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  1. Joel Fontenot

    My Sony 40" Bravia "V" series LCD has... a "green push"?

    I hope I can describe my problem well enough that someone can help me out. I got my Sony Bravia KDL-40V2500 before Christmas, and I've been playing with the picture ever since. We got it from Circuit City online with free shipping and was able to wrangle down a decent price too good to pass...
  2. Joel Fontenot

    TNT HD - Why are they stretching the non-wide programming?

    ... Or, am I the only one seeing this? We got a Sony Bravia 32" two months ago, but only last month, upon moving, got cable service with HD through Cox Cable. At first the box only had the local HD channels turned on and we thought that we had to pay more to turn on ESPN, TNT, Discovery...
  3. Joel Fontenot

    Any new news on "The Quiet Man" yet?

    I know Paramount got The Quiet Man along with other Republic Pictures titles. The last I heard of anything, some company was working on sound restoration but supposedly the real film elements are still in good shape - although you wouldn't know it by the crappy current Artisan DVD version that...
  4. Joel Fontenot

    Opinions on the Pioneer Elite CLD-92 LD player

    I may have the opportunity to get a used Pioneer Elite CLD-92 LD. I'm looking to replace my old Sony LD player which is starting to loose it's ability to spin up some of my discs. I know that it doesn't do AC-3 but my Yamaha RXV-1000 can't do RF demodulation anyway without an outboard...
  5. Joel Fontenot

    Are "louder" CD's, re-mastered or otherwise, really "better"

    Hello all. I have an issue to ask about here for all you audiophiles out there. This is a long one, so if you’re interested please hang in there :). If you listen to a new CD by some group, or even a re-issued one (whether it’s listed as a “re-master” or not, or even a “greatest hits”) and...
  6. Joel Fontenot

    So, Exactly what Stargate SG-1 DVD's are coming out?

    According to The Digital Bits:
  7. Joel Fontenot

    Where to find decent turntable needles/cartriges online

    Hello, I recently dug out my old Fisher turntable from around 1980 (I think it's an MT-100, or something like that). I had been using it up until about 6 years ago, and even then I knew it was time for a new needle (been through about 5 prior to that over the years). Is there a good online...
  8. Joel Fontenot

    Any Tangerine Dream fans here

    I've been aware of them since the late 70's but only started buying their albums in '85 with Le Parc being the first one. I then went back to search for some older stuff and ended up with the albums Hyperborea, Stratosfear and the soundtrack album Heartbreakers (all original releases from...
  9. Joel Fontenot

    What happened to the Paramount release list thread?

    Ronald posted a Paramount's distributer release list through mid 2002 last week. Now that post seems to be dead. I can search for it but the link is dead. Was that something we were not supposed to see? Just curious, Joel
  10. Joel Fontenot

    Stargate SG-1 in rerun hell already? (Showtime)

    Why is Stargate SG-1 re-running like crazy already. We are only about halfway through the season and according to the schedule listed Link Removed , reruns are going on through the next two months. Are they going to repeat the whole season up to "Wormhole X-Treme!" before re-starting back up...
  11. Joel Fontenot

    Paramount - Are some Star Trek TOS DVD's edited differently?

    A member of the TrekBBS forum started a thread about one of the recent Trek TOS DVD releases - the one with "The Tholian Web" on it. In it he states:
  12. Joel Fontenot

    DVD Empire Site Problems

    Anyone else having problems with DVD Empire? Since last friday I get constant "can't find site" type errors. Sometimes "refresh" finally brings it up. Other times I never get through. The main page comes up with no problems. Trying to search a title however, bring up the errors several...