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  1. Iain Lambert

    Confirmed - UK price drop on the XBox

    We've lost the free JSRF/SegaGT, but as of today (or maybe tomorrow, I'm slightly confused on that) the XBox is down from £159 to £129 - MCV news here
  2. Iain Lambert

    Mandrake 9.1 out - install advice needed

    Well, I see that Mandrake 9.1 is out, and Redhat 9 is on the way too. I'm thinking it might be time again to try Linux out. However, I'd like to ask if there is anyone out there that can help me... I've installed a few Linux distros in the past, but at the last box rebuild I've now got...
  3. Iain Lambert

    DC Arcade Stick to other platforms - possible?

    I'm in the process of buying a second-hand DC Arcade Stick off someone, so I can get some decent control in Ikaruga. However, with things like Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 EO, Soul Calibur 2 and indeed Ikaruga coming to the Gamecube, I'd love to be able to get a converter to use it there, and it would...
  4. Iain Lambert

    Games set in and around San Francisco?

    I went on holiday to San Francisco last month, and its occurred to me that I'd like to get some more games that I can admire the scenery of the area in, preferably the whole of the Bay area. Does anyone have any recommendations? If you're recommending PC titles like Flight sims, I've got XP...
  5. Iain Lambert

    RETRO New Order

    Does anyone else have this yet? Apparently it came out on Monday in the UK, I've just found it in HMV and grabbed it for the princely sum of £27.99 Its a 4 disc set (with a free 5th disc if you hurry) designed to match the 4 disc Joy Division Heart And Soul box from a few years back. Its not...
  6. Iain Lambert

    more UK bargains ahoy

    Assuming everyone knows about the heavily advertised Argos "PS2 games at £30" promotion, here is something new for all you PAL Cube owners (both of you) At Toys R Us, apparently if you buy both Mario Party 4 and Super Smash Brothers Melee at £40 each, you can get not one but two Wavebirds...
  7. Iain Lambert

    UK Shops - Longer Optical cables?

    The longest optical cable I can find on the Richer Sounds website (Richer being my normal place for hifi bits) is 2.25 metres. I'm (hopefully) getting an XBox soon, and I've also heard that the sound with my PS2 would be better using the digital out. In case anyone isn't aware, neither has a...
  8. Iain Lambert

    UK readers - two pricing rumours

    Firstly, one (yet to be substantiated) rumour is a drop to £99 for the Gamecube sometime in November (probably near the end). We'll see; it'd hardly be shocking, however. Secondly, more immediate, and why this is in 'software', PC World may well be holding another of their 'any console game...
  9. Iain Lambert

    UK PS2 owners - you might want to check Argos

    Argos in the UK have all their PS2 games at £30 or less, if you want a cheap copy of Tekken 4, Ratchet & Clank, WRC2 etc. After forgetting to mention the last time game sales were on, I thought I'd better post now.
  10. Iain Lambert

    Gotta catch 'em all! (not really Pokémon related)

    Well, it looks like I might be finally catching 'em all tomorrow! I've had a DC, PSX and N64 for years, bought a PS2 at the beginning of the year, a GC on UK release, and finally got a Saturn about a month or two ago. Now, I'm going to complete the set thanks to a very VERY nice friend. One who...
  11. Iain Lambert

    UK members - price cuts ahoy once more

    As of next Monday, Sony are reducing the PS2 to £169, they announced this morning. Microsoft have already retaliated with a cut to £159 for the XBox, and current rumour suggests Nintendo will announce something tomorrow. Now thats how you start an ECTS.
  12. Iain Lambert

    XP Home and DOS games advice

    I've got this lovely copy of Syndicate Wars, but my machine now runs XP Home, which doesn't have much in the way of DOS support. Has anyone got a way to get this running, or do I have to do fancy things with VMWare or somesuch?
  13. Iain Lambert

    Today's XBox Announcement

    Well, the hyped press conference today ended, and now we officially know that Halo2 will be (a) online capable, and (b) out the end of next year. We have to wait to 2004 to get Project Gotham 2, but it will have Edinburgh and Hong Kong in it - again, it will allow online stuff as well. I don't...
  14. Iain Lambert

    UK Saturn owners - spare pad anyone?

    Well, the retro shops I know of are all out of stock, so I thought I'd try the goodwill of my fellow forum members. I bought a Sega Saturn (finally!) at a Car Boot sale this weekend, and a lovely thing it is too; getting over the step down in graphics from GT3 to Sega Rally took, ooh, 30...
  15. Iain Lambert

    Win2000 and gaming - bad idea?

    I'm sick to the back teeth with the instability of my Windows Millenium machine, and also there is a free cut-down version of Maya on several magazines this month that I would love to use but is NT/2k/XP only. However, along with generic Windows apps that clearly work on both I play a fair...
  16. Iain Lambert

    PAL Gamecube video help needed.

    Hi all. I bought a Gamecube last week, and its a lovely little thing, but I've one problem. I wanted to use S-Video connectors rather than the composite ones that come with the machine, both to get a better picture and to let my amp do the switching rather than having to move leads around...
  17. Iain Lambert

    More Mario Sunshine news, or...

    ...how I'm going to end up in trouble with my wife. I just popped over to Play in search of the US Attack Of The Clones CD, as the UK one has the 'crash your computer' copy "protection" on it, and noticed Link Removed Mario Sunshine, together with an apparent PAL release date of 27th of...
  18. Iain Lambert

    Puzzle games anyone? Advice needed here.

    Well, as the subject says I quite fancy getting a new puzzle game for in front of the TV (on my GBA I've got plenty, but thats a different subject really). I've got a PS2 and a Dreamcast currently, and while I've got plenty of good ones on my DC (Mr. Driller rules, but Bust A Move 4 gets a fair...
  19. Iain Lambert

    Help from fellow UK shoppers?

    Hi guys, I'm getting annoyed at both the lack of picture quality from my composite PS2 leads and the fact that I'm running them into the front connections on my TV. So, I'm hunting for an S-Video wire. The official one does exist - I found specs on the Sony website - but I've found neither...
  20. Iain Lambert

    CableTalk Talk 3.1 and 4.1 Bananas. Help please?

    I suspect that its a similiar question to this one but I don't know what '12 guage' wire looks like. Anyway, I've got the cable mentioned above - Cabletalk Talk 4.1 on front L and R with 3.1 for the centre and rears, and while I've got by with bare wire for a few years I'm looking at moving the...
  21. Iain Lambert

    UK prices for Gamecube - also GBA drop!

    I meant to post yesterday, but here it is. 1) Gameplay.co.uk already have the Cube up for preorder for £156, expect shop prices to be about £160. Release date May 5th. 2) Games there are listed at £39.99, which I expect to be shop prices as well. 3) 20 titles for Euro launch date, with Luigi...
  22. Iain Lambert

    GTA2 on the DC - anybody seen it?

    I'm continuing my stock up on DC games, and it seems that by far the most difficult title to find anywhere is GTA2. I liked it on the PC, but lost it shortly after buying it at full price and never grabbed a replacement. The Playstation version looks rather weedy compared to the DC and PC...
  23. Iain Lambert

    Rez in the UK- Help!!!

    OK, I'm now really confused. Electronics Boutique/Game insist that the UK release date for the Dreamcast Rez has gone back to February. Anyone who claims to be selling it is apparently lying or in big trouble for breaking street date. Meanwhile, Gamestation and HMV insist that it was released...
  24. Iain Lambert

    Bleemcast - really worth it?

    The three games that Bleemcast! had running (Metal Gear Solid, Gran Tourismo 2 and Tekken 3) are certainly all good games, so for a non-PS owner I'd imagine that these emulators were well worth it. However, there is a Playstation sitting right next to my Dreamcast, and all three of them have...
  25. Iain Lambert

    on the 10/12/2001 Iain tested dates

    dates in the ??/??/???? format
  26. Iain Lambert

    test /

    now for /
  27. Iain Lambert

    UK Channel 4 / FilmFour Top 100 list

    Well, over Saturday and Sunday night Channel 4 and Film Four in the UK revealed their top 100, as voted by viewers and visitors to the website. here.
  28. Iain Lambert

    Hard drive help

    Well, we've just been dumb here. There are IDE drive cables that have pin 20 covered to stop them being put in upside-down. Well, we've gone and done just that (don't ask how, I can't even figure that one out right now), and while the drive appears to still be working I'd really appreciate it if...
  29. Iain Lambert

    Comparative Snow White review?

    Hi all. I've just got my US Snow White early, and its just in a dual Alpha, with a fairly short booklet (not much longer than your average MGM Bond one). I see that the UK release has got a funky cardboard thing, and there looks to be room for a fairly hefty book as described on the packaging...
  30. Iain Lambert

    180gsm vinyl worth the extra?

    I noticed on Saturday that a couple of my favorite albums (mainly Portishead's Dummy, but one or two others as well) have had nice 180gsm reissues, and the new Bjork is available like that as well. Does anyone have any opinions on if its worth buying things again for it? I've already got CDs...