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  1. Inspector Hammer!

    Is there a trade-in program for the Die Hard BD's?

    Pardon me if I'm missing an on-going thread about this but I'm short on time, last night I went to my local BJ's and bought the individual discs of all four films, 2-4 played fine however the first film wouldn't load on either of my players, I went back today and exchanged it and that one...
  2. Inspector Hammer!

    Halloween fans, look who's standing guard in my home theater room lol...

    I've been wanting to build one for years and I finally pulled the trigger on it... He's modeled after his appearance in the original Halloween II (not the crap RZ remake version) where he was played by stuntman Dick Warlock, it's pretty accurate from his height right down to the placement...
  3. Inspector Hammer!

    'THE THREE STOOGES' Review Thread

    Just got back from seeing it and let me tell ya, the movie was fantastic! Based on what it's based on it's one of the most spot-on and loving tribute films I've ever seen, they absolutely NAILED the Stooges! Just nailed them, in appearance, body language, speech, comedic timing and essence, it...
  4. Inspector Hammer!

    The PREDATOR'S are here!

    And they were well worth the wait! These are limited to 5,000 for each of the three versions world-wide and stand an imposing 19" tall a piece. NECA has nailed the Predator's likeness from the first film with this sculpt, I customized them myself quite a bit adding weathering to the armor, the...
  5. Inspector Hammer!

    Out of nowhere, Netflix streaming is going nuts on my Sony BDP-S570. Very frustrating!

    Okay, I bought this player back in February, connected it to my network and have been enjoying Netflix streaming ever since...until this past weekend. Suddenly, when I try to watch anything, including SD material, it will play for a couple of minutes before it pauses and I get the cursed...
  6. Inspector Hammer!

    The Watson super computer...Skynet?

    Has anyone been reading about this? It's currently playing contestants on Jeopardy but the future of this thing actually sort of scares me a little... http://cosmiclog.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/02/15/6061217-beyond-jeopardy-watson-wins I know I know, I've seen The Terminator too many...
  7. Inspector Hammer!

    Looking for a BD player that can stream but want a good one, which models do you recommend?

    I'm looking to upgrade my BD player and want to get one that can stream Netflix, Amazon OnDemand etc however I would like one with a significant amount of power and one that can stream in full 1080p. Are they're any, besides the PS3, that you guys can recommend that will fit the bill? I'm...
  8. Inspector Hammer!

    Okay, color me blue with confusion, RE: Avatar 3D.

    So is this out? According to the link it exists but I've seen not a hide nor hair of it either in stores, advertised, mentioned here on the forum or at The Digital Bits... http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Avatar-3D-Blu-ray/11908/ I would have thought the existence of this would have been...
  9. Inspector Hammer!

    A very pleasant thought occurred to me today re: BD.

    I was browsing the BD aisles at Best Buy today and it suddenly hit me that there have been no panned and scanned releases of films on the format so far. This made me very happy.
  10. Inspector Hammer!

    Here's a peak at 'PREDATORS'...

    As a huge Predator fan I'm looking forward to this, great cast...
  11. Inspector Hammer!

    TERMINATOR & PREDATOR fans, check these babies out...

    To those who collect figures of these characters, hang onto your hats, these are things of beauty. They were just announced... [url=https://static.hometheaterforum.com/imgrepo/e/ef/avatar-60-2.jpg] There's also figures coming out from the new movie Predators but no images have been released yet.
  12. Inspector Hammer!

    Netflix to delay Warner Bros releases for one month.

    I'm not sure if this has been discussed and if it has I apologize but I wanted to bring this to your attention. Personally I think it sucks but what can you do? http://www.cinematical.com/2010/01/07/netflix-to-delay-warner-brothers-new-releases/
  13. Inspector Hammer!

    Why aren't the first two SPIDER-MAN films available on BD by themselves?

    I have the third one but would like the first two but they're only available in the three pack. Why?
  14. Inspector Hammer!

    Ken Ober, host of MTV's 'REMOTE CONTROL' has passed away.

    I heard about this today on the radio, I used to watch the show a lot back in the 80's but mostly just to see Kari Wurher. RIP, Ken.
  15. Inspector Hammer!

    No audio when playing DVD's on my Windows Media Player.

    I don't know why but when I try to play a DVD I get no sound, the video plays just fine but no audio. Curiously I can play CD's just fine, it's only with DVD that I have the problem. I checked all of the settings on my PC and they are all fine. Is there anything I can do to fix this? The FAQ's...
  16. Inspector Hammer!

    Fleas and Frontline Plus for Cats...extraordinary.

    About 4 weeks ago I noticed that my kitty Tommy was acting...off. He was trotting everywhere he went and seemed agitated, then I started to notice the dreaded 'flea dirt', little dried drops of my lil friends blood that the fleas poop out, I also started seeing flea eggs. Well, I tried a couple...
  17. Inspector Hammer!

    Post your Halloween costumes.

    Here's mine... [url=https://static.hometheaterforum.com/imgrepo/thumbs/e/eb/P1060951.JPG/1000x800px-LL-P1060951.JPG]
  18. Inspector Hammer!

    Trailer for the 'A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET' remake.

    Sorry if this has been posted already but I did a search and found nothing about this remake here. Meh... New horror films look far too polished, plus, i'm getting sick of that pale blue tint that they all seem to have now. But, it does have Connie Britton and Clancy Brown in it at least.
  19. Inspector Hammer!

    My local Regal has discontinued Reese's Cups!

    WTF!? This is tantamount to going to a baseball game and being told they no longer sell pretzels or hot dogs! I grabbed a comment card on the way out and wrote simply "No Reese's Cups? Seriously?" It's a minor loss that i'll never get my head around lol.
  20. Inspector Hammer!

    What's with this trend of BD's with no main menu that just starts right away?

    I have two like this so far and it's annoying. BATMAN is like this and it's especially irritating because you must engage the commentary by Tim Burton while the movie is playing and then must go back to hear what you've missed, granted it's only a few seconds but I still freakin' hate it. I...
  21. Inspector Hammer!


    So, I picked up and watched the BD of Cast Away yesterday and decided to try my hand at making my very own Wilson, needless to say it was rather simple lol. I bought an ordinary volley ball (it was red and blue striped so I had to paint it white) cut open the top, dirtied it up to age it a few...
  22. Inspector Hammer!

    Just watched '24' Season one for the first time ever...

    Holy shit what a show! :eek: It was one of the most exhilerating and red-hot seasons of any show i've ever had the pleasure of witnessing. I simply could not stop, I had to know what happened next, who kidnapped Kim and Terry and why? Would Jack get to them in time? Who wants Sen. Palmer...
  23. Inspector Hammer!

    Is it okay to crush vitamins and mix with apple sauce?

    I just started taking vitamins (One a Day Men's Health) and the pills aren't coated at all so I have a hard time swallowing them. So is it okay to crush them into a fine powder and mix them with something instead?
  24. Inspector Hammer!

    'THE GOODE FAMILY' Anyone watch?

    Did anyone see the premiere last night? It was funny enough but also a tad on the bizarre side.
  25. Inspector Hammer!

    Why is 'TAKEN' coming out so quickly?

    This is just nagging me, I saw this in the theater LAST MONTH and it's already about to hit DVD and BD. If I had seen it in a cheap $1.00 theater I can see why because they're often the last stop for movies before they hit video but I saw it in a 16 theater multiplex over Easter weekend...
  26. Inspector Hammer!

    Any rumblings about JURASSIC PARK on Blu?

    I was just thinking about the movie lately and was wondering if anyone has heard or read anything about a possible release on BD? Thanks.
  27. Inspector Hammer!

    This is scary stuff! Your cell might be spying on you.

    I'm glad I never let my cell out of my sight, it's either laying right in front of me on the table or on my belt... YouTube - Tapping your cell phone Also glad my life is quiet, any would be unauthorized listeners would be bored by me lol. Sorry I couldn't embed it, it won't let me.
  28. Inspector Hammer!

    Are tanning salons safer than they used to be?

    I'm a fair skinned guy and I get very pale in the winter, I usually get a good tan going during the summer but the instant it gets cold and I start wearing long sleeves I turn white as a ghost lol. I was thinking of kick starting my tan early this year by going to a salon for at least one...
  29. Inspector Hammer!

    Random movie appreciation thread: 'THE SAINT OF FORT WASHINGTON'

    This film is a touchy subject for me, mainly because my disappointment of it's lack of attention for a DVD release over the years has turned to outright anger. This and Angus might be two of the most criminally ignored gems never to make it to DVD and for the life of me I don't understand...
  30. Inspector Hammer!

    Am I the only one who doesn't care for Java BD's?

    While i've gotten somewhat used to the prolonged load time for BD's that feature Java i'm finding that I prefer the one's that don't. For one load time is very fast and two it allows for resume play, something that I sorely mis on Java discs.