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  1. Dick White

    SIRIUSXM: Still Lazy After All These Years

    That's what I have been doing every year. You usually have to watch what they quote because the first number they give doesn't include the royalty charges.
  2. Dick White

    SIRIUSXM: Still Lazy After All These Years

    Sinatra and Broadway channels are two of my favorites when I listen. That's just not often enough to justify even the negotiated rate.
  3. Dick White

    SIRIUSXM: Still Lazy After All These Years

    I have had to negotiate an annual renewal rate every year for my car radio. I wouldn't pay anywhere near their normal rates, and it's marginal even with the best deals I can get. I only listened for short time periods when commuting or longer times when on a trip. Then I started listening...
  4. Dick White

    Best Streaming Service w/High Quality Audio/Video? Possible Cord Cutter???

    I have been struggling with the same issues, except that right now I don't worry so much about audio (for reasons that I won't go into here now, I am currently stuck with the audio and speakers on my TV set for streaming services and live TV). I have been looking for a viable way to replace...
  5. Dick White

    Contest: Win a copy of Terminator Dark Fate on UHD

    I would take all my clothes off to scare him away. Even a terminator couldn't handle looking at this 80 year old body.
  6. Dick White

    Hardware Review Logitech Harmony Express Review: A Smarter Remote!

    Thanks for this review, Ron. I still use the Harmony 650, having stayed away from all the newer ones because I like all the hard buttons on the 650. Not having a numeric keypad was a show stopper for me on all the newer ones I looked at, plus the price is a winner on the 650. I'm getting too...
  7. Dick White

    Filing Films in Your Collection (when titles start with numbers)

    With a few exceptions like box sets, my DVDs are pretty much on the shelf in the order I watched them. I don't assign a collection number until I watch them. With around 3K titles, any other way requires too much reorganization. If I want to find a DVD, I look it up in DVD Profiler to...
  8. Dick White

    International UK releasing (5) Randolph Scott Westerns on Blu-ray.

    I bought these when they came out on DVD several years ago and haven't removed the shrink wrap yet. This was a nostalgic purchase -- they were popular during my college days when I liked westerns and some friends and I really liked Randolph Scott. I even stole the Buchanan name, and sometimes...
  9. Dick White

    Don't Buy That new 4k TV

    Still in SC, Crawdaddy, but a lot has changed since the LA meet. I went back to school part time at U of SC later that year, and 10 years later got a degree in Media Arts with a Theatre minor. Had more than enough hours for a major in Theatre, but not some required courses that I didn't want...
  10. Dick White

    Don't Buy That new 4k TV

    This comes under the heading of "I can't believe I did that", but I bought a Vizio M70-C3 that was delivered last Monday. I have enjoyed my Pioneer 64" CRT rear projection set for 11 or 12 years, and have been waiting on a digital technology that I really liked. I'm convinced that OLED will...
  11. Dick White

    Win a copy of Insurgent on Blu-ray!

    Somewhere In Time
  12. Dick White

    If anyone cares ... Deep Discount sale is on through June 20

    I have always used this sale to catch up on TV seasons, but it's a disappointment this time. Only 2 of the 5 seasons I want are on sale. Guess I won't be busting the budget for once.
  13. Dick White


    Or, I just finished my first season and I'd be willing to sell it for $35 plus shipping. Includes the Best Buy bonus disc.
  14. Dick White

    Time Life deal

    So where do these 15% and 20% deals come from? Time Life supposedly has exclusive distribution of this set for the first year.
  15. Dick White

    America's Got Talent -- Anyone watching?

    I guess I just miss the gong show. I started watching this and "So You Think You Can Dance" mainly for the oddballs, but "Dance" has gotten past that and I'm enjoying the good dancers that are left. "Talent" will have some pretty good acts when they finish the semifinals unless the viewers screw...
  16. Dick White

    Directv HD DVR HR10-250 free !

    Interesting. I thought DTV had replaced the HR10-250 with a non-Tivo DVR. Sounds like a pretty good deal. I cancelled my Sunday Ticket last year because they started charging for Superfan (in addition to the typical yearly increase) after previously including HD feeds as part of the regular...
  17. Dick White

    High Definition DVD: What is Holding You Back?

    I guess I could just say "all of the above." The format war is probably the biggest factor, but even if it were not there, I would probably be waiting for some "settling in" which would include getting the bugs out and the prices of both hardware and software going down. My early adopter days...
  18. Dick White

    NetFlix Feedback

    From the Netflix Terms of Use under "Allocation, Delivery and Return of Rented DVD's": So "throttling" is built into the system and "disclosed" in these terms that very few people bother to read. It would be a lot more palatable if they would simply state a limit instead of saying...
  19. Dick White

    Best Direct tv HD deal?

    I wouldn't look for them to upgrade non-HD receivers to HD for free. I presume the switchover you are talking about is their change to MPEG-4, which supposedly will render current HD receivers useless. There is a lot of speculation about what they will do for current users, but I don't know that...
  20. Dick White

    Best Buy Renews My Reward Zone Membership for Free!

    I wasn't aware of the two year renewal either. At checkout, when I said I neeed to renew it, I was asked whether I wanted one year for $9.99 or two years for $15. I took the two year option, but what I really wanted was one year for free.:frowning:
  21. Dick White

    Best Buy Renews My Reward Zone Membership for Free!

    Last year I paid to renew because I didn't get any of the free renewal offers. Then I complained about the unfairness of some getting free renewals while others had to pay and they gave me bonus points equal to a free renewal. No offers again this year. I went ahead and renewed for two years...
  22. Dick White

    Anyone own the Hughes HR10-250 Hi-Def DTV Tivo?

    I just found out the unhappy truth about that when I tried to use dual ATSC tuners with only one DTV cable attached. It will not work with that configuration. If you are recording, it will not let you watch another channel. According to the mainual, if you set it up for over-the-air only, you...
  23. Dick White

    Anyone own the Hughes HR10-250 Hi-Def DTV Tivo?

    I'm on the verge of getting one of these units to replace my Samsung HD receiver, but I remember there were some negatives brought out about it back when it first came out. Don't remember what they were, which is what brought me here today. Seems like one deal-breaker had to do with the output...
  24. Dick White

    Weekly RoundUp 1/18/05

    Thanks for your usual fine job, Mike. While I also love the look of the new format, it threw a monkey wrench in my normal routine. :frowning: (Well, somebody had to be different :D) I usually cut and paste the price table into a landscape oriented wordpad document (won't go into why I do it...
  25. Dick White

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Stander (Recommended)

    This review is surpassed only by your performance on "The Price Is Right." :D I'm thinking I may not wait for this to hit the Wal-Mart bargain bin.
  26. Dick White

    Best Buy Rewardzone now $5 every $150 spent (not $125)!

    Don't need any at my age.;) Your "impersonator" had a good time, but as it turns out, he didn't use your name. Don't know why I associated you with him. Guess I had another "senior moment" ;)
  27. Dick White

    Best Buy Rewardzone now $5 every $150 spent (not $125)!

    TonyD et al: What I was getting at goes back to my original post. I'm not doing handsprings over the change. And I think their way of announcing it was dumb (customer feedback,etc). But I just didn't think it deserved the anger that it has gotten here and I tried to make that point with my...
  28. Dick White

    Fox Goes HDTV on Sept 12 2004

    Patrick, was the Falcons game in HD in Atlanta? It was blacked out here on Sunday Ticket and not in HD on the local Fox affiliate "HD" channel. The DirecTV guide didn't show the game as being HD, but for some reason the blackout went away for a few minutes right before halftime and it appeared...
  29. Dick White

    Best Buy Rewardzone now $5 every $150 spent (not $125)!

    Boy, was I ever looking at this wrong!!!;) I just thought (wrongly, of course) that we had gotten a good deal since I spent $10 last year and got $150 in savings on future purchases, my wife spent nothing and got more than that, we both got our renewals free, and neither of us bought...