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    General Discussion Trying to ID a Film

    I have a memory of a film scene but can't figure out the movie - maybe someone here would know (not that it is necessarily a decent film it just frustrates me that I can't remember it). It was a film likely from the 1960's and I remember scuba divers - good vs bad, one of the good possibly a...
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    Network Region Status of Blu Rays

    I know some foreign region blu ray releases that state they are region B will play in all regions (like some from Indicator) so I was wondering if anyone has knowledge if that is the case for Network's blu ray release of The Story of Gilbert and Sullivan that just came out last month ?
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    Amazon Prime Has Anyone Had This Technical Problem with Amazon Streaming

    I ordered several Bond 4k films and all work but with From Russia with Love , I get the sound but a snowy video image (basically no picture). I uninstalled and reinstalled the Prime app but it didn't help - has anyone else come across this and were you able to fix it and how did you do it ?
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    Source for Purchasing 4K Cases

    Would anyone know where I can purchase 25mm thick 2 disc 4K cases in the U.S. - I want to combine the 4K and blu ray discs for Flash Gordon in one case ?
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    Question About Topaz (1969)

    Nowadays in movies everyone including the doorman gets a credit at the end of a movie but I am curious if anyone would know who did the portrait sketches done by character Francois Picard in the Hitchcock film Topaz ?
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    A Question For Robert Harris

    The discussion concerning the blu ray release of the Definitive Laurel and Hardy films made me wonder about the state of affairs with regard to how some films will be preserved/viewed in the future. For Mary Poppins, some scenes that were originally a daylight scene have become a scene in early...
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    Question on Blu Ray Disc Holders

    I ordered a replacement multi disc blu ray disc holder because the one I had became broken and when I received it there was some kind of greasy film (maybe release agent?) all over it. I rubbed it off with a paper towel but I am afraid to put my discs in it - is there a proper/safe way to clean...
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    Would anyone know why these movies haven't been released on Blu-ray in Region A ?

    Is there any specific information on why the 1940 Thief of Bagdad hasn't been released on blu ray ? Is it pending ? Also, for some other films highlighting W. Percy Day's artwork, what is holding up release of the 1950 The Black Rose and what looks like his best film the 1948 Bonnie Prince...
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    Anybody Use The Vermont Movie Store ?

    They have obscure movies they burn on DVD - I was interested in Audie Murphy's Column South - has anyone purchased DVDs from them and can post opinions on this thread.
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    The Black Rose

    Does anyone know the PQ for the HD version of Amazon's The Black Rose from 1950 ?
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    Question About 4K Viewing

    I haven't set up my 4K player yet but from people who have - do you need different TV settings to view a 4K disc as opposed to a regular blu ray disc ?
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    Northwest Mounted Police (1940) Question

    I see on Amazon that there is a DVD of Gary Cooper's Northwest Mounted Police from a company called GoZillaflix. For some reason this movie is not otherwise available and I was wondering if someone knowledgeable can describe the quality of this particular dvd. Thanks.
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    Burn in Issue with LG Electronics OLED65B6P

    I purchased this model in May 2017, had it calibrated by Geek Squad in August 2017, and recently noticed a small blue spot in the lower right (where most of the TV station logos appear). They calibrated the Expert Bright mode setting. I don't leave the image paused much and obviously there are...
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    Question About Amazon Video

    Can someone who knows comment on the quality of classic movies on Amazon in HD - I see The Fountainhead, Naked Jungle, The Flame and the Arrow listed - are these legitimate HD films or is it usually SD upconverted (I need my fix while I wait for more classics to come out on blu ray) ?
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    Predator 2 Problem

    Does anyone know of a reliable version of the Predator 2 blu ray - I've tried several none of which work (I am using an XBOX) ?
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    When Will New Ran Restoration Have a Region A Release ?

    Is there any news on when this new restoration of Ran from 2016 will be released on Region A ?
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    Best LG OLED Picture Setting ?

    I want to get the best look for films so I turned off noise reduction and Trumotion but I am not sure if I should do the same for Superesolution which is set to low. Could people share their setting preferences and explain why ? Thanks.
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    Which HDMI Cable ?

    I have a 65 inch LG B6 OLED, Denon x2300w, and Panasonic DMP-UB900 and I want to use a 20 ft in-wall UL rated HDMI. Can someone with knowledge about this confusing topic offer recommendations (also, does it need to be braided) ?
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    Cable Box to AVR ?

    Just curious - do most people with a sound system connect their cable box to the AVR or do you just use your high end sound system for your blu ray player when playing blu rays or listening to CD's ? Does it make a big difference with broadcast transmissions ?
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    Home Theater Professionals

    Would anyone know professionals in Nassau County Long Island that could help me put together a good budget sound system (2.1) for about $1500 and calibrate my tv ? Thanks.
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    Disney Treasure Island and Davy Crockett Blu Rays

    I just received these 2 blu rays from the Disney Movie Club via Ebay (they look incredible) but the Davy Crockett blu ray freezes up halfway thru the 1st movie on my year old Xbox one. Has anyone who has received these had a similar problem ? Thanks.
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    Trouble Playing MOD DVD's on XBOX ONE

    Some of my MOD DVDs won't play on my XBOX ONE - does anyone know of a way to get it to work ?
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    Any News on Lion in Winter Blu Ray Release ?

    I don't know if this has been discussed earlier, but I recently watched this on TCM and I just can't believe this isn't on a blu ray disc yet. Are there any definite plans or rumors for a release and does anyone know when ? I know there is a decent European release but once again I am shaking...
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    Question on Bring Em Back Alive

    Would anyone know the status concerning the possibility of putting the tv show Bring Em Back Alive onto DVD/Blu ray ?
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    Iris (2001)

    Does anyone have any news as to whether this film will be coming out on blu ray and if so would you know when ? Thanks.
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    International French Blu Ray of The Way West

    Could someone provide info about the picture quality,subtitle options and if this can be played in region A ? Thanks.
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    Disney Films on Blu Ray ?

    Wasn't Absent Minded Professor and Pollyanna supposed to be released on Blu ray already ? Does anyone have any news on what is happening ? Anything further on releases of their other classic live action films ?
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    Greystroke Tarzan Blu ray ?

    Does anyone know what happened to the Greystroke Tarzan blu ray release - it's no longer listed on the WB Archives for ordering ?
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    Films That Will Never Make It To Blu Ray.

    Just Curious, we always seem to mention films that could be restored except for lack of funds or interest, but I'm curious if there are any important films that can't be salvaged anymore and will never be seen in a high definition format. What are they ?
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    Harryhausen Blu Ray of She/Things to Come Question

    Has anyone seen this yet - what is the quality like, is it better than the dvds out there ?