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  1. Kenneth Cummings

    Custom Cover Blu-Ray Custom Cover art thread

    Can someone make a custom cover or just a scan of the Beauty and the Beast Diamond Edition cover. I bought a copy from Amazon, and while almost everything was intact (including inserts and the slipcase), it was missing the blu-ray cover art.
  2. Kenneth Cummings

    Any News on Disney Shows Like....

    Any word on when the next batch of animated series get released? The last two years they released a volume of Darkwing Duck and Tick at this time, but they haven't even been announced yet. In fact, they haven't annouced any tv series at all in a long while.
  3. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly Roundup 7-8-2008

    Just Batman : Gotham Knights for me this week. Too bad there is no discount on the previous DC video, Justice League New Frontier.
  4. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly RoundUp 7-1-2008

    Nothing this week as I have to replace my PSP which not working right.
  5. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly RoundUp 6-24-2008

    Ahh, no Futurama pick in the pictures of releases this week? Anyway, nothing this week for me, unless I find Metal Gear Solid 4 for a good price somewhere.
  6. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly RoundUp 6-17-2008

    Just Men in Black and possibly Be Kind Rewind (yet to see it or read any reviews) on Blu-Ray. Thanks Mike.
  7. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly RoundUp 6-10-2008

    Still just building up my Blu-Ray collection, but I got a Gamefly bill coming up, so money going to be tight through. Thanks for the update Mike.
  8. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly RoundUp 6-3-2008

    Just getting Lego Indiana Jones and possible a Blu-Rau title. Thanks for the Roundup Mike. Maybe the day Toy Story 2 comes out on it, you will have a HD version of your signature.
  9. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly RoundUp 5-27-2008

    Doesn't seem like anything for me this week. Still catching up on some Blu-Ray titles I missed out on.
  10. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly RoundUp 5-20-2008

    Might have to take in one of those "Buy two of ___ titles and save" deals this week. Well that and get my PS3 finally, because it was orignally be this week, but got delayed.
  11. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly RoundUp 5-13-2008

    The new extras on the Indiana Jones box look nice, but my brother is getting them while I keep my old boxset, so I just check them out from there. Anyway, no movies this week because I have been saving up my money to get a PS3 to watch some Blu-Ray titles on, which I should get it on Friday.
  12. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly RoundUp 1-29-2008

    I wonder what different about this version of Groundhog Day? I should look for a review for it soon in Software, but until I find out, I just play it by ear on what to get.
  13. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly RoundUp 1-22-2008

    I would say the usual "Nothing for me this week", but it looking like my financial aid is coming in sometime this week, so I might be getting a few dvds I been meaning to get along with get some stuff for school (new bed, a new laptop).
  14. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly RoundUp 1-15-2008

    Another week, another lack of purchases. But if my financial aid comes in and after I pay off my classes, I might be getting a HD-TV, but I probably wait to get Blu-Ray, as the prices titles are a bit high at the moment.
  15. Kenneth Cummings

    HTF Xbox Live Gamertag Compilation

    Dunno if the list has my old ID on there (can't seen to load it up right now), but can you change it to the following information. Kenneth Cummings - Gamertag : RirseDeBlood Games (games with live elements, not mentioning offline games) : Gears of War, Bomberman Live, Crimson Skies, Viva...
  16. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly RoundUp 1-8-2008

    I noticed him over at TVshowsonDVD.com as I usually check that site every once in a while to see see what got announced. While I have been buying dvds in this past year, it not nearly as many when I first joined this board. Still, with a HD-TV coming soon, I might be changing that.
  17. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly RoundUp 1-8-2008

    Dave still alive? I thought you permently have the Weekly Roundup these days? Also after loging in for the first time in a year, I checked my last post, which was "Weekly Roundup of October of 2006" by Mike Frezon.
  18. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly RoundUp 1-8-2008

    Well nothing new this week for me, but then again, I been catching up on a lot of dvds I missed over the past months.
  19. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly RoundUp 8-15-2006

    Thanks for the roundup Mike, but nothing for me this week. Oh well.
  20. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly RoundUp 8-8-2006

    Thanks for the round up like usual Mike, even so I might not...I mean I will probably get something from that special edition deal at Best Buy (need to repurchase Se7en) and maybe Sealab or Prison Break.
  21. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly RoundUp 8-1-2006

    Forgot to post last week for some reason, but I haven't been in the dvd buying mood for a while, so nothing for me. Just too many re-releases have made me not want to buy stuff at times I guess.
  22. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly RoundUp 7-18-2006

    Another week, another lack of purchases. Oh well. By the way Mike, I got Best Buy coupons and you didn't! *sticks tongue out at Mike*
  23. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly RoundUp 7-11-2006

    Thanks for the update like usual, Mike. But like the last few weeks, I got nothing to buy. Oh well.
  24. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly RoundUp 7-4-2006

    This is the most dead week I seen in a LONG time. Oh well, nothing me, thanks Mike. :D
  25. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly RoundUp 6-27-2006

    Sorry about not posting last week, but due to the lack of any deals I just didn't both to post my usual "nothing this week remark"...which is going to be my response this week. This was a very pointless post from me I think. Sorry Mike.
  26. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly RoundUp 6-13-2006

    I will get the Princess Bride dvd later, as I got other plans already. Thanks anyway Mike.
  27. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly RoundUp 6-6-2006

    Thanks for the round up Mike...I would posted sooner, but I was out of town. But nothing this week, as EB Games has a "Buy two used games, get one free" deal that is too good to past up.
  28. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly RoundUp 5-30-2006

    Well thanks for the round up, but vacation time has arrived and that means nothing for me to buy this week, even so I want the Venture Brother set. Thanks Mike and the invisible man.
  29. Kenneth Cummings

    Discount for everyone but Mike Frezon

    This is related to Best Buy, but not the coupon. For anyone who is a Reward Zone card member, how long does it take for your card to arrive in the mail. I joined in late March, but my plastic card still isn't in yet. Heard it takes two months, but it almost been past that point now. I got...
  30. Kenneth Cummings

    Weekly RoundUp 5-23-2006

    A lot of releases, and not a single item for me to get this week. Besides, I am still broke after buying that portable dvdplayer last week..which I got a Polaroid 7inch model from Circuit City for 120..which is nice. Thanks again Mike.