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  1. Cagri

    Pathos Classic One with Kef Q35.2 worth it?

    Hi folks, I have a pair of Kef Q35.2s which are hooked to a NAD C320bee. I have been happily using this very subtle and old setup for almost a decade. Now a colleague of mine is selling his Pathos Classic One for a good price (but still pretty expensive compared to my system components) and I...
  2. Cagri

    Getting loud hum from turntable. How to eliminate?

    Hi. I have been using a Pro-ject Debut II tt and was hooking it to my Denon receiver with no problems. However, I decided to replace the tt with my old Rotel rp5300. Hooked it to the NAD stereo amp through a phono stage, and I am getting loud humming out of it now. The ground wire does not help...
  3. Cagri

    NAD c320bee to receiver

    Hi all. I have been using my HT setup since about 4 years and it stayed as an entry level setup as was... Only last evening I bought a NAD c320bee thinking it would improve my 2 ch listening, but right after buying it I realised that if I added that to my system through the receiver preouts, I...
  4. Cagri

    Can you name this French movie?

    Two guys, one of them is divorced and sad, the other is younger. They live in a small coastal village and all they dream for is to open a cafe on the beach. The young actor's name was Vincent IIRC. In the end they open the place and I remember they paint the wooden chairs they'd collected in...
  5. Cagri

    TT experts' help needed! Unstable platter problem.

    I posted the following message to an existing thread of mine but did not get any attention, so here goes: Well, I went ahead and bought a Project debut 2.. It's project's entry turntable, but like a state of the art masterpiece to me after the turntable I used to own many years ago... It's...
  6. Cagri

    Would damaged/scratched vinyl cause any harm to speakers?

    I am thinking to get a TT and put my records back in use... I am worried about the condition of many...
  7. Cagri

    Optical cables - how to treat them?

    Well I've just bought an optical cable to hook my CD player along its good ol' analog connection so that I'll compare the sound. My receiver is in a closet and I had a hard time to fit the cable to the receiver trying to locate the place of the input jack by the help of a mirror and a torchlight...
  8. Cagri

    Dog ate the cable. Is it safe to attach the wire?

    Hi. I am running 40' 14 gauge wire from my receiver to my rears. The speakers are 6ohm, my fronts and center are 8 ohm speakers and the receiver is 8 ohm as well. Last night the dog ate one of the cables going to a rear and I reconnected the wire using some tape. (It was my fault though, I left...
  9. Cagri

    Wild at Heart is released in Europe!!

    Well I 've been waiting for this a long time and they released it in Europe recently. Check amazon.co.uk if you are a fan of this great film.
  10. Cagri

    How to clean CD changers?

    I have a Kenwood 200 disc changer which gets too much dust inside. When I replace discs, I see that the discs themselves are getting too much dust too. Is there a way to clean these changers? Will the lens cleaning brush CDs work ? Ty.
  11. Cagri

    Polyfil blocking the port of speaker(almost)..

    I was trying to vaccum the dust inside the ports of my speakers (Kef Q35.2s) and for a moment I was distracted by the ringing phone and for a brief moment the hose got in totally, properly inside the port... I was curious if it moved the stuffing inside, so I looked through the port with a torch...
  12. Cagri

    Hissing and buzzing on center channel with DTS signal

    Hi. When the input mode is set to auto on my Denon 1802, the center channel produces a loud buzzing constantly when DTS material is played. I checked with the S&V HT tune up DTS test tones and same thing happens only on the center channel. If I set the input mode as DTS the sound is clean. Is...
  13. Cagri

    Can you identify this movie with too little info

    It was a war film, end of 80's or early 90's. Only scene I can remember is a group of soldiers were raping a couple of old local women in the field, and the scene was quite disturbing, my friend wanted to walk out and we did so.
  14. Cagri

    Where are these terminators used?

    Anyone knows where would one use these terminators? They wouldn't fit speaker binding posts or receiver. http://www.richersounds.com/index.ph...tl.php&p=42206
  15. Cagri

    NAD C320 BEE or Marantz PM8000-Opinions?

    I have been searching an integrated stereo amp for 2 channel listening. I narrowed my choices down to these two and need some input for deciding. NAD is awesome, but I never had the chance to listen to it in my setup, or with same speakers that I own, and I didn't hear the Marantz. Nad is 50W...
  16. Cagri

    Any risk to speakers when the source sends bad signals?

    Sometimes in the middle of a movie suddenly my DVD player spoils the picture and the sound for several seconds. It seems it's not the discs themselves, at least most of the time cause when I play the discs on my computer this generally doesn't happen. Sometimes it's the disc though. It's not...
  17. Cagri

    A complete package, check this out

    5 speakers Boxef system 2 tweeter 1 woofer 1 bass Full digital Kareoke 5.1 channel remote control Stereo system Output: (P.M.P.O) 2000 W (RMS) 80 W 2X20+10X2W Drivers:6 1/2 "+1" Impedance:4ohm Frequency Response:20Hz/20KHz S/N: > 88 dB Sensitivity:45 Db / 1W / 1W...
  18. Cagri

    Movies that make you feel happy

    There are movies that make me feel good. Not like watching a good horror movie and find it great thus feeling good, but are there movies which you think add something to you, emotionally. Flawless, for example is one of my favourites in that respect. I always feel happy after watching that film...
  19. Cagri

    Question regarding Operation Time data in service menu

    Hi. Some of you will remember from my previous thread, i'm having some problems with my Loewe Calida. Instead of resurrecting that quite long thread, I thought it's better to seek help in another one as the information I'm looking for is rather independent of what I've been experiencing...
  20. Cagri

    What happened to "On the Road" movie?

    I remember reading On the Road was being filmed and would have been released in last March. Brad Pitt as Neal Cassady. Does anyone know what happened to that project?
  21. Cagri

    Where did these black stains come from?

    Hi. I have a 32" direct view Loewe which I am very happy with. Last night I spotted black stains on top of the screen and they weren't there before, I am 100% sure. First I thought they were on the glass and would come off so I started to wipe the screen but it is like they are inside the...
  22. Cagri

    A song request

    I remember hearing a song almost 10 years ago in a rock bar. I haven't been able to find out whom it belogs to since then, now that I have discovered this area of the forum maybe I can have some hint. The guy kept counting -I can't remember if it was backwards or not- numbers, it was like...
  23. Cagri

    A question regarding power and SPL

    Last night I put my RS SPL in front of one of my front speakers, 1 mt away. It is a floorstander, 91db, 8 ohms. I turned the volume on my Denon 1802 to read -18, which is almost half the way (Denon's volume scale is from -60 to +18) and the meter read 84db. I know there's the input level and...
  24. Cagri

    Looking for your opinion on Marantz PM8000 integrated

    I have been trying to find an integrated amp to improve my 2 channel listening. I have received some recommendations by some of you guys and I also found an amp on the net which is Marantz PM8000, but strangely there is almost no information about this amp either here or in audioreview. It is 95...
  25. Cagri

    Can I improve my 2 channel by adding an amp?

    I replaced my receiver a month ago with a Denon AVR1802. I have Kef Q35.2's for my fronts. They are rated 91db, 100 watts. The movies are really fun to watch to I am totally satisfied with the sound for movies, and my 2 channel sound has improved as well. Actually, it has improved so well that I...
  26. Cagri

    some simple questions about denon 1802

    Well, I ddidn't want to start a thread for the following questions, but got no replies in my previous thread,topic of which was different. I just got my 1802 and I am very happy with it, except the manual. The manual tells about 'tone defeat' function. When the tone defeat is on, does that...
  27. Cagri

    Avr 1802 made in Korea. Where was yours made in?

    I bought a 1802 yesterday to replace my kenwood vr505. Reviews I have been reading here was the main factor of why I chose the denon1802. I haven't been able to listen to it since it took almost 4 hours to unhook the kenwood, reorganizeing the cable jungle and terminating the cables and hooking...
  28. Cagri

    Yet another praise to Sony sa-wm40 mods

    I finished my modifications last nite and since then watched several bass heavy scenes from different movies and listened to my favourite CDs. The difference is night and day, even to a person who isn't an audiophile, i.e., me. I stuffed the sub with about 15oz. of polyfil taken from a pillow...
  29. Cagri

    Help me with these banana plugs please

    http://www.richersounds.co.uk/index....tl.php&p=43711 I have got these banana plugs. I can't figure out how to use them. Well, actually it is almost impossible to use them the way I figure... There is a screw which is very small, and the hole which I assume for the cable to be inserted is...
  30. Cagri

    Calibration question

    Hi. I have calibrated my system using S&V disc and Radioshack SPL meter several times since I change the positioning of the speakers quiet a lot. After adding a sub, I saw that the S&V disc's subwoofer level tone, which plays in turn with the left front, makes the left front woofer pop. I mean...