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  1. Mark Larson

    Epson 5300 etc projector bulb.

    I sold this guy on ebay, but the seller never paid and I didn't want negative feedback, so I rolled over and didn't file a non-paying bidder complaint. Anyway, I've got this bulb here that goes into a Epson 5300 projector. Its also compatible with other Epson projectors, which ones I'm not...
  2. Mark Larson

    FS: Onkyo TX-8511 Stereo Receiver and speakers (MSP)

    I have an Onkyo TX-8511 receiver for sale. I upgraded to 5.1, so now this can go to somebody who appreciates stereo sound. I also have a pair of speakers to go with it, nice 2-way floorstanders. I don't know what to ask for, but let's throw out $95 for the receiver and extra for the speakers...
  3. Mark Larson

    FS: Epson PowerLITE 5300 $550

    I'm selling my Epson 5300. I've had nothing but great movies with it, and i think the contrast is pretty good for an older non-DLP projector. - LCD projector. - 800x600 native. - 1200 lumens. - Free air filter included. Asking $550 for the projector. I also have a second, new lamp that...
  4. Mark Larson

    Need a movie that i can't remember the name of...

    OK, i'm looking for a movie that was in the imdb bottom 100 list, but isn't there now. Its about a couple who live on an island or in the forest, and run around naked much of the time. They also watch each other pee in one scene, and its generally considered an obscene movie. To the best of...
  5. Mark Larson

    PSA: BenQ 6100 and 6200 are 2x, not 3x color wheel

    Sorry if this is stale news. I don't see this topic anywhere, and figured anyone looking for a projector should be aware of the false advertising done by BenQ. There's a thread going on at AVSforum about this right now... Anyway, the bottom line is that the 6100 and 6200 were marketed as 3X...
  6. Mark Larson

    DIY LCD Mount?

    Has anyone made a DIY LCD mount? My 17" is only around 17lbs, so I was hoping to get some blueprints/plans for something that can be cobbled up with parts from Home Depot or partsexpress. :emoji_thumbsup: I know its easier to just buy one, but I'm looking for something cheap, and hopefully...
  7. Mark Larson

    Can a DLP RPTV be hung?

    What do you think? Can a DLP RPTV be hung on a wall like a plasma? If it can be hung, can it be mounted on an adjustable arm so it can tilt up and down? Inquiring minds want to know :D
  8. Mark Larson

    Anyone interested in building a sub in Mpls/Southern MN?

    I admit it freely - i'm not much good with building stuff, and especially so when i don't have tools or a place to work at. So if any kind HTFer has a toolshed or garage and preferably is interested in building a sub or has built one before, let me know... I want to build a Sonosub with a 12"...
  9. Mark Larson

    Why has my Onkyo stopped working altogether?

    I use my Onkyo TX-8511 with my Merak MT-66's and my computer's onboard sound. However, my computer has been down for two weeks, and so i haven't been using the receiver at all. When i tried to switch it on yesterday, it wouldn't switch on. I heard a click, but nothing happened. There's a red...
  10. Mark Larson

    Clearasil vs Neutrogena (Acne)

    I have some acne, and have been using Neutrogen acne soap for some time with good results. However, i'm curious - how does Clearasil's product hold up? Is it any better than or worse than Neutrogena? Thx
  11. Mark Larson

    Recommend a few DVDs for my sister's birthday!

    Well, its my sister's birthday soon, and i can't figure out what to get her - so i'll probably get her a couple of DVDs. She likes classic movies, so can anyone recommend something that would appeal to her? I don't know anything about classics, but i was thinking about the Marilyn Monroe...
  12. Mark Larson

    How to get a little extra money?

    I'm a student, and in a weird situation - all the on-campus positions are full, and i can't work off-campus - let's leave it at that, even though i know that's the best option. Now, i want to get a little extra money (like $ 100-150 a month) for sundry stuff, but don't know what to do. I...
  13. Mark Larson

    What was that movie... japanese... had a lot of sex in it...

    I think it was even in the bottom 100 of imdb for some time... you know the one i'm talking about, in which a girl lays an egg. There's also some other one, in which a girl and a guy are discovering each other, and its like Adam & Eve or something... I forgot the names of both these movies...
  14. Mark Larson

    Want Aluminum case - Lian-Li PC-7 vs Skyhawk

    Right... if there are any case builders in these here forums! OK... for my next system, i want to have a nice aluminum case. Of course, aluminum=lian-li, but i don't want to spend a lot - want to keep costs down. One option (the only one i see) is the Lian-Li PC-7 on newegg for $ 108. The...
  15. Mark Larson

    Need help on car purchase: Thunderbird and Lincoln Continental

    OK... I'm going to ask you guys for advice on cars i'm looking at and have already driven. I'm a college student, junior, in need of a car. My budget is ~$ 2000, the lower the better - more money for beer! :D Car 1: MY93 Thunderbird, maroon, maroon inside (blech!), 3.8L Auto V6. I drove...
  16. Mark Larson

    Gattaca sunglasses

    Has anyone else seen the deal (i saw it in FHM), where you just pay the S&H for a pair of sunglasses, and they send you the glasses for free? It was a pretty nice tear-out full-page ad, and the website was given as www.gattacacorp.com . I checked out the site, and promptly had palpitations...
  17. Mark Larson

    Macs furthering the widescreen cause?

    Well, now that Apple announced a 17" widescreen 1440x960 display for the iLamp, in addition to the 15.2" WXGA (IIRC) resolution Powerbook display as well as the 23" HD Cinema display, do you think the HTF should adopt Apple computers as the poster child for widescreen? :D Personally i think...
  18. Mark Larson

    Every time you use a CD, someone knows!

    I was watching Screensavers yesterday, and found out that Eminem's new album was #2 on the digital charts last week, before it was released. Now we all know that's pirating, and pirating is bad, but let's focus on the CDDB... What is this organisation? Who runs it and how does it earn its...
  19. Mark Larson

    I Dream of Jeannie on DVD

    Does anyone know whether this excellent show is supposed to be released on DVD? I'd love to own it, and would snap it up as soon as it came out. I see I Love Lucy is out, so this one should also be released! Columbia are you listening?
  20. Mark Larson

    Buying clothes online

    Does anyone know of any good places from where to buy clothes online? I know of www.bluefly.com , but don't know if they are actually good deals - can i get those clothes for similar money at Costco and the like? (Except the fact that i don't have a Costco anywhere near. :frowning:) I'm...
  21. Mark Larson

    Post your desktop

    Let's see what you're using! :D Drag n Drop to the address bar or right-click and save as. OS X Windows
  22. Mark Larson

    5-CD Changers with CD-Text?

    Can anyone recommend any 5 CD changers that can display CD-Text nicely? I'm not looking for anything else except a digital connection and decent speed/performance. I'd also like something i don't have to buy new - my budget doesn't go very far! :b
  23. Mark Larson

    Costco vs Sam's Club

    I want to get membership of one of these clubs, and was wondering which one to get. Does anyone have any preferences against one or the other? I was thinking Sam's Club would be better seeing as how Wal-Mart is so much more established and bigger. No, i can not get membership of both! :D
  24. Mark Larson

    Croony Music, a la South Park

    Chef's music is reallly nice - I've been "rewinding" the DVD's over and over to hear his songs - "I wanna make love to ya womman, wanna lay you down by the fiiyya..." :D Anyone know any good musicians like him? Preferably featuring similar content! ;) I hear Barry White is good, is he?
  25. Mark Larson

    Girl-friendly porn

    What porn would you recommend from the Adult DVD Empire that i could watch with a girl? Not one specific girl, just a general recommendation so that she isn't grossed out - added bonus: she wants to try out new positions! :D My max budget is $ 12.95, and that's only cos they have free...
  26. Mark Larson

    GGW worth it?

    You know what i'm talking about... :D Should i buy the new video that has so many ads on late-night TV and was featured in this month's FHM? Is it worth watching again and again? I had a bad experience with Babes gone Crazy or something - they were always pointing away from the action - case...
  27. Mark Larson

    Rejected from Paypal CC!

    I applied online for one of those cool-looking Paypal credit cards, and was rejected. :frowning: Will this affect my credit rating? Cos i want to apply for a few other cards as well - want to build my credit history, and figured now's as good a time as any.
  28. Mark Larson

    Bring us the winky...

    Would it be possible to have the other type of winky - the standard, non-animated one? IMHO, it matched my mood sometimes, and it is always good to have some extra smileys... right? :D There, i've run out of justification. Excellent forum, btw.
  29. Mark Larson

    Amex blue smart card?

    What's the deal with the new and improved Blue CC from Amex? I see it has a chip inside, which basically makes it a smart card. Is anyone using this? I see on the website that it can be used with a reader attached to your PC. Is this even safe? Ohh wait.... the damn thing isn't available in...
  30. Mark Larson

    FS: VPH 1030Q1 CRT Projector!!

    PRICE LOWERED!! I HAVE to sell this thing, guys... This VPH 1030Q1 is in excellent condition, and an inexpensive way to a line-doubled image!! I'm projecting it onto plain white wall, and the image is still amazing!! :D Default size is 100" diagonal - that's 60" x 80" for you!! Reason for...