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  1. Jason Reich

    Rate your own speakers...honestly!

    Here is mine: 5.1- all wired in wall with banana plug plates. Fronts: Def tech Pro Cinima 100's Center: Def tech Pro Cinima 100 Surrounds: Def tech Pro Cinima 80's Sub: SVS 25-31pci(22 tune) My theater is small 17long by 9 1/2 wide The system I have is more than enough for my room...
  2. Jason Reich

    Def Tech Pro Cinema 80 Opinions

    I have them as my rear speakers- they work great! I use 100's for my fronts and the c2 center, with my SVS 22-31pci bringing home the low notes- could not be happier with how well they work!
  3. Jason Reich

    svs 25-31 PCi

    I have one with the 22hz tuning option(no cost). I also wear a "SVS grin" - I love mine, best investment in my theater to date.
  4. Jason Reich

    Looking at building in wall equipment rack

    I am looking at making an inwall equipment rack in my room. The rack would be in the ajoining room's closet with a glass access door in theater. I am looking for any toturials on how to do this. I have a good idea how to do it, however I would like to hear of any headaches you have run into...
  5. Jason Reich

    Can an SVS operate upside down?

    I second Jeffs response- I did that and it worked wonders for me
  6. Jason Reich

    The "I hate American made cars" thread

    After reading this thread all I have to say is....GOD I LOVE MY AUDI!!!! yes it does cost more to fix, but paying more for repairs comes with the territory. My A4 is at 111,000 and still driving like the day I bought it. I am currently shopping for a replacement for my wife's Jeep Grand Cherokee...
  7. Jason Reich

    "Thrill me". 'NIGHT OF THE CREEPS' on dvd?

    WOW this is strange!!! I had not thought about this movie in years. God I love that movie, so tonight I was cruizing throug the channel guide and there it was !!! I am recording it on my digital recorder right now! I was just thinking how much I need this on DVD. Too bad its not availible...
  8. Jason Reich

    Subwoofer buying advice

    I also agree with Jeff. I have a 25-31PCI tuned to 22hz and its incredible. SVS customer service is excellent as well.
  9. Jason Reich

    Any tips, hints, advice on speed reading?

    Randell, I sent you a pm
  10. Jason Reich

    The Best Bumper Stickers

    "I sell my body for crack" on my old Maxima-
  11. Jason Reich

    Does anybody have any good jokes?

    One night, a police officer was staking out a particularly rowdy bar for possible violations of the driving-under-the-influence laws. At closing time, he saw a fellow stumble out of the bar, trip on the curb, and try his keys on five different cars before he found his. Then, sat in the front...
  12. Jason Reich

    Does anybody have any good jokes?

    Bill had been working in a pickle factory for a number of years when he decided to confess to his wife that he had a terrible compulsion. He had an urge to stick his penis into the pickle slicer. His wife suggested he get therapy, but Bill said he'd be too embarrassed. He vowed to overcome...
  13. Jason Reich

    Question for car-audio folks: boomy subwoofer

    I will try and help but, I need you to help me out with more info. Get in the back and take a look at that sub. Is it in a ported or sealed box? what make is it? box size would help as well how long, wide and deep is the box? Is it an 8 or a 10? In cars or in your case trucks you get whats...
  14. Jason Reich

    My Car is on the fritz AGAIN

    I have owned Nissan, Honda, Acura, Mazda, etc and none of them even come close to the quality and reliability of my Audi. I have 102,000 miles, and aside from tires, brake pads, and timing belt(done as recommended not repair) the car has been the best automobile I have owned. I am currently...
  15. Jason Reich

    Cell Phones in general

    Ah, the Nokia 7100 series, yes the mouth piece does extend down, on the 8100 series it does not. the phone from the matrix(7100) is not available in North America to the best of my knowledge. It is a GSM phone in Europe/Asia.
  16. Jason Reich

    horror movie name- help!

    10 minutes!!! you rock! I searched it and thats it!!!! now to find a copy. Thanks a bunch.
  17. Jason Reich

    horror movie name- help!

    I am trying to remember a horror movie I saw as a child. I only remeber a couple things about it but I have faith the movie gurus here can help me out! 1)horror movie 2)I think it takes place in the mountains- I have memories of a logging operation. 3)the creature, I do not think you...
  18. Jason Reich

    Reputable organization to donate a used cell phone to?

    Verizon Wireless has a program that donates the phones to battered women. You just take your old handset into a Verizon store and they should have a drop box for them, at least they do in upstate New York.
  19. Jason Reich

    Poll - Paradigm or Def Tech?

    MY vote is for the Def Techs, I love mine. But let your ears decide..
  20. Jason Reich

    The Road to the SuperBowl: The NFL Playoffs

    It will be a great game, I am sure of that....one word though... Raiders!!! My pick is my almighty Raiders by a touchdown.
  21. Jason Reich

    The Road to the SuperBowl: The NFL Playoffs

    My picks: Philly over Bucs Oakland over Titans Oakland over Philly as Raiders Fan I am so excited!!!! We have come close so many times. I really think this is our year!
  22. Jason Reich

    Testy Area 51

    sig test.....
  23. Jason Reich

    Speaker Considerations ? Def Tech, Polk, HTD?Other?

    Well I can recomend the Def Techs- I have pc80's as my rears and pc100's up front with a pc100 center- I have no complaints at all. The pc80's really sing and the pc100 center works great, If you budget would allow I would opt for 100's for the fronts, but the 80's would do just fine! I did not...
  24. Jason Reich

    Which of the listed subs will BLEND the best with M

    All three are great subs. As an owner of one I would recomend the SVS - with such a flat response they tend to blend seemlessly with all the speakers I have heard it with.
  25. Jason Reich

    About to make the SVS jump from a Sony wm40.

    You will be blown away as was I. With a room your size I would explore the 22hz tuning option- it cost nothing and gives the 25-31 a little more low end, sure you lose a couple db's but trust me it is well worth it, and with the svs there are planty more db's!! My room is 10x 17 and the feel my...
  26. Jason Reich

    SVS 20-39pci vs 25-31 pci?

    I have a small room 17.5Lx9.5Wx7.5H, I opted for the 25-31pci with the 22hz tuning option. I calibrated it to 80db with VE, my volume on my pci is a tad over half way. I hit reference with no effort at all, I have went to 10dbs over ref on my reciver volume control(reference is -20 I take it to...
  27. Jason Reich

    Best HOME THEATRE Subwoofer

    Oneonta, NY ! how about the snow we are getting! Greeting from the Southern Tier(Elmira). I also recomend the SVS. I have a 22-31pci and I love mine. I can't imagine the performance of the pc+!! the guys at SVS are a joy to deal with and the sub ROCKS! I have heard nothing but good things about...
  28. Jason Reich

    How old are you?

    30 on paper 14 at heart
  29. Jason Reich

    Which sub are you using in your Auto?

    1 Kicker compvr 12 powered by 420 watts of kicker power