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  1. skylark68

    Hamilton Books Olive Blu-rays

    I was browsing Hamilton Books website earlier today and noticed quite a few Olive Blu-ray's for $4.95 and $5.95. Might be a good time to pick some up. Just a short FYI posting.
  2. skylark68

    The Spy - Sacha Baron Cohen

    Any chance that Criterion might be interested in putting this Netflix mini-series on blu-ray? I know they've done some Netflix material now, and I think this series was well done, and fits with some of the other mini-series Criterion has done including Carlos and Che.
  3. skylark68

    Netflix, Apple in Talks with MGM to acquire titles

    Not sure if this was already posted somewhere, but it appears that MGM is shopping around its titles for streaming. https://collider.com/netflix-apple-mgm-movies-sale-talks/
  4. skylark68

    Best soundtrack of the original Blade Runner

    I've been looking around and seeing that there are a lot of different versions of the original Blade Runner soundtrack. Which one is the best to purchase? There seems to be a 3 disc version that is still in print (and official) that gets pretty good reviews outside of the 3rd disc. Is this the...
  5. skylark68

    The Promise (2016)

    Has anyone seen this? I'm surprised I haven't heard much about it. The blu-ray recently came out and I'm thinking about blind buying it. I'm surprised with Christian Bale in it there wasn't much noise made about it. Can anyone give me some insight into it? Like/dislike? I searched the threads to...
  6. skylark68

    Real Genius - Choice Collection

    Not sure how I missed this, but browsing Amazon I saw a pre-order for Sony's choice collection on BD-R of Real Genius for May 2, 2017 release date. Might have to pick this up even if it's a BD-R. I've always enjoyed this film, one of Kilmer's best, in my opinion.
  7. skylark68

    Resolution drop on Desiree blu ray

    I'm not really sure how to properly explain this phenomenon, but while watching Twilight Time's Desiree the past weekend, I noticed that when the film is about to transition from one scene to another for a brief moment the resolution drops off quite a bit, from what looks like 1080p to something...
  8. skylark68

    Sea Gypsies aka Shipwrecked

    Any chance this film would ever see the light of day on DVD or blu ray? It was one of my favorites as a kid and it was shown on HBO in the '80s quite a bit. Robert Logan plays a similar role as he did in the Wilderness Family films but with the twist of a nice boat which wrecks on a remote...
  9. skylark68

    Air Power with Walter Cronkite on DVD?

    To all: Has there ever been a definitive version of the old Air Power documentary from the 1950's put on DVD? I've seen a few versions of it at WalMart and online in the past but it seems that they are either edited down versions, incomplete, or the quality is very poor. Also, is there a...
  10. skylark68

    Greetings and Salutations!

    Hello: My name is Tim, and I've been interested in movies for as long as I can remember. I've been interested in classic film for almost as long. Most of my favorites then were World War II era films, especially Destination Tokyo and Air Force. Now my interests have broadened quite a bit but...