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  1. Al.Anderson

    Please help - Bowers & Wilkins receiver

    You have good speakers, and with high sensitivity they don't need more amplification. If you haven't run the YPAO set-up start there. Otherwise ... this might be hard. If they're close to the wall, move them out if you can (a foot or so if you can); space almost always helps. And if you haven't...
  2. Al.Anderson

    Large Room: Speaker and Subwoofer Recommendations

    So much to cover here, so I'll just start and see far I get ... (1) The front (left, right, center) should be from the speaker line (not just brand); the idea is so the tonal characteristics are the same as a film sweeps back and forth. The rears/surround can be different since it's mostly...
  3. Al.Anderson

    Looking for Advice on Ripping my CD Collection

    You can point the server to anything that the hardware (PC) can see. So if you mean a USB drive on the PC, not a problem. Yes, you're right about that. If I'm listening to HiRes material and want to hear the HiResness I use the network function of my receiver and grab it right from my NAS...
  4. Al.Anderson

    Looking for Advice on Ripping my CD Collection

    I forgot to mention that within Plex you can group CDs if you like. It's not perfect (you lose the album artist and only see the CD name), but it helps for smaller groupings. If you look at the top row you'll see that, for instance, I put all my classical CDs in a separate grouping. The 2nd...
  5. Al.Anderson

    Looking for Advice on Ripping my CD Collection

    Wanting to use the same files for you car adds a wrinkle, so I'll leave that out for a minute. If you want to access your music from any home network location, use Plex on your PC. - Use EAC or dBpoweramp to rip your CDs to flac (do not rip as a single file). I use dBpoweramp and it creates...
  6. Al.Anderson

    Tuning Subwoofer... volume vs DB?

    I agree with JohnRice, but want to phrase it a little differently. Since the receiver adjustment is a calibration, not a volume preference for a specific source material, at least one of the speakers should ideally be set to 0 when you're done; e.g., when you're done calibrating, if you have...
  7. Al.Anderson

    Binding Posts and Raw Wire??

    Read this thread: https://www.hometheaterforum.com/community/threads/please-help-bowers-wilkins-receiver.370699/
  8. Al.Anderson

    Please help - Bowers & Wilkins receiver

    Normal speaker wire is fine. You don't have to break it apart; for instance, if you're going to use the banana plug for you connection to the receiver and the hole for the bi-amp, and both wires fit in the hole, then great ((the more stands the better). If not, don't worry about it either; and...
  9. Al.Anderson

    Why do they label the inputs on receivers

    I don't think there's a "good" reason, the manufacturers probably just felt that most non-geeks didn't want to go into the menu and manually name things, and that the names provided covered 80% of the cases.
  10. Al.Anderson

    Please help - Bowers & Wilkins receiver

    You don't really have to buy the official piece if you don't want to, just connect a wire between each of the posts (++, --). https://www.bowerswilkins.com/sites/default/files/2019-03/ENG_FP12432_DM604-S3_manual.pdf
  11. Al.Anderson

    Yamaha RX-A770 newbie question

    Great, I'm glad you got it working! I recommend you try turning YPAO volume on, it just makes things sound better at low volume.
  12. Al.Anderson

    Yamaha RX-A770 newbie question

    What 'Sound Program' are you using? If it's not on a "movie" selection (standard, adventure, drama), that could be the problem. Small/80 is pretty standard, so I wouldn't focus too much on that. Is it seeing all of your speakers? You can see this visually, but maybe run the tone check. Is...
  13. Al.Anderson

    What album do you tend to turn up?

    Allman Brothers Band - At Fillmore East Ana Popovic - Unconditional Chicago Transit Authority CSNY - 4 Way Street (disc 2) Derek Trucks Band - Live at the Georgia Theater Tab Benoit & Jimmy Thackery - Whiskey Store Live And this one is weird, but ... Rachmaninov Piano Concertos Nos. 2 & 4...
  14. Al.Anderson

    Weekly RoundUp 1-12-2021

    I was going to agree with Mike that it's at least in the running for The Most Boring Roundup; but I saw Crossroads, and that's one of my guilty pleasures. (And if it didn't have Macchio in the lead it might actually have been good.)
  15. Al.Anderson

    Panasonic DP-UB9000 usb drive question - newbie, natch.

    Some parts of the manual reference mkv, but others do not (I can't find the section again, but I saw it once). Also, there's this: MKV (Compression methods Video: H.264/HEVCAudio: AAC, PCM, Vorbis, FLAC) Some MKV files may not be played back correctly, depending on the video resolution, frame...
  16. Al.Anderson

    NAS Streaming Options

    I'm going to set up a new system in my living room for just music. 90% of my use case will be playing ripped CDs from my NAS; the other 10% would be internet radio. I was looking to go with a single box solution so as to not complicate things for my wife; but options there are limited...
  17. Al.Anderson

    Digital piano connection to Sony STR-DG820 and external speakers

    I agree with you, any input you're not already using will be good; there's no "better" choice. Might want to save the CD channel (which has both I/O) so he can later add one and record his stuff. Nice piano by-the-way!
  18. Al.Anderson

    Loudness issue between 7-ch and straight settings

    >> Tell me, how is the "Direct" option different from the Straight? Direct is much the same as Straight, but they turn off more circuits; the idea being to influence the signal path even less.
  19. Al.Anderson

    Crossover frequency for full range + tweeter

    I don't know a thing about building speakers (but I voted, cause I love polls!); so I looked on my favorite speaker site (Axiom) to see what their crossover was at on 2-speaker setups and it was down at 2-3k. So I voted 6k.
  20. Al.Anderson

    Loudness issue between 7-ch and straight settings

    'Straight' mans that the receiver is passing the signal directly though. So if it was recorded as surround you'll get surround; if it was recorded as stereo you'll get stereo. I've found Straight to be "less interesting" in most cases. Yamaha has some nice sounds programs, you should give...
  21. Al.Anderson

    A Few Words About A few words about…™ “Mister Roberts” – in Blu-ray

    I didn't know this, useful information for the future - thanks.
  22. Al.Anderson

    A Few Words About A few words about…™ “Mister Roberts” – in Blu-ray

    I was skeptical and immediately looked for the RH seal of approval also - thrilled to see it! As always, thanks Mr. Harris. The best part is, it was coming up in the rotation as part of the long holiday break, so perfect timing.
  23. Al.Anderson

    Hello, audiophiles and experts. Newer question on hooking up.... hardware advice/possibilities....

    You do have to turn it on. Page-116 of the manual, 'Setting the use of HDMI Standby Through.'
  24. Al.Anderson

    Hello, audiophiles and experts. Newer question on hooking up.... hardware advice/possibilities....

    It looks like Yamaha call "HDMI passthrough" "Standby Through" on its later receivers; and it looks like the RX-V367 doesn't have it. However, I did see this firmware update for your receiver, so you may want to get just for grins that if you haven't already (" Yamaha is pleased to offer the...
  25. Al.Anderson

    Help please, Can an RCA cable output DSP , Atmos etc...?

    One clarification from way up top, a video RCA (usually orange) can carry digital signal. I've used them to connect digital coax from receiver to CD/DVD/BR for sound. (Pre-HDMI or when a piece of old equipment doesn't have HDMI).
  26. Al.Anderson

    Local HT dealer dropped the dime.

    The gambling term is drop *A* dime (as opposed to drop *the* dime); and a dime is 10 of whatever financial group you and your peers hang out in. And I can't take reading this thread anymore without saying that the OP was going for "drop the ball." There, now my obsessive-compulsive self can...
  27. Al.Anderson

    Basic Amplifier Selection/Setup questions

    The STR DH770 can have a separate "B" channel, but it uses the main rears (so you'll have 5.1 and 2.0). Some receivers only play analog on the B-system; I didn't see that for this receiver, but if that's important to you best to double-check. Connecting to the TV has a lot to do with the TV...
  28. Al.Anderson

    Bought my very first home, and looking for beginner advice for home audio, but having no luck. Can you help?

    If I wanted to get wiring into walls I'd use an electrician, not an installer. But to your request, Axiom makes great speakers and has a number of wireless offerings: https://www.axiomaudio.com/wireless-speakers
  29. Al.Anderson

    Fire HD tablet question

    I hate to ask, but have you tried hitting play again? A lot of these devices have circuitry to stop playing when a cable is plugged/unplugged.
  30. Al.Anderson

    Shows you think deserved one more season

    Couldn't agree more! She was outstanding. I didn't realize she was the daughter of Brad Dourif until about season 2 (I know, I know; it was kind of obvious and I'm dense), but then it made perfect sense. (I've only seen the father in Cuckoo's Nest and LOTR; but that was enough, he's also...