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  1. Zen Butler

    Blade Runner Extravaganza Sept 30th

    This is mostly a sharing and please move to the appropriate sub-forum. This is a free invite only event so I'm not selling anything. Just a long time member sharing my enthusiasm for the Blade Runner 2049 release. I can't describe the effort and love going into this event. Full size White Dragon...
  2. Zen Butler

    Old Time Radio(OTR) App

    [Not really sure where to place this topic as its radio but through a mobile app.] This app is an absolute "goldmine!" Adventure, comedy, horror, mystery. Abbott & Costello, Superman, Gunsmoke, CBS Mystery Theater Most of the episodes are the perfect size to listen to on the way to work. Has...
  3. Zen Butler

    Onkyo Receiver Owners(iPod Question)

    I have a TX-SR600 6.1 Receiver. Is this little guy below the only real way to run my iPods through it? The Onkyo DS-A2X Any other ideas?
  4. Zen Butler

    Blade Runner: The Final Cut Review

    Where: The Landmark Theater Los Angeles Cine Alta 4K Digital Projection Dolby Digital 117 Minutes Extended Run One More Week How does one start to sift through notes jotted down in my Moleskine in the dark? Let me stray from those notes and save them for the discussion thread when it...
  5. Zen Butler

    Anyone Been to the NEW Griffith Observatory

    I'm taking my GF and her friends for her birthday per her request. I haven't been yet since it's renovation. Have you been?
  6. Zen Butler

    Is Scaring People Illegal?

    Can you just randomly jump out of a bush or something and go "Rrrrraaaaaaarrrrrrr!!" to anyone? anytime? My girlfriend has this weird fetish of hiding in closets, bushes etc. and jumping out and scaring the sh*t out of people. What if she scares someone to death?
  7. Zen Butler

    Tapatio Rules!

    What can't you put this wonderful stuff on?
  8. Zen Butler

    Let's Share Some Goth

    (Per JohnRice's request) I didn't want to inhibit discussion of any sub-genre ; so I thought I'd keep the title vague. So from Goth-Rock to Darkwave-Ambient; what are some of your favorite bands/artists?
  9. Zen Butler

    Help! What am I eating right now?

    The lady had a thick Vietnamese accent. I was craving fish and rice. That thing up on the upper right she said was "fishtofu." What is in the middle of the tofu? It doesn't taste bad(good actually) but it sure doesn't taste like "fish" either
  10. Zen Butler

    Meeting My Father Again: 21 Years Later

    Friday, my father is coming in from Mississippi for my nephew's graduation. I haven't seen this man in 21 years and outside of a few phone calls have not spoken too much with him over the years. I am travelling up to Santa Clarita(not too far) to stay the weekend with my sister's family...
  11. Zen Butler

    The Flaming Lips: At War with the Mystics 4/4/06

    Anyone else anxiously awaiting this release. I've heard quite a bit from it due to leaks and was quite amazed. At first glance, kind of a return to the "Clouds" "Transmissions" era. I have 10th row tix for their July 23rd Hollywood Bowl Show btw. Let's hear some reviews You can stream...
  12. Zen Butler

    HUGE...waterbug terror..Exterminator?

    I'm haunted by these creatures. They're relatively new visitors..they started showing up in my bathroom; many of them as long as 4 inches. Now though, I'm finding them in other areas; but dead and up-side-down. Possibly my cat pouncing on them? They're too damn big for Roach Motels. I've...
  13. Zen Butler

    The Flaming Lips-"Void" DVD 8/23/2005

    [What a year for "Lips" fans! I will be seeing them on July 30th in San Diego with Snoop Dogg and others! San Diego Street Scene] From the Wire: THE FLAMING LIPS CREATE 'VOID' The Flaming Lips will release VOID (Video Overview In Deceleration), a career-spanning DVD collection of nineteen of...
  14. Zen Butler

    Can I buy a bike like Pedro's? (bicycle help)

    For those of you that have seen Napoleon Dynamite, you know what I mean. It appears to be some lower-end Mongoose? I'm playing at a monster-size festival this weekend and would love to have a bike similar to it. It has to have shocks and pegs.. :) A novelty item for sure but I want one. Thanks
  15. Zen Butler

    Hoffman's Potion

    Litmus test. Should be only one F http://www.documentarychannel.ca/doc...0Potion&id=419
  16. Zen Butler

    The Flaming Lips- The Fearless Freaks Dvd 5/17

    The Fearless Freaks I can hardly contain my excitement for this 2disc set coming up here in 8 days. From the Amazon synopsis and reviews from other sources I've read, it appears this is going to be a pretty thorough account of this psychedelic/punk band's lengthy career. Any other "Flip"...
  17. Zen Butler

    My first massage ever and I feel crappy

    [I mean I've had the low-budge g/f & b/f type massages but this was my first by a liscensed masseur.] It was the first of a series of kneck and back deep-tissue massages. I feel very nauseous, congested, sore and light-headed. Is this normal? The girl, who's my masseur, said that I may...
  18. Zen Butler

    Cat companions...

    Well, kitty Mohammed Ali turns 3 years old on 4/20 +snicker+ With my brothers both working/going to school and I, on the road more now than I ever have, is it time to get him a friend? My concerns: He's a very strong and aggressive feline and has chased all other stray mammals away from...
  19. Zen Butler

    "Changing behavior through technology"

    This is seriously the tag-line on these devices that are now being installed at my dealership(remain unnamed). helps credit challenged members to rebuild their credit by automatically disciplining them to make their car payment.. The device is called On Time, here is how it works...
  20. Zen Butler

    Happy 50th to RobertR

    Not a big fan of these, but I think I've hung out at more meets with RobertR than anyone else besides Ron-P. He's a real class act and deserves his own thread. Happy Birthday My Friend, Zen Well, if this thread doesn't irritate Robert, these dancing balloon guys will....:)
  21. Zen Butler

    It Never Rains in California

    Wow, we are getting smacked today!
  22. Zen Butler

    Disorder in the Court

    A few funny excerpts from Charles M. Sevilla's often hilarious Disorder series. Things actually said in court (somewhat salty link) Hopefully, this will induce someone to post that wonderful, "Hello, and welcome to last week" pic. I love that one but lost it.
  23. Zen Butler

    At last! Ted Lee is popular

    Yes, after years of networking, biting other member's styles, and straight out sniveling, I'm here to announce that our friend, The Ted Lee is now world famous. The #1 Google search result of "the Ted Lee" brings up this: http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...77#post2166077 The, you...
  24. Zen Butler

    Directors Name your "ultimate" munchie

    Mine used to be a Peanut Butter/Jelly & Banana Sandwiches It has recently been replaced by McD's McGriddles. Oh my word! It's gooey syrup...it's cake....oh...oh yeah, I also love Moon Pies So when your blood sugar drops, what do you reach for?
  25. Zen Butler

    Nick Cave/Bad Seeds-Abattoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus *Review*

    Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus There she goes, my beautiful world Tom Waits's 2002 double release of Alice and Blood Money proved an artist release two very strong outings simultaneously. Though, those two were two very different albums. Enter 2004, with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds...
  26. Zen Butler

    School Me on Housecleaning Services

    Two teenage boys and myself are a constant on-the-go trio. Now, walking into our flat you may be surprised that three [mostly]young men live here, we're decently organized and for the most part, clean. Thing is, I feel the bathroom and kitchen could be kept much cleaner. My questions are...
  27. Zen Butler

    Fly, Jefferson Airplane DVD -- and an appreciation of late-'60s acid rock.

    Fly, Jefferson Airplane This was just released 9/21/04, and I got around to viewing it Saturday and it hasn't left my player. Finally, us displaced (younger) fans of this era are treated to a nice montage of Jefferson Airplane live and television performances. Aside of the Monterey Pop...
  28. Zen Butler

    I went to one "boss" backyard party Saturday night

    At least for this region, these are legend of the late 70's and early 80's. A band, a keg, cherry incense, black lights, smell of herb in the air and the phrase "the cops are here." I stepped into a time warp on Saturday night. I did receive a formal invite via cellular but entered from...
  29. Zen Butler

    *** Official MEAN CREEK Review Thread

    Director Estes has created a top-notch film if not an open canvas for some of today's fine young actors. Rory Culkin is standout as 12 year old Sam. Comparisons to River's Edge, Deliverance and Stand by Me are somewhat just and understandable. Estes, though is comfortable letting this tense...
  30. Zen Butler

    What are you watching with your teenagers?

    I have a bit of a PM-a-thon going on with a few other members. We lay out the ages of our teens(no names) and discuss what works and what doesn't. What films, modern or classic, have you had success with? i.e that they have liked and sat through the whole film. [Hopefully, this doesn't...