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  1. Chris Keen

    Stereo/HT mains on a budget

    Better off to get another 4x8 or a 4x4 sheet if you need the extra material. If you plan on using the contact cement method, you need to get the paper backed veneer. If you plan on using glue, the paper backing isn't necessary. I haven't tried the glue / iron method yet, but I might give it a...
  2. Chris Keen

    Stereo/HT mains on a budget

    www.tapeease.com 10 mil paper backed are a good choice if you are going to bond via contact cement. What you linked to on ebay actually looks nice. Veneers are something that can be inexpensive to VERY expensive, depending on size and species, etc. Do a search here, there are links...
  3. Chris Keen

    Stereo/HT mains on a budget

    How about doing the stained top and bottom that you mentioned, and then go to your local upholstery place, and pick up some decent looking vinyl to cover the main portion of the speaker with. There should be some pretty decent vinyl that comes close to the look of leather that shouldn't cost you...
  4. Chris Keen

    Stereo/HT mains on a budget

    Mattak, Just FYI, some of those craftsman routers are made by the same company as the Ryobi stuff. Craftsman really just rebadges other company's products as their own. For instance, if you look at their combo 2.25HP plunge fixed base router for about $199, you'll notice that it is really a...
  5. Chris Keen

    someone suggested infinite baffle - need details

    Yes and no. If you have texturing on the drywall, it can be a bit tricky to blend that in and not show the problems.
  6. Chris Keen

    someone suggested infinite baffle - need details

    Sam, how many drivers are you looking at using, and what size? Is it possible that the hole for the manifold you cut can be disguised as a Central A/C register or vent? I'm looking into this currently myself. Even if I make a speaker grill to cover the opening for the manifold, I want to...
  7. Chris Keen

    Stereo/HT mains on a budget

    I'm with Mitch. I didn't see it either. I did build a similar setup using the 6.5" driver's and soft dome tweeter (the shielded versions) in an MTM setup for my parents. I thought they turned out VERY good, especially for such a small amount of investment. I think you'll be happy with the bass...
  8. Chris Keen

    How much does it cost to build a 36" Flexy Rack? I know! *pics* (tips & some notes)

    Michael, don't tell me you're at Offutt AFB? You know what they say about what happens once your at Offutt. I was fortunate enough not to get stuck there. Right now, if I were you, I'd just do everything you can to save and plan for your future. BTW, thanks for your service to our country...
  9. Chris Keen

    Tumult vs Titanic?

    Now THAT's an outfeed table. Nice pics Brian, thanks for sharing. :)
  10. Chris Keen

    How much does it cost to build a 36" Flexy Rack? I know! *pics* (tips & some notes)

    Michael, I know you have a compressor, I just don't what size. I would have recommended purchasing a cheap but good HVLP gun from Harbor Freight, and shooting the paint using the gun. First off, I could have told you that there was NO WAY IN HECK you were going to get a good finish close to...
  11. Chris Keen

    What happened to the DIY projection screen threads?

    Perhaps if you have a router and a 1/4" roundover bit with a rolling bearing guide? This should ease the edges, and make quick work of it.
  12. Chris Keen

    Dayton silk dome tweeters

    Dave, Just to throw another option at you, using pretty much the same drivers as the D3's above, I built a set of these for my parents this last year. I was very pleased with the way they turned out, and my parents were tickled pink. Just to be fair, I built them using the shielded...
  13. Chris Keen

    DiY Flexy TV Stand

    Well, you want to use an oil based primer for oil paints, and a latex primer for latex paints. Latex paints are fairly soft by nature. I would suggest an Alkyd Enamel paint (oil based). This will leave a very tough and durable finish that dries hard.
  14. Chris Keen

    Sonotube wax ????

    Well, I'm glad you got it worked out - shortbus. :D :D :D Don't feel bad, for a while I couldn't figure out why my DTS encoded discs sounded like poopie compared to DD, but I figured out that it was the way I had my DVD player set up, and I was sending the wrong type of signal for DTS...
  15. Chris Keen

    Sonotube wax ????

    Easy. You think of the slip cover as a sock. Now you can slide a sock over your fist and onto your arm. But imagine if you cut the "toe" end of the sock out. You've got an arm sleeve. Now, cut that arm sleeve from the wrist to the elbow. You unfold the sleeve and you have a sheet. Now let's...
  16. Chris Keen

    Sonotube wax ????

    If you go to staple it, I would suggest running a 1-2 inch wide strip of MDF or some other substrate vertical against the inside wall of the tube. This would give you a better more stable material to staple into. If you do use staples, make sure they aren't those extremly narrow 1/4" crown...
  17. Chris Keen

    Solid wood vs MDF

    Hey Jeff, What sort of tools would you have access to? If they have really good tools, you can still probably take great advantage of those exotic hardwoods. If they have a nice bandsaw with some good resawing capability, I would slice myself some 1/8" to 3/16" veneers from those hardwoods...
  18. Chris Keen

    Riping and Crosscutting - Cuts are not straight - ideas?

    Well, I would suggest that you get a dial guage and a magnetic stand to help with dialing in your setup (if you don't already have one). I hate to reference Harbor Freight, as a lot of their stuff is basically just cheap $#!+ ... but at the same time I hate to have you purchase what is...
  19. Chris Keen

    How do I solder resistors/inductors in center speaker (?)

    Could you wire in an adjustable L-Pad of some sort?
  20. Chris Keen

    Need last minute veneer tips for my Pi speakers.

    I've had good success with a flush trim router bit. I would suggest that you use a good quality one, and try to only use this bit on veneers so that it stays sharp, and clean. Using it on contact cement applied veneers will tend to gum up a bit. I have never used a paint or ice scraper, but I...
  21. Chris Keen

    Riping and Crosscutting - Cuts are not straight - ideas?

    And how sure is sure? Double checking that your setup is spec is important, but what you're talking about with wobble has me concerned. If there's no runout on the arbor, then it makes me think of the blade. Is the blade a thin kerf or normal thickness kerk? Also, are you quite sure the blade...
  22. Chris Keen

    Are Home Depot's new line of Ridgid line of tools any good?

    Okay... I have the 5" Random Orbital Sander. It is actually a very nice ROS. I like it better than the DeWalt, and equal to the Porter Cable 333 variable speed ROS. FWIW, the same parent company that makes Ryobi tools also makes a lot of the Ridgid power tools. Some of the Ridgid power tools...
  23. Chris Keen

    Concern regarding the Canare 4s11 quad cable

    Will it hurt anything? Just your checkbook. :) It's a lot of cable, and truly overkill. These are short runs, and unless you're delivering more power to the speakers than I can imagine, it's nothing hurt, but nothing gained. If you want a "cooler" look to the cable, then I'd suggest one...
  24. Chris Keen

    diy dust collection?

    Harbor Freight has a pretty good dust collector that they put on sale price quite often for about $139 to $159. In fact, it's on sale now for $149 Outside of that, I would also recommend a decent shop vac of some type. Having tools with good dust collection options would be smart. If you're...
  25. Chris Keen

    In what way is an object suspended in mid air affected by bass notes?

    What if.... The balancers were not aluminum posts, but instead were fishing line? Perhaps there would be a need for more than two "posts" but still. Go back and experiment Brett, tell us how it goes. :D
  26. Chris Keen

    Brian, Hank, Dan, Al- time for a glueing up the box tutorial!

    I assume that you are just using butt joints? If so, make sure as much as possible, that you have your blade raised perpendicular to the table (90 degrees), and that you have your table saw as dialed in as accurate as possible (blade parallel to the miter slot, fence parallel to the miter...
  27. Chris Keen

    Concern regarding the Canare 4s11 quad cable

    I did exactly what you are describing with 4S11 and never had that problem. I used a heat gun, and not a hair dryer. I would suggest that it might actually be easier with a heat gun, because you can keep the heat moving. With a hair dryer, it seems like you would have to hold it in one place for...
  28. Chris Keen

    Salamader entertainment center-DIY ?

    Mr. Patel, You're doing what people here often refer to as Flexy racks or Flexi racks. If you do a search, you'll find lots of good links, pictures, and threads on the subject matter. Depending on what you can take on with regards to cost, there are many options. First, what substrate will...
  29. Chris Keen

    another diy sub question(s)

    Wayne, no doubt. I can only say that I "got lucky" on it. Timing is everything. It was the only one that this store had left. I peeled back the mark down stickers, one layer at a time when I got it home. I was curious. I saw (whoops, a pun) that it was first marked down to $99.95, then $69.95...
  30. Chris Keen

    How much is a DECENT table saw?

    Whoops, Forgot also that you had asked about the Harbor Freight table saw. If you are talking about this saw, then it is a decent little saw. It is on sale for $299 right now. I would say that from what I've read, the weak points are the motor (which tends to burn up in about 1 year's time)...