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  1. Steve Tannehill

    Mits 57831 pops, loses picture, keeps sound, rapidly clicks

    Right now it has a solid red light. I turn it on and it clicks rapidly 3 times, light goes solid green, color wheel spins, then it turns off.I have a replacement lamp that I can use, but there was no rapid clicking involved the last time I did it.
  2. Steve Tannehill

    3D Kiss Me Kate Blu-Ray 3D available for preorder at Amazon

    I am surprised that I've not seen this mentioned here. Amazon just announced via email that Kiss Me Kate is coming March 3 for $17.99 from Warner. It's time to Brush up your Shakespeare!
  3. Steve Tannehill

    CSNY 1974

    Any takers of this mega live set from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young? 1974 was a good year for live music. There's a bluray audio and a huge book, or 3CDs and the same huge book. I got the bluray and the iTunes download because it was convenient. Anyone else?
  4. Steve Tannehill

    Ok, I guess I'm a stereotype...

    I am listening to Liza Minnelli Live at Carnegie Hall which I bought blind based on an ecstatic review back in the mid 80's. I had never seen her perform except for the movie Cabaret on network TV. Well, maybe it's because I'm a gay man, but I am listening to this concert and absolutely loving...
  5. Steve Tannehill

    Hey Paramount, please release Black Sunday (1977)

    Before The Silence of the Lambs, novelist Thomas Harris wrote a book about terrorists attempting to blow up the Super Bowl. The resulting movie was directed by John Frankenheimer and starred Robert Shaw, Bruce Dern, and Marthe Keller. The final scenes with the Goodyear blimp and the helicopter...
  6. Steve Tannehill

    You cannot reply to this topic

    Getting this message on the 2013 best of threads. What gives?
  7. Steve Tannehill

    Who is a fan of James Bond soundtracks?

    I started collecting them on vinyl, then when my vinyl was all ruined, i started to collect them on CD. I have all the soundtracks now, complete with bonus tracks. I also have the 30th anniversary collection of main title songs. My favorite Bond soundtrack is John Barry's Diamonds are...
  8. Steve Tannehill

    Formatting all messed up

    THe formatting is all messed up. I am using Safari and the forum is basically unusable. What changed?
  9. Steve Tannehill

    3rd Generation iPad For Sale

    I have a pristine 3rd generation iPad for sale, including AppleCare+ warranty for a year. Here are the specs: iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular 64GB - White - AT&T 4G/LTE (3rd generation) Originally purchased April 2012 Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) Bluetooth 4.0 technology 9.7-inch Retina display...
  10. Steve Tannehill

    Mobile browser barely working

    The feedback area is showing up in Mobile Safari on my iPhone, but most other sections pull up a blank page (like the blu-ray section and the After Hours Lounge).
  11. Steve Tannehill

    This Community is Over Capacity

    I have been getting the following message when I attempt to load pages: "Invision Power Services Inc This Community is Over Capacity. Sorry, this community is currently over its allotted capacity. Please wait a few minutes, then try reloading the page."
  12. Steve Tannehill

    No Images in Weekly Roundup

    I looked at last week's Weekly Roundup, and all but the very first image in the post were URL's that could not be found instead of the images that we are used to seeing. Not a big loss, but I thought you would want to know.
  13. Steve Tannehill

    New Posts

    Is there any way to see a listing of New Posts that spans all sub-forums?
  14. Steve Tannehill

    Downton Abbey Series 3 on PBS

    Downton Abbey Series 3 started airing on PBS this past Sunday with a 2-hour episode. Since this really needs to be separate from the season 2 blu-ray discussion, I thought I would start a new thread. I imported the UK blu-rays and just finished the Christmas special, which presumably will be the...
  15. Steve Tannehill

    Downton Abbey Series 3

    Series 3 has aired in the UK and is available as a region B blu-ray on Amazon.co.uk. It afforded me the chance to get the region mod kit for my Oppo so I could see the show a little early. I'm not sure how much the Oppo had to do with this or my Mitsubishi TV, but the disc said it was PAL...
  16. Steve Tannehill

    Universal: Please release XANADU on blu-ray!

    I've seen this mentioned in other unrelated threads, so I thought I would bring it out into a thread of its own. Xanadu is a fun little movie with a great soundtrack. I caught the last 30 minutes on a Showtime channel, and could not stop watching. I'll probably pull out the DVD and watch the...
  17. Steve Tannehill

    Oppo Weirdness...anyone ever see this?

    My Oppo BDP-93 did something weird this afternoon while I was spinning Prometheus 3D. Every line had a jagged edge. At first, I thought it was the disc, because the Fox logo had it, the menus had it, and the opening credits had it. But when I stopped and reloaded the disc, the big Oppo on screen...
  18. Steve Tannehill

    OK, I jailbroke...what now?

    I thought I would see about jailbreaking my iPod Touch since this was released last week: http://greenpois0n.com/2012/05/absinthe-2-0-has-arrived/ After Absinthe aborted in the middle of the first attempt, it succeeded on the second try. I see Cydia now. First use prepared the file system and...
  19. Steve Tannehill

    Ultraviolet keeps moving forward. Have you used it yet?

    I have activated every digital copy and UV title. I have not used them much.
  20. Steve Tannehill

    Remo Williams on Blu-ray, please?

    Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins is an MGM title which means that it falls under Fox now. I've seen it in high definition on one of the cable channels, either MGM HD or HDNet Movies. It looked good. The DVD was non-anamorphic and full-frame. It's time to upgrade this title to widescreen on...
  21. Steve Tannehill

    Joaquin Phoenix in I'm Still Here

    Has anyone seen this? Talk about weird theater. This "documentary" chronicles the fall of Joaquin Phoenix as he retires from acting to become a rap singer. His zoned out appearance on Letterman is worth seeking out online. If you go in to this movie aware of its secrets, it's not as...
  22. Steve Tannehill

    What are Target CD's and why are they collectible?

    I recently came across a type of CD that is considered collectible, and therefore rare and potentially valuable: the Target CD. Here is a website with examples: targetcd.com My question is this....why? What's the background? What makes them collectible over their non-targeted counterparts...
  23. Steve Tannehill

    Contact coming in October!

    I can't wait for this one! Contact (US - BD) in News > Releases at DVDActive - Steve
  24. Steve Tannehill

    Steve's Heart Walk

    Friends, I am participating this year in the American Heart Association Heart Walk. I have a story to tell, and thanks to Ron and Parker here at Home Theater Forum, it will soon be posted for all to see and hear. Please stay tuned! Good things happen, and we can all be a part of it...
  25. Steve Tannehill

    Argh. Disk Problems on my G5

    As I type this on a MacBook, my G5 tower is sitting to my side, dismantled and gathering dust. The machine started having problems early last year, when I found it would not start warm without resetting PRAM. The problem does not happen often, but that's about the time I bought the Apple Care...
  26. Steve Tannehill

    One more reason Macs are cool... Nine Inch Nails and Garageband!

    The first single from the new Nine Inch Nails album is available in multi-track Garageband format--you can mix or remix at will! http://yearzero.nin.com/ Other tracks have been released as Garageband files in the past... most cool! - Steve
  27. Steve Tannehill

    The new Airport Extreme with USB Hard Drive support!

    Mine just shipped from Shanghai, China! It should be here Wednesday. Like the Airport Express, the Airport Extreme has a USB port, but in addition to printers, it supports hubs and hard drives--at last, affordable network storage is available on the Mac. My plan is to offload all my...
  28. Steve Tannehill

    Reported post in : NEW Acer Ferrari 4000 Review FOR SELL

    The following post has been reported ; Thread : NEW Acer Ferrari 4000 Review FOR SELL Original Post by basitltd : Reason Given : This guy is littering the forum in multiple places with ads...
  29. Steve Tannehill


    Great review, Herb. Thanks! Is "The Searchers: An Appreciation" in high definition, or was that 480p? I did not think to push the button and see the resolution, I just assumed it was 1080i since it looked so good (except you could tell the clips from the movie were taken prior to final...
  30. Steve Tannehill

    The Next Great Advance in Home Theater: Dolby TrueHD?

    I don't want to get into a format war, but just want to shout from the rooftops how exciting it is to be able to play bit-for-bit replicas of the studio audio master via Dolby TrueHD. http://www.dolby.com/promo/HD/trueHD.html I've been watching movies in high definition for almost six...