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  1. David Weicker

    R.I.P. Michael Apted - director Coal Miner's Daugher, 7-Up thru 63-Up

    Michael Apted has passed away https://variety.com/2021/film/news/michael-apted-dead-up-docs-1234881490/ I recently watched all the UP documentaries. A fantastic, unrepeatable achievement. Also just watched Continental Divide.
  2. David Weicker

    Brian's Song (1971) coming from Sony - June 9, 2020

    Just came across this listing on Amazon. The original Brian's Song TV movie starring James Caan and Billy Dee Williams. Seems to be part of their Sony Mod collection (but now pressed disc)
  3. David Weicker

    Fred Willard passes away at 86

    Fred Willard - talented comedian passes away from natural causes. https://variety.com/2020/film/news/fred-willard-dead-dies-1234608658/ I think my favorite of his many, many roles was Fernwood/America 2Night and Best In Show
  4. David Weicker

    R.I.P. Jerry Herman

    R.I.P. Jerry Herman Musical creator of Hello Dolly, Mame, Mack&Mabel, and La Cage Aux Folles (among others) https://my.xfinity.com/articles/news-entertainment/20191227/US--Obit-Jerry-Herman-fbaf A talent that will be missed
  5. David Weicker

    International Green For Danger ('46) - coming to Blu-Ray UK from Network

    I just received an email from Network UK Green For Danger (1946) will be coming to Blu-Ray on October 28 Starring Alastair Sim. Directed by Sidney Gilliat.
  6. David Weicker

    Will we see a new Capra Collection Blu-Ray from Sony in 2018

    Over the past few years we have been blessed to see most of the big Frank Capra titles released on Blu-Ray Since 2014, we’ve gotten excellent restorations from Grover Crisp on the Sony “Capra Collection” brand 2014 - Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 2015 - You Can’t Take It With You 2016 - Mr...
  7. David Weicker

    International Frankenstein: The True Story ('73) on Blu in France - April 27, 2018

    A company called Movinside will be releasing the TV two-part movie - the full 180 minute version - this coming April. The film stars Michael Sarrazin, Leonard Whiting, James Mason, and Jane Seymour...
  8. David Weicker

    International Preston Sturges : King of Comedy on Blu-Ray 12/13/17 - in France

    It appears that a Preston Sturges collection will be released internationally this coming December...
  9. David Weicker

    International Electric Dreams Blu-Ray due out June 19th, '17 in UK

    Just saw a listing of Electric Dreams on Blu on Amazon UK. Releasing company is Second Sight Films, the same company that put it out on DVD a few years ago. At this time, I don't know if it is region locked or not. I own the PAL DVD, and it looks good to me - proper OAR, music intact.
  10. David Weicker

    Inexpensive Region Free Blu-Ray player - any suggestions?

    I'm considering getting a Region Free player.My budget can't handle an Oppo, so please refrain from suggesting that. I would like to stay under $250I've been looking on both Bombay and 220 for models, and there appear to be several nice ones, but I am not sure what would be a good match...
  11. David Weicker

    Netflix dropping titles as of January 2014

    It appears that Netflix will be dropping dozens of titles starting the beginning of the year. http://www.geeksaresexy.net/2013/12/30/the-big-netflix-purge-of-january-2014/
  12. David Weicker

    Any news on big collections or box sets for 2013 holiday season?

    It is mid-September, just over two months from Black Friday 2013. Last year we had the Universal Monsters set, the James Bond Collection, the Alfred Hitchcock box. Does anyone know if any big collections are in the works for this year? Its been very quiet - from all the studios. I was kind...
  13. David Weicker

    Second Chorus on Blu-Ray - a fan's review of Astaire film

    Second Chorus, Fred Astaire on Blu-Ray. This was a 1940 Paramount production. It was Fred Astaire’s 13th film. It was re-issued in 1947 by Astor Pictures Corporation. Somewhere along the way, it fell into Public Domain. Fred’s co-stars were Burgess Meredith, Paulette Goddard, and Artie...
  14. David Weicker

    Sondheim's "Company In Concert" finally coming to Home Video

    Just this week Image acquired the rights to release the filmed concert of Stephen Sondheim's Company. This was an all-star cast lead by Neil Patrick Harris. It was performed on stage and filmed. This film was then shown in theaters across the country in special showings. For the past year...
  15. David Weicker

    TCM-HD showing Singin' In The Rain in WIDESCREEN

    Normally, I really appreciate TCM. They seem to do a good job at OAR. BUT, today's showing of Singin' In The Rain on TCM-HD is being presented in widescreen. I can't tell if it is 16x9, or slightly less (there appears to be a very narrow bar on the sides). This appears to be a Tilt&Scan, not a...
  16. David Weicker

    Amazon CA listing Hitchcock/Allen Blu-Rays

    Amazon CA has added listings for several Alfred Hitchcock and Woody Allen movies. All have a release date of Jan 24, 2012. The titles are: Alfred Hitchcock Spellbound Notorious Rebecca Woody Allen Annie Hall Manhattan They also list The Apartment Midnight Cowboy All of these titles have MGM...
  17. David Weicker

    Looney Tunes Golden Collection V - wish list

    Let me start by thanking WB for releasing the first three Golden Collections which I bought and have enjoyed immensely. I also plan to purchase volume 4 when it is released. However, all of us have favorites that haven't made it to tiny, shiny disc yet. Since we are over a year away from...