfer ever get corrected?

    The "To Be Continued..." was present on every home video format, not just VHS as Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis would have you believe. It was also included in both the original NBC and USA broadcasts. A widescreen version of the "TBC" can be seen on the letterboxed laserdisc. For 15 years or...
  14. Tom M

    Shout Factory to release Vincent Price collection!

    I have the UK DVD of Comedy Of Terrors and the missing frames are there. Likely, the source material used for the US DVD (different than the source material used for the UK) was damaged in that area so the frames were removed.
  15. Tom M

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Skyfall -- in Blu-ray

    I hardly think Quantum would've been a "franchise killer" considering the massive box office for it ($586 million worldwide, $168 million in the US alone). Reviews for Quantum were mixed but it was clearly liked by the masses. Personally, I like it and have no issues with it. Licence To Kill...
  16. Tom M

    Batttlestar Gallactica - The Original Series

    Actually, Conquest used the first episode and the two part Night The Cylons Landed. All from the 1980 series.
  17. Tom M

    DVD Review Dallas: The Complete First Season (2012) Review

    First of all, the ratings are down but hardly "in the tank". Keep the following in mind: the show was moved from Wednesday to Monday and first aired in the summer when there was little competition. Also, ratings for cable shows are not calculated they way they are for network shows.The producers...
  18. Tom M

    DVD Review Dallas: The Complete First Season (2012) Review

    And I was repeating EXACTLY what Cynthia Cidre said in an on camera interview. That she changed her mind is not my fault. Given that Patrick Duffy and Larry Hagman's son gave their blessing to this development does give me hope it will be a quality storyline. That said, looking forward to Monday!
  19. Tom M

    A Few Words About While we wait for A few words about...™ Lawrence of Arabia -- in 4k/UHD Blu-ray

    Don't forget the short 1907 Ben-Hur which was the first filming of the story. Also filmed as a miniseries in 2010 (unreleased as yet to the US): http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2009776/?ref_=fn_tt_tt_2 According to MGM, the script for the upcoming version is "much more faithful" to the novel and...
  20. Tom M

    DVD Review Dallas: The Complete First Season (2012) Review

    The death of JR will NOT become a murder mystery. The producers have said, and rightly so, that doing that would be tasteless. Likely, JR will just go in his sleep which would be nicely ironic. Ted Shackleford and Joan Van Ark will be appearing on the funeral episode. The producers, along with...
  21. Tom M

    In Memory of Stars That Passed Away In 2012

    Also, Michael O'Hare, and Richard Lynch two fine, underrated actors. With Michael O'Hare, another Babyon 5 actor is gone far too soon. With Lynch, a fine character actor who always gave 100% and seemed determined to appear in as many hour long dramas on TV as possible in his career!
  22. Tom M

    In Search Of...

    I already have the set and I noted in my review above that the original theme music and graphics are intact. Everything seems intact but I haven't seen the show since it originally aired so... As I stated, syndicated series such as this one typically had shorter running times than network...
  23. Tom M

    In Search Of...

    You're welcome, Scott! A small update: I was looking at a couple of episodes last night and the video is better than I thought. Clearly some re-mastering was done. The show looks as good as it's going to without restoring each 16mm print which is unlikely to ever happen.
  24. Tom M

    In Search Of...

    Surprisingly, it arrived today! Let's get to what you all really want to know! The original theme music is intact. :D :cool: Video is exactly like you remember, grainy. Looks like they just used the original broadcast tapes. That said, the PQ is actually pretty good as is the mastering. Each...
  25. Tom M

    3D Babes in Toyland on Blu-ray 3D?

    I strongly disagree. I spot checked my copy on my 42" plasma last night was very surprised at how strong, and natural looking, the 3D was in the scenes I viewed. It had a pleasing, pop-up book like effect. Which was probably the intent with this release. I plan on viewing the entire movie soon...
  26. Tom M

    Blu-ray Review Dick Tracy Blu-ray Review

    Bravo, Dick! Warren Beatty said that Dick Tracy lives in a simple, uncomplicated world. Beatty also said that DT himself is equally simple and uncomplicated. He's dedicated to his job and little else. Beatty plays him that way and IMO it's a very good performance. That said, I feel it's a great...
  27. Tom M

    In Search Of...

    Brief update: the tracking number is live and the package has left Canada! :D Should be here sometime next week. I'll update again then. :)
  28. Tom M

    In Search Of...

    "In Search Of..." was filmed in 16mm not 35mm. The show filmed around the world so smaller cameras were necessary. Also, I ordered directly from VEI today and already have a "shipping soon" notice and a tracking number. I'll admit it's weird what's going on with this release but it looks like...
  29. Tom M

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Extended Edition -- in Blu-ray

    Replacing Holm with Freeman in the flashback scenes is possible but I kinda doubt it. Freeman and Holm do look similar when made up as Bilbo and those scenes are very brief so it wouldn't be worth the trouble, IMO. The CGI (and appearance) for Gollum advanced between each of the three LOTR...