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  1. Jeff Adkins

    Setting Up HDR On Apple TV 4K

    I have aquired an awful lot of 4K movies in my iTunes digital library, but I've never set it up (nor my Samsung TV) for HDR. I attempted a couple of times to change the setting in both my display and ATV4K and it never looked right. It was usually either washed out or it looked too dark. I'm...
  2. Jeff Adkins

    The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011) - quick review

    I went to see this last night with many reservations. I thought the original Swedish film was outstanding and really didn't know how Fincher could do any better. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised. I still prefer the original, but the remake far surpassed my expectations. Daniel Craig was...
  3. Jeff Adkins

    Is Ron OK?

    Just wondering if Ron weathered the storm OK? I seem to recall he lived in New Jersey not too far from the shore.
  4. Jeff Adkins

    Razzie Winners announced

    30th Annual Golden Raspberry (Razzie©) Award “Winners” Worst Picture of 2009: Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen Worst Actress of 2009: Sandra Bullock All About Steve Worst Actor(s) of 2009: All Three Jonas Brothers Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience Worst Screen Couple: Sandra...
  5. Jeff Adkins

    2010 Razzie Nominations

    Worst Picture: All About Steve G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Land of the Lost Old Dogs Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Worst Actor: Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas -- Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience Will Ferrell -- Land of the Lost Steve Martin -- Pink Panther 2 Eddie Murphy -- Imagine...
  6. Jeff Adkins

    Erin Brockovich/Good Will Hunting

    I just received an import copy of Erin Brockovich today and I'm really impressed. Just doing a quick scan it looks like they left the grain intact resulting in a really nice presentation. It has TrueHD 5.1, and the extra features from the DVD. I think I paid around $18 (including shipping) from...
  7. Jeff Adkins

    The Doors question

    I see The Doors just got announced. I'm really looking forward to the DTS Master Audio track on this one. Does anyone remember if this was on D-Theater and how the transfer was?
  8. Jeff Adkins

    Universal chooses DTS-HDMA

    I hope this hasn't already been covered here but I didn't see a post about it. From The Man Room: In the waning months of Universal Studios Home Entertainment's HD DVD era, the studio had standardized the use of Dolby TrueHD audio on almost all newly announced titles. This was in stark...
  9. Jeff Adkins

    CE3K original mix?

    I'm trying to figure out what would be considered the original sound mix of CE3K? I know there were 70mm blow-up prints made, was there a 6 channel sound mix done for this? If so, would it be correct to assume that the 5.1 tracks are a remix and not the original 6-ch 70mm mix?
  10. Jeff Adkins

    Kubrick timeline?

    I've always been fascinated with Stanley Kubrick. Perhaps part of this was because prior to his death, many of us knew very little about him. I've read a few biographies but I'm still a little unclear as to when he actually became a permanent resident of England. From what I understand, he...
  11. Jeff Adkins

    Safari Question

    I just bought my first Mac over the weekend (Macbook). I never knew I could fall so heavily in love with a computer! I should have made this move 5 years ago. Anyway, my question is that when I'm browsing HTF with Safari and reading a thread, hitting the "back" arrow takes me back to the HTF...
  12. Jeff Adkins

    The Return Of Fox

    To my knowledge, this is the first Fox title to go up for preorder in North America in several months. Granted, this is a Canadian announcement but U.S. and Canadian releases usually conincide with one another and Fox owns this title in the U.S. also. I think it's legit...
  13. Jeff Adkins

    Subtitle button on A2

    Can anyone tell me if there is any way to turn the subtitles on without going into the menus? During Batman Begins there were a couple times where I missed something that was said. I backed it up and tried to hit the "Subtitle" button but it didn't work. It came up with a message about hitting...
  14. Jeff Adkins

    Proof that J6P has entered the realm of Hi-Def

    Read here Especially posts #1,3, and 20.
  15. Jeff Adkins

    Basic Instinct

    I just picked this up today and thought I'd post a few brief thoughts. Lions Gate has such an inconsistent track record in terms of quality that I was worried that they might screw this up. Overall, I'm very happy. It's AVC encoded (a first for Lions Gate?) with DTS-HD audio. Playback of the...
  16. Jeff Adkins

    A good reason to wait on THE FOUNTAIN

    Apparently, Fox has the overseas rights to this film and is releasing it with lossless DTS-MA. Even with the lack of DTS-MA playback yet, the core alone will be more than double the bitrate of the U.S. Warner 640 kbps release. Probably the best bet will be South Korea pricewise. The UK disc is...
  17. Jeff Adkins

    HD-DVD Copy Protection cracked....now what?

    I don't want to violate any rules here, but I think the video itself is OK as it doesn't really show the details. Link I'm just curious as to if this will affect future studio support for HD-DVD, or if BD is vulnerable to the same thing. The program was supposedly released today and is...
  18. Jeff Adkins

    Which BD player for my system?

    I'm currently using a 65" 1080i Mitsubishi CRT, and just bought a Panasonic SA-XR57S receiver. I will likely replace the CRT in the next year or two. But in the meantime, I'm leaning towards the Playstation 3 20GB version as it seems to be a better player than the Sammy which is $100 more. The...
  19. Jeff Adkins

    What was the verdict in regards to European speedup?

    I was researching old threads and found this quote from a post from May: Has this ever been confirmed that a) The European HD-DVDs have audio speedup? b) Blu-Ray is less likely to have this problem? I've searched all over this forum but haven't seen this question answered, if there is...
  20. Jeff Adkins

    New to classical...HELP!!

    I've just discovered the joys of listening to classical music. I picked up a few supposed "definitive versions" based on recommendations of a friend. Anyway, I was wondering if there was a good review site or message board where I could get more information on which are the best versions of...
  21. Jeff Adkins

    Anyone else enjoying the American Top 40 reruns

    I have to say I'm hooked on the "American Top 40" reruns with Casey Kasem. One that was on last night was from 1971....I didn't realize the show was even being done that long ago. My first memories of it are from about 1977 or 78. I can't seem to find the info on when this is going to be run...
  22. Jeff Adkins

    New Yorkers...pleas help with Macy's Parade tips

    We're leaving Tuesday night for Long Island to visit the in-laws. This year my 9 year old daughter really wants to go to the Macy's parade. I've always avoided it in the past, thinking it would probably be so crowded that we wouldn't see much anyway. However, this year, I am probably going...
  23. Jeff Adkins

    Warning about "The Late Shift" DVD

    I just watched the first 20 minutes or so of the new DVD of The Late Shift and I'm disgusted. While I can't be exactly sure of the intended aspect ratio, I know the film was made for HBO and was shown at 1.33. The DVD is presented at about 1.78 or so and it just looks totally wrong. Just in the...
  24. Jeff Adkins

    Question for those who own both Xbox and PS2

    I've owned an Xbox for over a year now and just bought a GC for my 8 year-old daughter. For those of you who own both the Xbox and PS2....do you think I'm seriously missing out by not having the PS2? I'm not trying to start another Xbox vs. PS2 thread...just wondering what I'm missing out on as...
  25. Jeff Adkins

    Is the original Donkey Kong available?

    I can't seem to find an answer for this. A friend of mine said that some of the old Nitendo games are being issued as a "bonus" on some of the newer GameCube games. I've seen Donkey Konga listed but I can't seem to find the original Donkey Kong anywhere for the GameCube.
  26. Jeff Adkins

    Fat Albert set appears to be PAL sourced

    I just watched the first episode on the new Fat Albert box set and it appears to me that these were PAL transfers converted to NTSC. Right off the bat, the theme song sounded wrong. I've heard this theme hundreds of times over the years, so it was immediately noticeable. Also, during the opening...
  27. Jeff Adkins

    Going to Japan....need advce

    It looks like I'm going to Japan in early December. My friend works at a major airlne and has a worldwide pass that expires at the end of the year. Anyway, I've chosen Japan since I've been all over Europe, Russia, Central & South America but never been anywhere in Asia. I bought a few books...
  28. Jeff Adkins

    Authentic Mexican Food Question

    I'm curious how Mexican food in the country seems to be so, so different from what I've experienced in numerous visits to Mexico. For starters, ground beef is used. Every time I've eaten in Mexico, I've never seen any ground beef used, ever! Maybe it's used in other provinces that I've not been...
  29. Jeff Adkins

    Anywhere to watch NFL playoffs in Venice, Italy?

    I'm going to be in Venice on Sunday and was wondering if there was possibly a sports bar where I could watch the NFL playoffs. I've done this before in Germany, but I have no idea if anything similar exists in Italy? Jeff
  30. Jeff Adkins

    Decisions, decisions

    OK, I'm starting to investigate Sirius and XM radio. I'm really torn. Advantages that I've seen so far: XM Radio -Fox Sports Radio -ESPN Radio -much wider variety of talk programming Sirius -Commerical Free Music -NFL -NBA -NHL When I listen to over-the-air radio, I's say...