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  1. Al.Anderson

    NAS Streaming Options

    I'm going to set up a new system in my living room for just music. 90% of my use case will be playing ripped CDs from my NAS; the other 10% would be internet radio. I was looking to go with a single box solution so as to not complicate things for my wife; but options there are limited...
  2. Al.Anderson

    Inaccurate Ad-block Message

    I have my blocker (Adblock Plus) disabled for the site, but I still get a banner message requesting I turn it off. It's no a problem, as it lets me close it and continue, I'm just letting you know in case you have any other funky code along the same lines. I'm using Firefox v61.0.2, on Win7...
  3. Al.Anderson

    New Axiom Bookshelf

    Axiom has a new bookshelf with a much better low end. To me it looks like it's going for "tower-like" in a small package. The pre-order price is $699 vs the list price of $880. But there's only one more day left for the pre-order. http://www.axiomaudio.com/m5-bookshelf-speakers I'm leaning...
  4. Al.Anderson

    HTF Performance on Firefox

    I skimmed through the posts and don't see anyone else with this problem, but HTF drags my computer down considerably under Firefox. So much so that I installed an adblocker just for HTF. After installing I no longer have the problem (after 5 minutes of experimenting). This post is mostly an...
  5. Al.Anderson

    Receiving notice that I'm using an ad blocker

    ... but I'm not. (Unless turning off Flash is considered an ad blocker.) Just thought you'd want to know.
  6. Al.Anderson

    Doing anything new the might get you blocked?

    My company has started blocking you for possible nefarious doings (my take, I forget what they said). Are you doing anything new or differently? Bummer too, as not having access at work is going to put a serious crimp in my HTF participation.
  7. Al.Anderson

    International Original Music on Northern Exposure UK Version?

    On a lark I just purchased the UK version of Northern Exposure because I saw at least a couple of forums that said unlike the US version, it has the original music. But those forums didn't look 100% reliable, so - can anyone here confirm that?
  8. Al.Anderson

    Advice for 60" TV LED Purchase

    I can fake the audio part of home theater, but I'm clueless on monitors; plus, I haven't purchased a large screen in 10 years - so I need some help! I'm looking to get a 60" for under $1200. I'd like to get it from Costco for their return and service policies, but am not completely locked in...
  9. Al.Anderson

    Always Have to Signin

    I always have to sign in these days. I have "Remember Me" checked, but it doesn't help. Is there something else I need to do? (Happens on IE8 and FF17 at work, I forget which versions I have of those two at home.) Obviously not a bug deal, but I'm very lazy!
  10. Al.Anderson

    Amazon Jamo Speaker "Lighning Deal" 27-Sep 10-3pm PST

    Of course, we won't know the deal until the window opens.
  11. Al.Anderson

    Vizio Recaptures LCD TV Lead In Q1. Do you own a Vizio?

    Interesting data. I'm surprised Samsung is so high on the list. While I think that the Samsungs generally have a better picture, Vizio makes its mark by being a discounter of sorts. I'd think price trumps picture over the last few years. For the record I have 2 Samsungs (32") and one Vizio...
  12. Al.Anderson

    Banana Help

    Okay, this is embarrassing, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to connect a wire to these banana plugs. (I've only even used the kid with screws.) Can someone help? (Not my best picture, but I'm late for a business trip.)
  13. Al.Anderson

    SACD or Multi-point crossovers?

    I'm going to return my recently purchased Marantz 1602 because I'm having trouble with it connecting to my NAS. It works great sometimes and won't connect at other times; other times it just takes a looong time to handshake. In any case, my next two choices were the Denon 2312 or the Yamaha 671...
  14. Al.Anderson

    Any chance of a new City Lights release?

    Criterion released Modern Times is 2010, is there any chance of them releasing a new version of City Lights? (I ask because some of seem to "know things".) If not I may have to break down and buy the Chaplin collection for $75, but I really just want City Lights.
  15. Al.Anderson

    Suggestions for a Prosumer Video Camera

    My daughter is a sophmore in college studying film and dropped a hint that she could use a video camera. I’m not even into home movies anymore and am clueless. So, I’m looking for advice on what features a college-level user “in the field” needs in a camera; nice to haves are good too. Also, I...
  16. Al.Anderson

    Netflix-Walmart Class Action Settlement

    http://techland.time.com/2011/09/07/wal-mart-turns-legal-settlement-into-marketing-bonanza-as-netflix-fumes/ How did we miss this? I certainly don't remember this being reported in the press or discussed in the forum. Now that I read the article, I do remember Netflix suddenly dropping their...
  17. Al.Anderson

    Ready for the hurricane

    I've charged all my portables (PSP, DSxl, and GBA(2)). I have five 2-liters of Diet Coke, a bag of pretzels, and some cheddar fish. And I've got a box of AA for the old Gameboy (just it case it's *really* bad). I think I'm ready. Anything I missed?
  18. Al.Anderson

    "Heyday" receivers vs the new breed

    I though this article was interesting: (Even though it's from CNET ...) http://news.cnet.com/8301-13645_3-20082026-47/how-can-30-year-old-receivers-sound-better-than-new-ones/ I guess this is more or less assumed ; but I haven't seen it put in print recently. Now where is that old Harmon/Kardon...
  19. Al.Anderson

    Subwoofer reco for musis use only

    My weakest HT knowledge is in the subwoofer area, so I need basic help on this one. I'd like to get a sub to be used only for music to go with some Axiom M3s. Here's the tough part, I'd like to keep the cost below $350, preferably $300. The Hsu VTF-1 seems to be a good match, but the price...
  20. Al.Anderson

    How about NC-17 as a marketing ploy?

    I just read a Time article on the NC-17 rating. http://www.time.com/time/arts/article/0,8599,2023441,00.html Nothing very dramatic, but along the way it made the point that we've heard before, that the studios don't want an NC-17 rating because it limits distribution and cuts into their...
  21. Al.Anderson

    Recos for Gaming Quality Laptop

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a gaming quality laptop?   I haven't been keeping up with the PC market. The last time I purchased a gaming rig (desktop) I went with Falcon Northwest. While the machine was great, I can't afford that level of quality this time around.
  22. Al.Anderson

    Really Impressed with Linux

    I’m a Computer Science guy, so I played around with Linux years ago. It was fun, but definitely a hobbyist’s OS. Other interests took over, mostly computer gaming and HT, and I stopped keeping up. Well, this week my daughter's laptop got a malware infestation that was trying to blackmail her...
  23. Al.Anderson

    Can a stereo soundbar enhance dialogue?

    I'm doing some research on a soundbar for my father-in-law. He has difficulty hearing dialogue using built-in TV speakers. I know a standard x.1 system would help things out greatly, but those are out of the question, he just won't go for the complexity. I also discovered that there are two...
  24. Al.Anderson

    PC to TV connection, D-sub or S-video?

    Can anyone tell me whether D-sub or S-video would be the better connection for a 30 foot run? Thanks.
  25. Al.Anderson

    Recommnedations for audio speakers

    Anyone have any good suggestions for some stereo speakers? I haven't purchased any since college and I'm way out of the loop. I'm looking for bookshelfs, music only, around $500.
  26. Al.Anderson

    Storing Electronics

    Can anyone tell me if it's okay to store electronics is a high heat/humidity area? I bought an amp (a guitar amp actually) for my son's birthday, and since we like surprises in my family I'm hiding it in the garage. But the BD isn't until Sep, and August in Philadelphia is HOT, and it's in the...
  27. Al.Anderson

    Thoughts on streaming content

    I’ve finally got around to using Netflix’s streaming feature and I have to say I’m really enjoying it. The movies/TV shows start playing quickly, ~10s under the slowest FiOS available, which is important because I’m an impatient guy. The quality is good, equal to standard DVD; although I’m only...
  28. Al.Anderson

    Apple Loses Lead in Computer Reliability?

    I couldn't resist: Report: Apple Loses Lead in Computer Reliability | Gadget Lab from Wired.com I'll check back before I go home from work to see if my house is still standing ...
  29. Al.Anderson

    Movies with significant content in the outer frame

    My son and I were debating the merits of getting a Roku box. When I mentioned that they provide many of the movies on modified full screen format he replied that he doesn’t care all that much. (I promptly cancelled his allowance and confiscated his Christmas loot. He then reminded me that he...
  30. Al.Anderson

    Can iTouch play YouTube videos?

    Other than reading that it has internet functionality, I don't know much about the iTouch. I want to get it as a present, but only if it can play YouTube videos without tweaks. Can anyone confirm this capability? Thanks.