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  1. GlennH

    Foyle's War Season 8 (UK Series 9) - March 3, 2015

    Got an email from Acorn TV today that another Foyle's War series (3 episodes) will air exclusively on Acorn TV streaming service in February 2015. Similar to the final 3 episodes of Poirot. Presumably could show up at a later date on local PBS stations if they purchase them. Acorn's website...
  2. GlennH

    1960 World Series Game 7 - Bing Crosby's complete recording found, coming to DVD

    I don't know if this has been posted somewhere already, but a complete kinescope recording of the famous Game 7 of the 1960 World Series, in which Bill Mazeroski's walk-off (before that term was invented) HR beat the mighty Yankees at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, was found in Bing Crosby's (who...
  3. GlennH

    Import versions of two 1954 MGM musicals?

    Both with Ann Blyth. I usually patiently wait for U.S. Region 1 releases. Don't have much experience ordering imported DVDs. But I was wondering if anybody here owns the imported DVD versions noted below and could comment on them. First, THE STUDENT PRINCE (1954). There appears to be a...
  4. GlennH

    Pride and Prejudice (1995 mini, BBC/A&E) Blu-ray 3/31/09

    Pride And Prejudice (mini-series) DVD news: Announcement for Pride and Prejudice on Blu-ray | TVShowsOnDVD.com This is my wife's favorite. I'll be very interested to see what they can do with it in HD. The previous DVD incarnations did not boast impressive picture quality. Hopefully a new...
  5. GlennH

    Criterion Newsletter: Magnificent Obsession (1954)?

    Sorry if already posted elsewhere. This is from the August Criterion newsletter. I assume this hints at Sirk's "Magnificent Obsession."
  6. GlennH

    World's Largest Music Collection for Sale

    Right here in Western PA. If you have a few million $ on hand, get in on the bidding! North Hills treasure trove of music goes up for sale on eBay The World's Greatest Music Collection - eBay (item 140206309501 end time Feb-21-08 06:00:00 PST)
  7. GlennH

    The Strauss Family (1972) mini-series?

    I was doing a little internet searching for this mini-series that I only vaguely remember but would like to see again. It seems there have been VHS boxsets in the past that you can get from ebay or elsewhere. Also, a PAL Region 2 DVD 3-disc set was released by Acorn in the UK in July 2007...
  8. GlennH

    RIP - Deborah Kerr (1921-2007)

    I was just watching Young Bess (1953), in which Deborah Kerr plays Catherine Parr, last night (recorded off TCM). Then I was saddened this morning to read that she died. She was a fine actress and singer (The King and I, An Affair to Remember, etc.)...
  9. GlennH

    Digital Bits site hijacked?

    Or just some strange IP mixup? Or done on purpose? Why does http://www.thedigitalbits.com take me to "Guadalajara Youth Rescue" page today?
  10. GlennH

    Angel on My Shoulder (1946), which DVD version?

    My sister inquired about the availability of this Paul Muni/Claude Rains film on DVD so I told her I'd check into it for her. I see that there are a few different versions. A couple reviews of the VCI version are here: http://www.dvdcorner.net/html/main/i...eview&index=44...
  11. GlennH

    Bob Dylan: "Today's recordings sound atrocious"

    http://msnbc.msn.com/id/14467222/ Time to go back to the old vinyl.
  12. GlennH

    Another "TV on DVD" article

    Thought some may be interested in reading an article in today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about TV on DVD: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/05163/520178.stm EDIT: wrong link. See next post for correct one. along with a sidebar article about the problem of music rights...
  13. GlennH

    Hogan's Heroes - reviews?

    Unless I missed something I think Hogan's Heroes is coming out Tuesday, March 1. I haven't seen any reviews or comments on it yet. Anybody get it yet? How is the quality? Complete, uncut? etc... One of my favorite comedy TV shows.
  14. GlennH

    The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother (1975): OAR?

    I noticed that INHD and INHD2 will be showing this Gene Wilder movie in the coming days, which isn't available on DVD. http://www.inhd.com/products/viewPro...p?prodId=21368 Does anybody know what the OAR of this movie is? INHD sometimes shows 2:35 movies cropped to 1.78 and sometimes...
  15. GlennH

    New 3-D Technology

    Not sure where in the forum this really belongs, but I thought some would be interested in this article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about the development of a new technology for stereo vision. Could eventually have some home theater/gaming applications...
  16. GlennH

    New Amazon.com discount - 1.57%

    If you shop at Amazon.com you can get an additional 1.57% (that's Pi/2) off your order. Just do any web search using their A9.com web search box on the left side of the page. Then return to Amazon.com. Now the Amazon.com logo at the top of the page should be changed to indicate Pi/2. If you...
  17. GlennH

    Borders F&F Days 7/9-12 (20% off, 15% on DVDs)

  18. GlennH

    Borders 20% off one item coupon - expires 5/9/04

    20% off coupon here
  19. GlennH

    Disney "Hunchback" DVD won't play

    I bought the Disney DVD of The Hunchback of Notre Dame way back when it first was released (March 2002). We've played it a number of times without a problem, but not lately. Today my daughter wanted to watch it. We put it in my Panasonic RP-91 player and it would not load. Actually, it loaded...
  20. GlennH

    Where's Dave?

    I realized that I hadn't seen any posts by the previously ubiquitous David Lambert recently. Checking his member profile shows that he hasn't posted since Feb. 5, a whole month. So, who chased Dave away? Come back, Sha.., er, Dave!
  21. GlennH

    BestBuy.com $5.00 off today

    Don't know how long it will last, but just log in to your BestBuy.com account (or create one) and you will get a $5 savings in your shopping cart on any order. I read about this at DVDTalk forum and just tried it and it's true. I preordered Finding Nemo, figuring the price will drop from the...
  22. GlennH

    Les Miserables - The Dream Cast in Concert (Superbit)

    I have the previous DVD release of this 10th anniversary concert. I've never been too impressed with the video quality. I haven't watched it for awhile, but I think it's fullframe (or at most non-anamorphic letterboxed). I'll have to check on that at home. Now I see that a Superbit version is...
  23. GlennH

    A Cool VERTIGO website

    Nice job at widescreencinema.com. Saw this featured at usatoday.com: http://www.widescreencinema.com/vertigo/
  24. GlennH

    LOTR:TTT Extended Edition to be Rated PG-13

    I think it had been reported some time ago, based on Peter Jackson's comments in an interview, that the upcoming Extended Edition (EE) of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers would include more intense battle scenes that may bring an R rating. I just noticed that TTT EE version is now listed at...
  25. GlennH

    Incorrect Time Displayed on Forum?

    Sorry if this has been addressed before, but I just noticed that the time displayed on the forum pages and posts is off by one hour for me. I'm in the Eastern US time zone, and have correctly selected that in the options. The Daylight Savings Time option is checked, which I thought would...
  26. GlennH

    BORN FREE coming on March 4

    DVDfile.com and others are reporting that Columbia-Tristar will release the 1966 film Born Free and its sequel on 3/4/2003. This is a 2.35:1 film -- you don't think they would dare release it full-frame only, do you?
  27. GlennH

    PETER SELLERS COLLECTION (01/21/03 Anchor Bay)

    I searched the forum but didn’t find any mention of this. Browsing the Anchor Bay website I see that on 01/21/2003 they will release THE PETER SELLERS COLLECTION box set, which looks similar to the recent Alec Guinness set. The box contains the following six movies: Carlton-Browne of the...
  28. GlennH

    Is your name PETER or PARKER or both? Cheap or Free SPIDERMAN at half.com

    Here's a unique promotion at half.com: http://half.ebay.com/promos/advance_...ter_parker.cfm
  29. GlennH

    Singin' in the Rain SE - "Ultra-Resolution"

    from the Link Removed is this interesting tidbit about the new SE of Singin' in the Rain due next month. A "digital" combining of the 3 color master positives.
  30. GlennH

    The Latest BORDERS Coupon Thread

    Borders keeps issuing new coupons which have been noted in various threads over the past several weeks. Maybe we should start one thread where the latest coupon link can be posted for convenience. To that end, here is the latest coupon for 20% off (15% on DVDs): Link Removed NOTE: This...