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  1. Joseph Howard

    What do those little silica packets do?

    G'Kar knows what really controls the Shadows - Silica Packets
  2. Joseph Howard

    What do those little silica packets do?

    What do you then do with the extraordinarily humongous silica packs after they absorb waterworld?
  3. Joseph Howard

    ThreadKiller, the Subject...

    King and still champion. ~nearly 200 successfully killed threads. I don't post much, cause if'n I did the HTF would be like the internet posting dead. Dr. Joe
  4. Joseph Howard

    Terra Nova: season 1 thread

    Die, and die quickly.
  5. Joseph Howard

    Holy crap! I've been a member here over 10 years!!!!

    Stepping in to "kill the thread." I use my powers when the need arises.
  6. Joseph Howard

    Big Bang Theory

    I know these people. I am one of these people. I've played Klingon Boggle. Kah-Plah!! My twins are "smart & pretty" (the complex conjugation of TWO imaginaries are REAL!!) I laughed the entire show. Want to see more. Dr. Joe
  7. Joseph Howard

    Dr. Who Season 3 Thread

    I concur.... great episode. I will never blink around a potential energy sucking statue again, because I don't want to end up in.. .... .... .... Oh, drat... looks like 1972 again....DISCO!! ARGH! Dr. Joe
  8. Joseph Howard

    Welcome to "Torchwood"

    I watched all the episodes on YouTube a few months ago (I'm sure before BBC shook the naughty finger at them). Pretty entertaining fair. Certainly not Shakespeare, but good for an hours diversion. When you have watched all the episodes try and find clips from the comedy show "Dead Ringers"...
  9. Joseph Howard

    Star Trek: New Voyages "World Enough and Time"

    Re: "World Enough & Time" Pretty damn good if you ask me. Got me to post "kudos" and I haven't posted in a very long time. Will watch the rest and look forward to the next. Dr. Joe ps... I better not kill this thread.
  10. Joseph Howard

    SciFi's Galactica 1980 MiniMarathon.... bleh!

    Ok, what is the deal exactly? Battlestar Galactica (original series) was, looking back through nostalgia colored glasses, an enjoyable show. Sure, it was often campy but it had some undefinable charm that made me watch and enjoy it. I liked the characters and the chemistry of the show. In...
  11. Joseph Howard

    Dead Like Me cancelled

    Dang it.... I guess a graveling got to the show. Major bummer. Best show on TV, IMHO. :frowning:
  12. Joseph Howard

    Lost Season 1 ongoing thread (merged)

    So, I have a question....Hurley left the backgamon game saying he had a "meeting." What meeting? Hmmmm....something is afoot I think. Dr. Joe
  13. Joseph Howard

    Worried about my daughter

    Just a bit of possible information that might help. There is a condition called "paruresis" that is a psychological reason for trying to avoid bathroom trips. (It is a phobia of peeing or pooping when the person thinks there may be anyone around to witness the act - whether they are there...
  14. Joseph Howard

    Name 3 shows you would bring back from the cancellation heap...

    1. Farscape 2. Tales of the Gold Monkey 3. Miracles
  15. Joseph Howard

    Whatever Happened to Everyone?

    I felt left out.... As we get older, it is quality, not quantity...ahem.. of posts..OF POSTS! Yeah, that's what I meant. Dr. Joe
  16. Joseph Howard

    Lost Season 1 ongoing thread (merged)

    Just a comment... I keep seeing the story will be "scientifically possible" used to try to limit the ideas discussed about the show. I might like to remind everyone that "scientifically possible" in Hollywood terms is a very different beast than "scientifically possible" in the real...
  17. Joseph Howard

    Lost Season 1 ongoing thread (merged)

    About Kate and the Marshall...maybe we should reverse the scenario...maybe the Marshall is the bad guy. For some reason, I took the "she's dangerous" comment in a different way since he said to the doc "she has already gotten to you." Maybe the marshall is abusing his power and been...
  18. Joseph Howard

    best way to wash your car.

    I'm a Zaino convert..best stuff ever, and it is not pricey. I use only about 2oz of Z2 & Z5 to do my entire SUV... then even much less Z6 spray. Best damn stuff ever. I tossed out all my previous waxes the day after I used Zaino for the first time. As for interior cleaning...303 Aerospace...
  19. Joseph Howard

    Anyone Had Gallbladder Problems???

    Ah, yes.... Been there done that. I know the pain and the feeling your wife is going through. I too had a negative for Gall-stones, but a HIDA scan showed that my Gallbladder was not very efficient when trying to work. I was able to change my diet and eating habits and **slowly** over the...
  20. Joseph Howard

    Remember HTF when...

    ....when I thought my Laser Disc movies were better than the DVDs....... ....when the forum was only ONE room, and a thread could be the whole page.... ....when I drove 30 miles to "rent" a DVD to watch just to support the "rent" DVD idea..... ...when the "rental DVD" wall had 5...
  21. Joseph Howard

    NASA - "Mars" - Significant Findings News Conference Tomorrow.

    FYI---.... An article about tomorrow's news conference, plus the official NASA press release about the conference: Have a look at this article on space.com http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/opportunity_evidence_040229.html Quote from the article: "There is a palpable buzz...
  22. Joseph Howard

    Math help.. Algebra and Geometry...

    Careful about helping. There are many final exams occuring right now. Both in traditional classes and via correspondance courses. Hate to cause a problem, but be careful. Dr. Joe
  23. Joseph Howard

    Time Travel In the Movies

    There is time travel in every movie. Every one ever made. You see, time travel does happen. We all travel time. Wanna see me time travel? Here I go. 1 2 3 Here I am 3 seconds later. I time traveled. *********************** Additionally, we can recieve electromagetic signals from...
  24. Joseph Howard

    Aurora Borealis - Anyone?

    Anyone else see the northern lights last night? They were huge, red, green, and white in 1/3 of the sky here last night. (Very rare for Southern Maryland). Well, I can check that off the list now. Dr. Joe
  25. Joseph Howard

    Star Trek: Enterprise 10/15/'03: "exile"

    You can bet the "book written by a long dead civlization" is going to come back when they begin to unravel "who built the spheres." Plus, Hoshi must have some kind of esp to translate written language with out a baseline context to begin that translation. Oh, and a bit on the...
  26. Joseph Howard

    What is a "light-year"?

    Well, when talking about "mass" beyond the speed of light. (Taken from one of my favorite websites Bad Astronomy). Albert Einstein, when he formulated the theory of Relativity, was able to describe this problem using math. He found that as you get near the speed of light, the energy it takes...
  27. Joseph Howard

    Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream (yummy!)

    Ah, the fun of liquid nitrogen freezing. I use the stuff all the time for class demonstrations when talking about heat/temperature & kinetic molecular theory. Plus, my wife (a chemist) makes liquid nitrogen ice cream during chemistry society functions and/or when local school kids come to the...
  28. Joseph Howard

    Books that made you say: "This Should be a Movie"

    Startide Rising - David Brin (or any of the uplift novels) Hyperion - Dan Simmons
  29. Joseph Howard

    Physics Question

    I've posted my say. I know enough to sit on the sideline and await the teacher's reasoning. I am still thinking we are not being given the correct "picture" of the system to analyze. Dr. Joe
  30. Joseph Howard

    Anyone ever get the feeling some members are posting drunk?

    .... ahem.... "starkle starkle little pink who the hell are you do I think I ain't under the alchofluense of inkohol all doh sum pickle tink I am." Ummm.... love dat Jagger baby!!! Woohoo!! Dr. Joe