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  1. LaMarcus

    $4000 Budget on new projector please help!

    Hey folks it's been awhile since I've been active on the forum, but I figure my old HT family can help me better than anyone else can. I just got an insurance settlement and I want to make a few upgrades, I'll start with the most important a new projector for the dedicated HT (will ask about...
  2. LaMarcus

    HD DVD player's upconversion quality?

    Let me preface this by saying I was at BB and they had the demo running. The HD material looked awesome but what was freaking me out was that the sd upconverted looked great as well. They had Charlie and the chocolate factory playing and it looked VERY good, better than it did at home. Now I...
  3. LaMarcus

    I witnessed the future......and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

    I was at H.H. Gregg, and they had the new JVC HD-ILA 1080p television on display with an HD-DVD player demoing 1080p content. OH....MY....GOD!!! I stood there watching it for about 20 minutes, I can not believe how crystal clear it was. It's almost scary. The dvd player was not for sale, it...
  4. LaMarcus

    The NEW Big Juice Theater!!

    Hey folks you asked for it so here it is. All new, all updated Big Juice Theater, complete with 100" diy screen, new seating, new lights, and in wall audio rack, and black velvet curtains. It's a free website so beware. Depending on how much bandwidth is being used, the site may be temporally...
  5. LaMarcus

    I finally got a projector!!!! Panny 500!

    Those that have been on this forum for awhile (and know me), know that I've been wanting and asking about a projector for years. Especially Neil Joseph, he always picks with me about not having a projector. Well yesterday was the day, it arrived and I was ecstatic!! I'm building my screen...
  6. LaMarcus

    CRT, DLP, LCD, D-ILA-- Pros & Cons, for the record!!!

    Ok I've read a lot and seen a lot about these different technologies. I took the info, made up my mind on what's good for me and that's what I went with when I purchased my FP, and pretty much dumped the rest. I know how they are for FP but not televisions. Now the people around me know I'm a...
  7. LaMarcus

    HT Forum Clan

    HTF Forum Clan For the skilled Halo Player this clan is for you. If you want to win and have the skills to do so, then come and join a game when we are not in a clan match and test your skills. Send me or any of the staff a message letting them know that you want to try out. You should...
  8. LaMarcus

    I need some help......got to get rid of this weight.

    I need some kind of diet, if you met me today for the first time you'd think I was not over weight. I look pretty medium sized, but you can see I'm getting a beer gut. I'm 5'11", and ever since I 15 to 18 I could never get past 165 lbs. And I was really trying because I used to really be into...
  9. LaMarcus

    Oh NO!! My SVS is suffering!!

    Which means I'm suffering even more!! For awhile I moved my sub from my basement theater to my living room because I got rid of my old theater furniture. While waiting for my new furniture (about 5 months) I had my theater in my living room. The bass response from my living room was...
  10. LaMarcus

    Tyson vs Williams in HD

    Does any of you guys city get indemand in HD? My piece of $hit city doesn't and I'm really pissed. INHD 1 or 2 was advertising this fight, saying that it would be in HD. But I don't have a indeman hd channel. I've seen a thread over at the spot about Voom giving it away for free. I wish I...
  11. LaMarcus

    Ok,....Your a casting agent, who will play.....

    The characters in.. Xmen, X2 Wolverine- Mel Gibson (Lethon Weapon 1) Storm- Imon Colossus- Schwarzenegger Who would you cast different in some movies you like?
  12. LaMarcus

    Dead of Alive 3 ULTIMATE!!!

    This game is going to kick some major ass!!!! The trailer is awesome, I can't wait to play it!! And it's going to be live enabled, SWEET!!! Check it out. DOA3 ULTIMATE
  13. LaMarcus

    Burning Halo 2 hi res trailer to DVD

    Can anyone tell me how to put this on dvd with the digital surround? I remember a thread that had a guy put the traler on disc and played it in his dvd player and it was fully encoded and everything. I'm trying to find out where this thread was. Or just how to do it, what program do I need to...
  14. LaMarcus

    Ahoy!! Pirates!!

    link Do you think this will affect dvd prices because of the foreseen pirating that will occur from this? ***Disclaimer: This thread is not intended to discuss/promote violation of copyright material, please do not discuss how to duplicate copyright material. This thread is...
  15. LaMarcus

    Directors If HD DVD came out tomorrow...what would you double dip?

    Movies I'd definitely buy again are: Lord of the Rings 1,2,3 X2 Matrix 1,2,3 The Fifth Element Fight Club Finding Nemo Pirates of the Caribbean Star Wars (all) Movies I proably buy again are: Underworld LXG Terminator 2,3 Miniority Report Blade 1,2 What about you guys?
  16. LaMarcus

    Is it me or is HD really lacking right now?

    Now don't get me wrong, HDTV technology is wonderful, HDTVs are excellent, but the HDTV programming leaves something to be desired. Now, the prime time programming is good (if your in to those kind of shows). I like Law & Order, CSI Las Vegas, Sopranos, but other than that it's like...eh...
  17. LaMarcus

    Any body here watch 'Home Movies' on cartoon network?

    I'm not really a cartoon guy per se. I'm mean who hasen't watched the Simpons and even Family Guy. Rarely is there anything on cartoon network that I will actually set down and watch. But I'm here to tell you that there IS a cartoon, that I watch faithfully, even record it on DVR, and that's...
  18. LaMarcus

    Is something wrong with my Kill Bill dvd?

    At the beginning where Black Mamba and Copper top have the knife fight, while there in the living room this high pitched beep goes off. Is this in the movie or is this my dvd? I mean they'll be talking and the next thing you know "BEEEEEEEP!" right in the middle of them standing there. What...
  19. LaMarcus

    Maybe the answer to my prayers.....check out these seats!

    This is almost too good to be true. I hope it's not, because I think I'll be getting my theater chairs from these guys. Tell me what you think. Home theater chairs
  20. LaMarcus

    Can you answer this about Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon?

    I'm trying to figure out why the voice overs on the R1 release is different than the first viewing I saw of this film. The following describes exactly what I'm talking about. P.S.-Administrators I posted this here because I neveer go into the Regional Dvd area, and frequent the movies forum...
  21. LaMarcus

    Please answer this about Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

    I first saw this movie on my computer years ago (before I was a member at HTF). A friend put it on my pc and I saw it and loved it, so I bought the dvd. But when I saw it on dvd the actors doing the voice overs were different than the one I watched on my computer. So now I realise that it...
  22. LaMarcus

    What do you suppose the Salary is for middle class?

    I've always been very curious as to how much money Americans make. What is the salary you receive when you say, Ok this is what I'll retire doing, this is a good wage. Because right now I make $42k a year, and I have GOT to get a better job, because that's not enough. I know that location...
  23. LaMarcus

    Vote for best Xbox live gamer tag.

    **I'VE ADDED TWO MORE ENTRIES, FEEL FREE TO EDIT YOUR VOTE IF YOU'D LIKE TO INCLUDE THEM** Hey gamers. Many of us here at HTF play Xbox live, along with that many have created some nifty gamer tags for signatures. I thought it would be neat to recognize those individuals who have taken the...
  24. LaMarcus

    You know your a HT addict when.....

    Your sitting at BW3's watching your favorite college team winning in the NCAA tournament, and the biggests problem your having is that the projector showing the game needs to be calibrated. I'm curious if any of you have been in the same situation, or some variance. There just comes a point...
  25. LaMarcus

    Got my first real experiance with a LCD projector ......

    And man was it disappointing. The black level was terrible. So bad that it has me reconsidering going to front projection. The projector I saw was the Sony HS-10. It was calibrated, 106" screen (I think it was), I know it was 9' wide. I will say that it was being projected onto a white wall...
  26. LaMarcus

    HALO (xbox) ONLINE this weekend.

    Hey fellas, just wanted to invite you guys to some Halo action this weekend. I'll be looking forward to playing against some HTF members for some good, clean, Halo mayhem!! Here's the info. When: Feb 20 & 21 (this fri & sat) Time: 7pm (est) where:XBconnect.com Sever: Lex Luther21...
  27. LaMarcus

    Unnecessary to have big mains?

    I've been thinking a lot about if having these huge, powerful, stupendous main speakers are necessary for HT? I don't really listen to any music with my setup, so my mains are really for voice/sound effects in movies. So, how much speaker do I really need? The sub handles all the low's, so...
  28. LaMarcus

    Circuit City goin outta bizness sale!!!!

    Circuit City where I live is having a going out of business sale. They have a Onkyo TX-NR 801 for $599, reg. price $899. How good is this receiver, does any one have any experience with it? They also have the Pioneer 912k with the auto MCAA for $250 should I get this instead? Thanks.
  29. LaMarcus

    All you SVS owners are insane!!

    These SVS subs are too powerful!!! Man, I've fallen back in love with my sub, and it's the lowest on the totem pole (25-31pci). I relocated my theater to the living room while my basement theater is being remodeled, and OH MY GOD!! The bass response I'm getting from this sub being on the first...