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  1. Bert Greene

    "The Kid Sister" (1945-PRC)

    Does anyone have the 'Mr. Fat-W' mod-dvd of "The Kid Sister" (1945-PRC), and can tell me whether it is the complete 66-minute version, or the 54-minute tv-syndication print (which is all I've ever encountered of it from various sellers over the years). Since Mr. Fat-W had that deal to release...
  2. Bert Greene

    Craig Kennedy, Criminologist (1951)

    I ventured over to VCI's website (vcientertainment.com) today and noticed their plans to release the made-for-syndication oldie "Craig Kennedy, Criminologist," starring Donald Woods. It's slated for later this month. It's not entirely clear that it's the entire series, which actually only totals...
  3. Bert Greene

    Guns of Will Sonnett / Branded

    Last week I ran into a box-set for "Guns of Will Sonnett" at Suncoast Video. Apparently released by King-World, as was another set devoted to the 1st season of "Branded." I thought I read somewhere that this latter set was comprised of cut 22-minute syndication prints. I figured the "Will...