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  1. Kenneth Cummings

    Selling on Half.com

    I am wondering if anyone here has sold on Half.com before? I was wondering how long it takes for you get the money from the item you sold. The FAQ on their site confuses me, as it says something that it won't give you money until 7 days after the 15th or something.
  2. Kenneth Cummings

    Installing Windows on Laptop with no Floppy Drive

    Hello, I just recently purchased a used laptop off of ebay, and it runs well except it has no operating system installed. But I am wondering if I need a floppy drive to install Windows. I haven't bought a Window operating system yet, but I don't really want to get XP, because this is a older...
  3. Kenneth Cummings

    We need a time frame for Christmas Specials

    While some specials are easier to find out when they are on (Simpson, the Christmas block on Cartoon Network), but then there is shows that I have no bloody idea when they are shown. Like Frosty the Snowman (classic, not sequel). It used to be this be easily found on CBS, but now it some random...
  4. Kenneth Cummings

    ***Official 4th Annual HTF October Scary Movie Challenge***

    I know Mitty usually makes this thread, but since he hasn't been heard from in two months I decided to carry the torch and make the 4th Annual Scary Movie Challage. As the quote from the last year thread states, there is two challages, the 13 movie scarefest or the splatterific challage of 31...
  5. Kenneth Cummings

    Megaman X Command Missions - A New Strategy RPG

    RPG Fan RPG Fan is has revealed information that Capcom is working on a strategy rpg based on the Megaman X unverise. It stars X, Zero, Axle (from the upcoming X7), and a new female. It has some side scrolling scenes (probably like X7) and a strategy rpg battle with LP and all. The link...
  6. Kenneth Cummings

    Directors The War of the Animated Characters - Nomination

    War of the Animated Characters Time and time again we have seen character battles between horror movies villains, action heroes, and the films themself. But what about the little people...the animated people. Yes, there has been battles between folks like Mickey Mouse against Bugs Bunny over...
  7. Kenneth Cummings

    Directors Oh Poopie, it the MST3K Character Tournament - Nomination Period

  8. Kenneth Cummings

    Best deals on the X-Box

    Hi, I going to be getting a X-Box soon (already have the PS2 and GC), but I am wondering if there is any good deals for it. I don't mean the price being lower then $180, but instead like a deal that gets you a free game or accessory when you purchase it. Like for example, at Target you can get a...
  9. Kenneth Cummings

    New Boarders Coupon for Febuary 7 - 14

    http://a676.g.akamaitech.net/f/676/7...sFebCoupon.htm Got this in my inbox today from Boarders. It a new ten percent coupon good for Febuary 7 - 14. It been a while since a new coupon was posted, so I will start a new thread for it.
  10. Kenneth Cummings

    I just got done watching Pinocchio (1940 Disney verison) and well..

    I believe Pianchio is the anti-Disney (a usual Disney movie) movie! Yes, you heard me. Years before movies like Altantis and Lilo and Stitch ditch the tradiation "character break into songs" bit. Hear, I only recall two songs. One is the classic "When you wish on a star" which everyone knows...
  11. Kenneth Cummings

    What next on the review block?

    I know about the mainpage where it says what coming next, but I mean the ones yet to be decided on. You say that there tons of movies to watch yet, so if you could, post some of those names to have us request which one would needed for us to hear about. I wanting to hear about the Beauty and the...
  12. Kenneth Cummings

    Kingdom Heart Discussion Thread

    I surprize nobody has talked about this strange game from Squaresoft and Disney working together. It coming out next week and there no threads at all in the archives on this. Can't go wrong with a game with Jafar and Clayton as bosses while using Goofy and Doanld Duck.
  13. Kenneth Cummings

    Coverart for Season Two Part 1 of Transformer posted.

    Link Removed I don't know if this has been posted before (if so, sorry), but DVD Toons (which one of the members there usually posts these types of threads) reveal the Transformer Season Two Part 1 (a mouthful) cover art. No extra at the time, but hope they are better then last season's...
  14. Kenneth Cummings

    Should I replace my Playstation 2 as a DVD Player with a Magavox player from Bestbuy?

    While I am not made out of money, I do have over $185 dollars and sorta in the mood to get a new DVD player, but I still tempted to get some more DVDs and use the PS2 for them for a while longer. Granted, I know the PS2 sucks at playing discs with layer changes, but other then that, it not that...
  15. Kenneth Cummings

    Rod Steiger passed away at the age of 78.

    Rod Steiger, best know for his role in "On the Waterfront" and "Heat of the Night" has passed away in a hospitial in California. I will post more about this when I get a new source for you to read. It still sad that he died. I never got to know much of his work, but maybe it time to catch up...
  16. Kenneth Cummings

    Looking for a good DVD Player that plays region 2 (PAL included) for under $150!

    I getting about $165 esimated for my birthday, but I been wanting to get some good shows from region 2, but a can't find any links for a good player. Also on a side note, how much is a pound worth in Britian? I look at Amazon.com.uk and see stuff like Training Day (already own) for 11 pound and...
  17. Kenneth Cummings

    ***Official Custom Cover Request Thread II Thread***

    I posted a thread a while back that put more focus on the custom covers for DVDs that should be made (currently from my old list, only one movie still needs a cover). Now that there more movies to get covers for and other snapper cases to fix, I like to get this thread to be a offical thread...
  18. Kenneth Cummings

    ***Official Custom Cover Thread ***

    Well it come to my attention that a number of threads these days will ask for a custom cover of X movie, but no one notices it and gets lost in the shuffle. This thread is put a stop to that by organizing all custom cover pleads within one easy to find thread. And if you guessed it, I needing...
  19. Kenneth Cummings

    Pretty good article on widescreen on TV in the newspaper.

    Just a note, this is from the Indianapolis Star in the Indiana Living section(next to the section on daily programming) of the date of February 21, 2002. (note, I hand type all text here, so if any typos appear, it my fault and not the author). TV on the fritz? No, it's just new letterbox...
  20. Kenneth Cummings

    Great Scott! Back to the Future got edited due to 9/11

    I was looking at the internet movie database at Back to the Future and when I saw the other verison page, it mention that in the television verison, the line about terrorist was cut and the part of the letter saying that is gone due to digital erashing. Let hope it doesn't destory more of the...
  21. Kenneth Cummings

    Class Assignment : Internet Culture

    Sorry if this been a thread recently or not, but I made a promise at school to make a thread talking about how you revole your life around using the internet and the interaction between each other. Just do me a favor and keep the topic clean, so it doesn't have a number of cuss words. Thank you...
  22. Kenneth Cummings

    Disc Error on the Fantasia 2000 dvd

    When I was watching my recently bought DVD of Fantasia 2000(got it in the Fantasia Anthology box), it was working fine, until I got to chapter 9, the introduction of "Carnival of the Animals", by the great James Earl Jones. When it reach that point, it just said error(like when you hit a...
  23. Kenneth Cummings

    To Disney, release the Disney Afternoon collection

    If you never heard of this afternoon show, then your probably too young to remember it. A while back in the earlier nineties, Disney has a group of shows that would air back to back based on popular movies they made or etc. If Disney does release this, it would be nice to see a theme boxed set...