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  1. StephenMSmith

    Bass cancellation due to room modes?

    Here's something I've been wondering about regarding bass cancellation due to room modes: Say I measure some room nulls from my listening position. Are these only null from my listening position? ie. if I can't hear it, does that mean that my neighbors on top and below my apartment don't hear...
  2. StephenMSmith

    Request for title bar text reversal

    When I visit HTF, I always scan down the posts in a particular forum and fire off any threads of interest in separate browser windows. Then I go through all the windows reading some threads right away and saving others to read a little later by minimizing the window. I bet other people work...
  3. StephenMSmith

    View New Posts enhancement request

    There are just way too many daily posts here for me to use the View New Posts function. It would be great if I could see the new posts for *only* the forums I mark as favorites. Is that possible? Thanks, Steve
  4. StephenMSmith

    Netflix -- no more Upcoming releases list?

    Isn't anyone else here irritated that Netflix has replaced the comprehensive upcoming releases list w/a pretty "covers" page that shows maybe 20 selected titles? The list was great because I could scan through it adding titles to my queue quickly and easily. Now, the *only* way to queue the...