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  1. MishaLauenstein

    Dozens of Rare Shows Suddenly Streaming on CTV Throwback

    Probably not watchable unless you are in Canada, but CTV Throwback has a plethora of short-lived and hard-to-find shows that are streaming complete series. I just finished Filthy Rich last night and now they've added The Famous Teddy Z!, The Charmings and the Powers That Be...
  2. MishaLauenstein

    2020's Line of the Year

    At some point in 2020 I heard a hilarious line and I thought, "That's gotta be the line of the year." Come year-end, of course, I had forgotten it, but then another candidate aired just before the end of the year. So I've started this thread for people to post their "TV's Line of the Year" for...
  3. MishaLauenstein

    2021 Track the TV Episodes You Watched

    January 1, 2021 1 The Partridge Family: 2200 A.D. 1.04 If This Is Texas — It Must Be Doomsday (ctv.ca) 2 The Partridge Family: 2200 A.D. 1.05 Cousin Sunspot (ctv.ca) 3 Days of Our Lives 56.069 December 30, 2020 (PVR) 4 Saturday Night Live 2020 A Saturday Night Live Christmas Special (PVR) 5...
  4. MishaLauenstein

    2020 Track the TV Episodes You Watched

    January 1, 2020 1 Dragnet 1967 10.01 The LSD Story (PVR) 2 Jack Ryan 1.01 Pilot (DVD) 3 Arrested Development 5.09 Unexpected Company (netflix) 4 Bojack Horseman 4.01 See Mr. Peanutbutter Run (netflix) 5 Cuckoo 3.01 Birth (netflix) 6 el Ministerio del Tiempo 2.01 Time of Legend (netflix) 7 Doctor...
  5. MishaLauenstein

    2019 Track the TV episodes you watched

    January 1, 2019 1 Green Acres 6.10 Oliver's Double (DVD) 2 Death by Magic 1.03 Detroit: Death By Audience (netflix) 3 Death by Magic 1.04 London: Buried Alive (netflix) 4 Trevor, Son of Patricia (netflix) 5 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century 1.10 Escape from Wedded Bliss (PVR) 6 Land of the Giants...
  6. MishaLauenstein

    Track the Films You Watch (2017)

    Looks like nobody has made a thread for 2017. January 1, 2017 Batman V Superman Extended (Blu-Ray) The Brothers Grimsby (PVR) January ??, 2017 La La Land (theatre) January 10, 2017 Moana (theatre) January 14, 2017 The Shadow of the Cat (PVR) January 21, 2017 The Shakiest Gun in the West...
  7. MishaLauenstein

    As the World Turns beaten by General Hospital

    Today, General Hospital passed As the World Turns to become the US Soap Opera with the second-longest timespan on television, and in only 1014 days it will beat Guiding Light to #1, but not before Days moves into the #3 spot in 958 days. Title First Televised Last...
  8. MishaLauenstein

    2017 Track the TV episodes you watched

    January 1, 2017 1 Trackdown 1.25 The Pueblo Kid (PVR) 2 America Over the Edge 1.04 Cape Cod (PVR) 3 Amy Winehouse One Shining Night (PVR) 4 South Pacific 1.06 Fragile Paradise (PVR) SERIES COMPLETE 5 Trackdown 1.26 The Winter Boys (PVR) January 2, 2017 6 Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of...
  9. MishaLauenstein

    List Your Favourite Episode Titles

    Name your favourite episodes titles. Rules: No common phrases (includes Shakespeare quotes, of course) No titles that are only clever because of how they relate to the episode's plot I SpyAnyplace I Hang Myself is HomeSuperboyRun Dracula, RunStar TrekFor the World is Hollow, and I Have Touched...
  10. MishaLauenstein

    Emmy Awards 2009 - In Memoriam

    I wonder who will take the "top spot" in this year's memorial segment. Usually they start with someone big, but save the biggest star for the end. At first I thought that Farrah Fawcett should lead the list and Bea Arthur should end it, but then Walter Cronkite passed away and I think it...
  11. MishaLauenstein

    Heist (merged)

    This sounds like I would enjoy it. Unfortunately, after the REUNION fiaso, I don't know if I want to commit to a 13 episode show without a guarantee that all 13 have been shot! I know I will never watch another show like this on FOX, but should I give NBC a chance? Does anyone know if...
  12. MishaLauenstein

    Buffalo Bill!

    Wow. Was just planning to post Buffalo Bill in the thread about shows I want that will probably never be released and yay, there it is. John Fiedler. Charles Robinson Meshach Taylor Max Wright Yay again. Talking The folks around here do some talking. Turn on your set and see Turn...
  13. MishaLauenstein

    Drew Carey Show Season 9 edits

    I have been suspecting that the first of each Wednesday's two episodes has it's final scene removed. Of course, without credits, it's hard to tell. Sometimes the last scene 'feels' like it should be running over the credits, but then it's often the end of a very long scene so I think it can't...
  14. MishaLauenstein

    What's needed for TV shows on DVD? Context!

    I think a very useful extra on these discs, especially the older shows, is a little 30 second prequel to each episode, maybe done in an old fashioned newsreel style, or something like that, that explains the references and slang used in the accompanying episode. I was watching the Dick Van...
  15. MishaLauenstein

    Last night's King of the Hill 2004/05/16

    Luckily I had just recently watched Office Space again, or I wouldn't have gotten the joke: Khan telling his boss that he had filed the TPS reports. :D
  16. MishaLauenstein

    Drew Carey Season 9 set to air

    Starting on Wednesday, June 2, ABC will air two episodes a week of "The Drew Carey Show" starting at 9 p.m. ET. I still haven't managed to catch all of Season 8 thanks to ABC yanking it all over the schedule last year. Hopefully they will stick to their announcement of two episodes in a...
  17. MishaLauenstein

    Dick Van Dyke Easter Eggs

    Hi, Can someone please tell me how to find the Easter Eggs on the Dick Van Dyke Season sets. I have Seasons 1 and 2. Thanks in advance. Misha
  18. MishaLauenstein

    Did Century City air last night? (3/20/2004)

    I checked my tape this morning and there was a Mel Gibson movie on it (Air America?). Did I tape the wrong channel, or did KIRO in Seattle show Century City. Did any CBS affiliates show it?
  19. MishaLauenstein

    Land of the Lost is coming! (merged)

    The complete series. I'm glad we don't have to wait for several season sets. Let's make this one a bigger seller than Family Guy.
  20. MishaLauenstein

    Soap! How did it do? Do we know?

    Is there a Season 2 on the horizon? With the cliffhanger endings, they just GOT to release all 4 seasons. Dont they?
  21. MishaLauenstein

    Mad About You - With Pilot Episode Sports Night PLUS Pilot Episode

    What's going on here. Why are these shows touting the Pilot episode on their packaging. The Mad About You pilot was the first one aired. I remember watching it. epguides.com shows the Sports Night pilot airing on September 22, 1998. So why would they even mention it? To me, a...