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  1. FreyTheater

    The Frey Theater - DIY, but better every month

    "The Frey Theater" website: www.freytheater.com I have been slowly working on my home theater project over the last 3 years. The small ranch house I currently live in has a large, L-shaped, finished room in the basement, and although it isn't professionally finished and has a low, 6 1/2 foot...
  2. FreyTheater

    Mitsubishi HD1000u - 16:9 720p DLP Home Theater Projector $400

    THIS ITEM HAS SOLD LOCALLY. Thanks for your interest! FOR SALE - Here is a perfect condition, 100% operational Mitsubishi HD1000u home theater projector which was mounted on the ceiling in my basement movie theater for the last 2 1/2 years. This projector is known for it's outstanding...