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  1. Paul_D

    Criterion Blu-ray titles!

    La Belle Et La Bette. I won't be happy until they've re-issued that on Blu. Should be a no-brainer right?
  2. Paul_D

    Need a favor - Red2Blu

  3. Paul_D

    *** Official SUNSHINE Discussion Thread

    I absolutely loved this film. When I watched it in the theater my hands were literally gripped to the arm rests for the whole run time. Easily in my top 3 of last year with Jesse James and Bourne. I also find John and Steves' comments about the delivery very surprising. Although I loved...
  4. Paul_D

    How long before we get even better high definition transfers and double dipping?

    I've been holiding off buying HD versions of SD discs where the SD has been upgraded since the HD release (e.g. Serenity) for just this reason. You can see an HD double-dip on titles like this isn't far off, especially with Universal now likely going blu.
  5. Paul_D

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Serenity Collector's Edition - Highly Recommended

    I had a pre-order for this (already own the original DVD), but in a rare moment of clarity decided to cease double dipping on SD. Since the original DVD has already been released in HD, what are the chances this new collector's edition will be released in HD anytime soon? I love the packaging...
  6. Paul_D

    Planning on purchasing a player, advice needed!

    I'm leaning towards going for a Toshiba HD-XE1 and have 2 main concerns: 1) How do current owners feel about the machine overall? Are there any obvious weaknesses that aren't hinted at in the marketing material. 2) I will be buying a UK PAL player, but plan on importing HD discs from...
  7. Paul_D

    Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition, etc. Exchange Number and info

    I just got the UK Superman 1 set. Sent in my disc 1 to be replaced and got the replacement today. Could someone verify that the replacement discs have different disc art than the originals?!? Seems strange, and also the '1' identifying the disc number is now in a different type face to the...
  8. Paul_D

    TIDELAND - Terry Gilliam's latest on DVD 2/27

    I love the irony that I discover this thread, THE VERY DAY MY REGION 1 COPY ARRIVES!!! With the weakness of the dollar at the moment its still much cheaper to buy R1 for $14.99 + shipping rather than £12.99 + free shipping over here. That and R1 are generally better discs than R2 (or the...
  9. Paul_D

    Silence Of The Lambs R2 Question

    Does anyone know the difference (if any) between the Ultimate Edition released last year, and the new Definitive Ediiton (Fox release?!?) being released on March 5th? Was planning on picking up Ultimate to sit alongside my Criterion edition, but possibly Definitive is superior??? Anyone know...
  10. Paul_D

    Difference between NTSC 3.58 and NTSC 4.43?

    Sorry Chris, realise now that I was using 1 video cable when I connected, not three. So findings are completely accurate per the above. Thanks for the info, was bvery useful! :D
  11. Paul_D

    Difference between NTSC 3.58 and NTSC 4.43?

    Thanks guys. Phil's post made my heart sink, Chris' post brought it back up again. :D One thing though... I've played back an R1 DVD via component on a PAL non-NTSC compatible TV before, and I did see the black and white only playback Phil describes..... any thoughts?
  12. Paul_D

    Difference between NTSC 3.58 and NTSC 4.43?

    Reason I ask is I just bought a TV that supports 4.43 but not 3.58. I'm in the UK, and I've got hundreds of imported Region 1 DVDs, so am starting to worry about them being NTSC 3.58 and not being viewable on the new TV. Not cool. Can anyone clarify the difference between the two, and set my...
  13. Paul_D

    Breakfast On Pluto - Trailer Music?

    Does anyone know what song is used in the trailer to Neil Jordan's new movie 'Breakfast On Pluto'?
  14. Paul_D

    Downfall: 3 hour cut on DVD?

    Does anyone know abything about the rumoured/upcoming 3 hour version of Downfall (Der Untergang). I saw it in a re-run theater a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it. Fantastic movie. I'd really love to see an extended version, and I believe the rumour is that a german TV version has been...
  15. Paul_D

    Duke Nukem Forever.... beyond a joke.

  16. Paul_D

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Ocean's Twelve

    R2 France. I suppose it was pretty obvious that this would get a 2-discer at some point, but given that Soderbergh always comes straight out with an SE, and the film's poor critical reception, I went ahead and bought the first edition. Nuts.
  17. Paul_D

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Ocean's Twelve

    No extras!!!!!!..... this is very very strange for a Soderbergh flick. Usually a commentary is a dead cert!
  18. Paul_D

    Closer - only a Superbit version?

    "THOSE" ???
  19. Paul_D

    My Big Lebowski DVD Fantasy (MERGED SE THREAD)

    What will they need that for Sean?
  20. Paul_D

    "New stuff has come to light, man!" 'THE BIG LEBOWSKI'

    "Yeah, well, that's just, like, her opinion, man." :) My Big Lebowski DVD Fantasy (MERGED SE THREAD) Some of the funniest stuff I've ever read on this forum. "I'll give you a special edition for $1,000."
  21. Paul_D

    DVD Review HTF Review: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Collector's Edition

    Doesn't it seem sloppy to just re-release it with an extra disc. Shouldn't all the original extras be moved to disc 2 then the film and soundtrack bit-rate be increased to fill the extra space on disc 1? This is the most irritating re-release ever. Not only is the film an absolute favourite...
  22. Paul_D

    *** Official BIRTH Discussion Thread

    Genius film. Was a little let down by the ending, but otherwise that was a superb effort. Just got back and its really late now, but will come back for more thoughts later. A hearty recommendation from me! :emoji_thumbsup:
  23. Paul_D

    Eternal Sunshine....SE??? Great...sigh...

    F**k. This is pathetic. My single-disc is still sealed so perhaps I'll sell it and get most of my money back. I've stopped double-dipping except for my absolute favourites which unfortunately this one is.
  24. Paul_D

    Breakfast at Tiffany's SE DVD?

    An SE has just been released to R2 so I'd expect a stateside reissue soon. The original version is still available and at a lower price, so this new version must be an SE, though I can't find a list of special features anywhere.
  25. Paul_D

    Original 1-Sheet Movie Posters - What are your sources?

    I'm trying to get my hands on a few original posters but am not having much luck with ebay. Other sources like movieposter.com and allposters.com don't have a very diverse selection. Does anyone have a reliable online source that has a good selection of more obscure titles? Specifically, I'm...
  26. Paul_D

    The Bourne Ultimatum - when can we expect it?

    Doesn't this strike you as quite a cheap thing to do? A novel continuing the series written by a different author but with Ludlum's name plastered all over the cover?
  27. Paul_D

    The Bourne Ultimatum - when can we expect it?

    With the critical and commercial success of the second Bourne installment, an adaptation of the 3rd novel seems an absolute certainty. But given how the film of The Bourne Supremacy diverged so much from the novel, how can we expect the 3rd film to be different from its source, and how far away...
  28. Paul_D

    Duke Nukem Forever.... beyond a joke.

    If I ever see a copy on the shelves I'm just gonna laugh... and then move on.
  29. Paul_D

    Andrei Tarkovsky (Merged)

    Found a few posts, but on reflection I'm not especially interested in picking this one apart. It hasn't entered my head since the day after seeing it. Much prefer Solaris and Stalker now that I've seen them. The Mirror was too much. Too dense. Too obscure. Too unexplained. Too dull.
  30. Paul_D

    A question about "Manhattan Murder Mystery" (Spoilers)...

    It's basically what you said. Mrs. House wanted to pretend to be dead so that she could assume the identity of her wealthy sister and get her hands on all of her money. Here's your original paragraph edited: Mr. House's wife had a sister who had a heart attack. They dress her up like Mrs...