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  1. EricSchulz

    The Horror Movie Appreciation Thread

    As someone who has participated in the October Scary Movie Challenge a few times, I thought it might be fun to do a catch-all discussion that can run all year. Some years have worked where I had time to participate, others, not so much. And with the pandemic I've been watching more movies...
  2. EricSchulz

    Love, Victor (Hulu)

    Love, Victor is the sequel to the movie Love, Simon, taking place at the same high school with a new cast of characters but with connection to some of the film's original cast. Victor and his family movie to Atlanta from Texas for his father's new job, taking Victor and Pilar (his sister) from...
  3. EricSchulz

    Logic Pro X 10.5 Newbie needs help

    Hi! I downloaded the free trial for Logic Pro X 10.5 recently. YEARS ago I used ACID for my PC, but they don't make a Mac version. Unfortunately, all the tutorials and videos I've found deal mostly with what's new/different. I've found a few things watching some older tutorials but I would...
  4. EricSchulz

    Hollywood (Netflix)

    Is anyone else watching this? "Inspired" by some real life events in Hollywood's Golden Age, it gets the trademark Ryan Murphy sex/soap opera/stylized adult drama treatment. Loved the first two episodes, and it's GREAT to see Holland Taylor and Patti Lupone in this!
  5. EricSchulz

    Actor Robert Conrad dies at 84.

    How sad. I just watched the episode of Columbo with him as the exercise guru yesterday. https://people.com/tv/robert-conrad-dead-at-84/
  6. EricSchulz

    Mad Magazine cease publishing new issues after fall 2019

    There are conflicting stories regarding the exact date, but after issue #10 (the "new" numbering) it will consist of reprints with new covers. A nice 67 year run that I'll bet no one envisioned in 1952! https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/04/media/mad-magazine-cease-publication-trnd/index.html
  7. EricSchulz

    Do You Attend Revival Shows/Theaters?

    Being a kid of the 60's I grew up watching the classics on TV. With the advent of home theater the experience was great but there's something about seeing a movie on the big screen with an audience. Now, more than ever, there are opportunities to see them in theaters again, often restored...
  8. EricSchulz

    Fyre Fraud (2019)

    Title: Fyre Fraud Genre: Documentary Director: Jenner Furst, Julia Willoughby Nason Cast: Billy McFarland, Seth Crossino, Jia Tolentino, Vickie Seger, Diallo Osoria, Ben Meiselas, Delroy Jackson, Ava Turnquest, Austin Mills, Oren Aks, Michael Swaigen, Ja Rule, Wendy Williams, Dave...
  9. EricSchulz

    Amazon looking to buy Landmark Theater chain

    How Amazon could change your evening at the movies - USA TODAY https://apple.news/A0oPRX_6kRJiZZGefZiUJTQ Thoughts?
  10. EricSchulz

    Has anyone used the Tubi app/website for streaming? Thoughts and opinions, please!

    It sounds like a Hulu/Crackle hybrid (several movies I've also seen on Prime/Hulu/Netflix), but it's free. I would guess that it's advertiser supported. If anyone has tried it I'd love to hear your opinions! (not that I really need ANOTHER streaming option....)
  11. EricSchulz

    Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

    Title: Bohemian Rhapsody Tagline: Fearless Lives Forever Genre: Drama, Music Director: Bryan Singer Cast: Rami Malek, Lucy Boynton, Gwilym Lee, Ben Hardy, Joseph Mazzello, Aidan Gillen, Tom Hollander, Mike Myers, Allen Leech, Aaron McCusker, Dermot Murphy, Meneka Das, Ace Bhatti...
  12. EricSchulz

    Regal testing surge based movie pricing

    http://ew.com/movies/2017/10/25/regal-movie-tickets-pricing-model/ Thoughts?
  13. EricSchulz

    Help setting a "default" internet connection for my iPad Mini

    When I moved into my apartment and signed up for Comcast/Xfinity internet I was given access to the Xfinity network until I was set up with my router, etc. I created a secure connection called White Tiger. Occasionally if I recharge or shut down my iPad it automatically connects with Xfinity...
  14. EricSchulz

    Yet ANOTHER reboot: The Munsters

    ‘Munsters’ Reboot in Development at NBC With Seth Meyers Producing | Variety Please. Don't. PLEASE.
  15. EricSchulz

    2017 70mm Festival at Chicago's Music Box Theater!

    Here's a link to the schedule...definitely will see Kong, hoping for 2001, Sleeping Beauty and West Side Story! The Music Box 70MM Film Festival | Music Box Theatre
  16. EricSchulz

    Record Store Day 10th Anniversary Saturday, April 22 2017

    Anyone going? What are you hoping to snag?
  17. EricSchulz

    Recommendations for basic small apartment setup

    I just picked up a 50 inch Vizio TV and am looking for a very small and basic sound system to go with it. The majority of my viewing is Netflix/Amazon Prime streaming and occasional DVD/BD viewing. I'm not looking for anything too big or loud as I have five other tenants in the building. But...
  18. EricSchulz

    Best Apple anti-virus software options for multiple devices

    What do you recommend for the best protection? I'm looking for something that will cover my Mac, iPhone and iPad if possible.
  19. EricSchulz

    Queen concert and documentary coming to theaters March 8

    The famed Hammersmith show from Christmas Eve 1975 is being digitally released to theaters worldwide on March 8! The show features many tracks from the first three albums, and "Bohemian Rhapsody" (which had just become a hit in the UK) was included in a medley! I cannot wait to see this (and...
  20. EricSchulz

    Scream Queens Season One

    If there is already a thread out there, please merge this one in...I couldn't find one. Any thoughts? A bit campy and over the top. Just saw the Pilot episode so far but will be catching up today.
  21. EricSchulz

    James Patterson's Zoo

    Did anyone catch this? Interesting set-up. Pretty decent special effects. Pretty horrendous acting, though. I'll watch another episode or two to see where it goes....
  22. EricSchulz

    Any recommendations on LP cataloging apps/software?

    My vinyl buying has skyrocketed lately! I'm looking for something to enter title/track info/artwork, preferably with a searchable database. I've heard some people talk about Discogs. Anything that you've tried and liked or hated? Thanks!
  23. EricSchulz

    Queen to officially release "At The Rainbow" '74 live show in multiple formats!

    THEY FINALLY LISTENED!!!!!! Their iconic shows from their first headlining tour being released in September '14! (Their live versions of "Hey, Big Spender" and "See What A Fool I've Been" are worth the price alone....) Press Release: Live At The Rainbow to be Released in September
  24. EricSchulz

    ABBA: Live At Wembley (The Complete Show) releasing Sept. '14

    I saw this show (their only US tour) in Milwaukee in Sept. '79. I CANNOT wait to hear the entire show again! Being released September 2014 worldwide, 2CD/3LP set.
  25. EricSchulz

    Record Store Day is April 19, 2014!

    Anticipation is growing for what this year's exclusive releases will be... Roger Taylor of Queen announced last week that his current solo album Fun On Earth is getting a vinyl release for RSD, but since the title hasn't been released in the US at all, I'm guessing it's a UK RSD release. More...
  26. EricSchulz

    Big Brother Season 15!

    Starts tonight! 100 episodes this season! Sixteen houseguests! The Chenbot! CANNOT WAIT!
  27. EricSchulz

    Issues with Voiceover on 4th gen Shuffle

    Has anyone had issues with this? All of a sudden Voiceover just is a brief second of silence rather than giving track information. When I synced my shuffle and put songs on it that had not been on the shuffle, I get no info. Tracks that WERE on the shuffle before syncing still have it! I...
  28. EricSchulz

    Bates Motel Season One: premieres 3/18/13 on A&E

    iTunes had a six minute "teaser" to download free...I'm intrigued enough to at least check out the first episode....
  29. EricSchulz

    Record Store Day, 2013! April 20, 2013....

    It's coming....and a few things are already announced! BEST music day of the year!!!! Facebook page: (1) Record Store Day Official site: RECORD STORE DAY - Home So far.... the ambassador! The poster: And from USAToday.com the first release: The limited-edition poster...
  30. EricSchulz

    Amazon introduces AutoRip: free MP3 download with select CD title purchase!

    Want your physical and "cloud" based music all rolled into one? Amazon now offers select CD titles with a free instant MP3 download.