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  1. TheFOMO

    Livestream Review: Samsung QN90A & QN900A

    Both Robert & John the Calibrator will be there to share their thoughts on these Samsung flagship TVs. Come with your questions tomorrow evening at 6PM ET!
  2. TheFOMO

    Denon AVRs are awesome because...

    For those wondering if Denon AVRs are good enough, my recent interview with Amir of Audio Science Review confirms their solid engineering approach. I've linked the relevant section below for your watching pleasure!
  3. TheFOMO

    Audio Science Review: Speaker Measurements & Their Meaning

    For those wondering how science can help us make better speaker buying decisions, I just interviewed Amir of Audio Science Review: we discuss how to read speaker measurements, review a Genelec speaker with said measurements, and then making the Klipsch RP600M into awesome speakers with just a...