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  1. Jason Whyte

    2005 Film List

    2005 Film/Media Madness By Jason Whyte Last Updated: January 23rd, 1973 Criteria Used for Official 2014 Releases: Turkish/Swedish first video release. Just added: The Fabulous Contraption of Professor Horatio Hufnagel: Director's Cut, Good Times: The Movie, The Making of Weezer's 'Make...
  2. Jason Whyte

    HTF Top 10's of 2004: Time To Throw Down!

    HTF's Top 10's of 2004: Time To Throw Down! Well it's the end of the year, so you know what that means! Every year we have a generous supply of HTF film fans from all over the world posting their favorites in Cinema. Please be creative in your lists. If you wish to add any further thoughts...
  3. Jason Whyte

    2004 Film List

    The 2004 Film List!!! Here is the mighty 2004 edition of the annual film lists on HTF. This is the place for keeping track of all of the 2004 releases you see this year, by listing the film names, a rating for each, and so on. You may set up your list however you'd like by using examples from...
  4. Jason Whyte

    Our Top 10's of 2003: Time To Throw Down!

    Our Top 10's of 2003: Time To Throw Down! Okay everyone, we're at it again! Here is our annual thread for the best in Cinema. Every year we have a generous supply of HTF film fans from all over the world posting their favorites in Cinema. The 2nd Annual HTF Film Awards will also be on the...
  5. Jason Whyte

    el testo

  6. Jason Whyte

    2003 Film List

    2003 Film List And here is our 2003 edition of the mighty list! No rules, update whenever you can, (very important) see lots of films, and have oodles of fun. It's all good. Lemme know if you got any Q's. --JW
  7. Jason Whyte

    Our Top 10's of 2002 -- Time To Throw Down / The HTF 2002 Film Awards (See Post #1)

    OUR TOP 10’s of 2002: Time To Throw Down and... The 1st Annual HOME THEATER FORUM 2002 Film Awards Congratulations to... The Winner of Best Motion Picture Of 2002. Other Winners! Best Director: Roman Polanski (The Pianist) Runners-up: Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings: The...
  8. Jason Whyte

    "Alliance Atlantis to Make ALL their Films Canadian Friendly with new format."(Spoof)

    ***PRESS THIS RELEASE*** "Alliance Atlantis to Make ALL their Films Canadian Friendly with 'Bilingual-Cinema-DVD'" by Thomas Jensen, moviesham.net First, Alliance Atlantis Video was only a simple sticker on the back of an american import DVD for Miramax and New Line Cinema DVD's. Then they...
  9. Jason Whyte

    Vancouver International Film Festival: September 26 – October 11, 2002

    Hey everyone, Although I'm a little late to start a thread on the '02 Vancouver festival, my little weekend excursion into the city to get my helpings on a select few films is rapidly approaching, and oh boy am I excited! Atom Egoyan's Ararat and David Cronenberg's Spider are on my confirmed...
  10. Jason Whyte

    *** Offical "THE COUNTRY BEARS" Review Thread

    This thread is now the Official Review Thread for "Austin Powers in Goldmember". Please post all HTF member reviews in this thread. Any other comments, links to other reviews, or discussion items will be deleted from this thread without warning! "The Country Bears" Discussion Thread! Jason
  11. Jason Whyte

    Another Argghhh: "The Business of Strangers" Canadian Edition (Alliance Atlantis)

    Although I appear to be the only one on this forum who has seen the movie, let alone bought the recent Alliance Atlantis disc (and I got it because I quite liked the movie, not JUST because you-know-who-I-got-to-meet is in it, :)), I just thought I would throw out this post to those of you who...
  12. Jason Whyte

    *** Official "SCOOBY-DOO" Review Thread

    Scooby Doo Directed by Raja Gosnell Written by James Gunn, Craig Titley, James Gunn, Andrew Gunn and John August Theatrical Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Length: 85 minutes Rating: ** out of **** Link Removed I've always loved the "Scooby Doo" television show. Long before I was aware of...
  13. Jason Whyte

    *** Offical "BAD COMPANY" Review Thread

    Bad Company (2002) Directed by Joel Schumacher Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Stetson Written by Jason Richman and Micheal Browning Theatrical Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1 Length: 117 minutes Rating: *1/2 out of **** Link Removed With "Bad Company," director Joel Schumacher...
  14. Jason Whyte

    Happy 20th, Dan Brecher! (May 14th, aka Dan Day)

    Dan Brecher turns 20 today, May 14th, 2002, (and I started this message right at midnight my time, because I couldn't wait, dammit.) and it is cause to celebrate. :) I've known Dan for about as long as I've had the internet in my old house, and I talk to this cat pretty much every damn day of...
  15. Jason Whyte

    A few Criterions and some Crap for trade

    Hey everyone, I've been meaning to do this for a long time, since I've had doubles of these discs and would finally like to do something about it. I have the following Criterions, opened, in excellent condition: -Gimme Shelter -Spartacus -Do The Right Thing I'd like to trade 1:1 for any...
  16. Jason Whyte

    ***Official "SHOWTIME" Discussion Thread***

    This thread is the offical discussion thread for the film "Showtime". Please direct all discussion and comments here, and reviews to the offical review thread. Thank you!
  17. Jason Whyte

    Famous Players' (Canada) Temporary New Pricing System in Victoria....Deal or Sham?

    I guess this won't matter much to American residents, but if you're interested in how corporations think they can score a "deal" with the consumer and rip them off instead, read on Famous Players Corp. believes they have responded to consumer complaint about raising ticket prices, at least in...
  18. Jason Whyte

    Overscan Correction/Service Menu Access on Sony 32FS13??

    Hey everyone, your inexperienced moderator needs help. :) I have a slight overscan problem on my new Sony Trinitron 27 FS 13 and I'm not sure how to get into the service menu to fix it. (Dan told me there was a certain button or two to hold, but it doesn't match where he tells me) I'd...
  19. Jason Whyte

    Feb 1-10 2002 Victoria Independent Film And Video Festival

    As many of you know from my previous posts, Victoria is not a terrific city for film. Normally, we'll get art films and foreign stuff (aka the stuff I REALLY want to see) very late, and the big blockbuster product churning out really fast. Every year, though, they churn out a ten day festival...
  20. Jason Whyte

    2002 Film List

    2002 FILM LIST Ok everybody, here we go! This is the 2002 Film List. Many of you know what to do, some don't, and if you're one of them....... How does it work and how do you join? Simple: -Open up a post and setup your list, with the following something like this (this is only suggested, you...
  21. Jason Whyte

    Our Top 10's of 2001 -- Time To Throw Down

    Ok people here we go! This thread is for posting your Top 10's and Bottom 10's of 2001. Please include anything you want, summaries, thoughts, small pictures (let's not fill up the place!) Please post your list FIRST then go back and edit your list as you see future films, and simply add an...
  22. Jason Whyte

    Discussion/Question On How To Handle The 2002 Film List

    Hey everyone, As many of you know, I am the silly fool that invented what is the 2001 Film List, the "diary" of which many of us have poured lots of work into all year long to keep track of all the films we've seen. What started as a test/idea turned into a major thread for the movies section...
  23. Jason Whyte

    DJ Test Machine

    Title Rating (Out of Four) Length OTAR Director Apocalypse Now Redux :star::star::star::star: 202 min. 2.40:1 Francis Ford Coppola...
  24. Jason Whyte

    Directors Keira Knightley or Rini Bell? (My 3500th Post Excuse)

    Ok, we've had tournaments on Emanuelle Beart vs. Mena Suvari, Dana Delany vs. Sela Ward, now it's time for the ULTIMUS tournament: Keira Knightley The ultimus of babes, she played Natalie Portman's double in Star Wars Episode One, had a very "revealing" role in the creepfest "The Hole", is 18...
  25. Jason Whyte

    Favorite Movie "Machine" Titles

    You know the ones. They are the ones that seem to be taken from a computer, with an adjective and a verb that have very little to do with the actual movie. Looking at the title, you have little to no idea what the film is actually about. Here are just five that I don't get: Extreme Measures...
  26. Jason Whyte

    The Offical "I'm Hungry!/What I Really Want To Eat" Thread

    Hungry? Well, this thread may not help, but post your ultimate food desires here to make you even hungrier. I'm very hungry now, and I want to walk down the street to the 7-11 and get some nachos dripping with cheese and a four pack of chocolate cupcakes, washing it down with a 44oz coke...
  27. Jason Whyte


    I was in A and B sound yesterday and this was listed in the Video One catalog, on their computer system and on their upcoming releases wall tomorrow. I had not heard a single whisper of Short Cuts coming to DVD and CNL lists it as "Status on hold. Pending confirmation." Has anyone out there...
  28. Jason Whyte

    Who else is sick of the IMDB Photo sidebars?

    You know the ones I'm talking about: -The "Celeb Photos" sidebar which has pictures of Christina Ricci, Katie Holmes, Vince Vaughn, some model chick, etc -The "Bit Parts" sidebar with Lucy Liu, Cuba Gooding Jr, Julianne Moore, etc -The "Celebrity Stuff At Amazon.com" sidebar And many more...
  29. Jason Whyte

    What are you drinking....RIGHT NOW!

    This poll can only work if you're actually drinking something, so please be honest. Right now: Good 'ol H20, Brita-Water filtered. Jay-2-0 ------------------ Link Removed Link Removed [email protected] 2001 Film List I Am Jack's DVD List ICQ: 16733922 AOL IM: JayLo Whyte "Are we...
  30. Jason Whyte

    Testing The Waters

    mmmmm H20..... ------------------ [email protected] 2001 Film List I Am Jack's DVD List ICQ: 16733922 AOL IM: JayLo Whyte "Are we gonna let the elevator bring us down? Oh no! Let's go...let's go crazy!" Prince, Purple Rain My Own Film Review Website Is Coming Soon!