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  1. sean1976

    Will Audiosource AMP -100 be enough to power my Heights

    Hey all - Just looking for opinions on whether this amp ( 50 wpc @ 8ohm ) http://www.audiosource.net/products/electronics/amplifiers/amp-100/tech-specs/ will be enough to power my Heights that I'm going to be adding to my set up to make it 9.2.. I've currently got 7.2 speakers, driven with an...
  2. sean1976

    Anoyone ever heard of a phono amp interfering with HDMI inputs?

    Hey all - strange thing I've got happening. I just bought a refurb Marantz 6007 and it sounds great.. BUT: A couple of days ago I noticed that when nothing was playing on one of my HDMI inputs ( in this case media player ) I was getting this strange static / white noise coming from my...
  3. sean1976

    Windows 8.1 Preview

    Well I just spent the better half of two hours fiddling with the refreshed Windows 8.1, and I must say...
  4. sean1976

    Microsoft has a solution for offline gaming!

    Microsoft's sales and marketing team outdo themselves again! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzmVcasl3ZU&feature=player_embedded
  5. sean1976

    Am I wrong in thinking this guys attitude sucks?

    .. So a few days back I was searching for a program to convert .wav files to FLAC, and ran across a recommendation from a writer at " About.com " about a program. I start to download the thing, and right away my anti virus program fires of some warnings, and my browser is hijacked. 45...
  6. sean1976

    Aliens among us?

    Creepy, just saw that Canada's ex - defense minister believes there are already aliens on earth, up to four species apparently. See Huffington post article ( or just google it ) here: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/06/05/paul-hellyer-aliens-ufos-video_n_3390295.html I so hope we soon find...
  7. sean1976


    Hi, as I'm becoming active in the forums I thought I'd introduce myself. Hi, name is Sean, and I'm an audioholic :) ... I re did my home theater set up this year, buying some nice PSB speakers, a new Denon AVR, a 60 inch Plasma ( Which I've already managed to damage ), basically re...
  8. sean1976

    Left google browser on Plasma accidentally, Major burn in

    Hey there, I've got a 6 month old Samsung 60inch plasma ( pne530 ) ... I accidentally left chrome on the display while I went to work and when I came home the address bar was burnt into the screen. I've tried everything to get rid of it, the built in Samsung black and white scroll bars...
  9. sean1976

    Adding 2 rear speakers to Denon AV#-391? Needs power amp, What kind? matching speakers?

    Hi there! I'm looking for advice for my home theatre system. I've got Denon AVR-391 5.1 receiver with the denon sys-391-ht speaker system pack. The sound is quite good for my apt, however I'm looking for just a little something extra. The receiver comes with 2 extra jacks for surround rear...